Meet the Team

Sin 7 Salon is a collective of exceptional hairdressers, colourists, and salon professionals. We pride ourselves on advanced hair education, trends, and techniques to better serve you. Our team of friendly salon professionals will create a tailored experience for you.

Now the owner of the Sin 7 Salon, Chantelle has been doing hair since 2006. Another precision cutter and colorist, she can do it all, from short fine hair to long dense curls. Her favourite days as a stylist bring a good challenge, whether that is a corrective cut or colouring. Creating an everyday style that highlights a client’s best features is one of the reasons Chantelle loves what she does. There is no look she can’t create for you.

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Master Stylist / Owner


Master Stylist

Grit has been in the hair industry since ever since 1991. Grit’s passion for hair is fuelled by her desire to create livable and workable hair cuts that grow out beautifully. Technical cutting, her strongest asset, is complemented by her expertise in colour matching. With a great eye for detail, Grit is the whole package for your hairstylist choice.

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Trish started her hair career in 2009. She loves creating the perfect blonde tone, adding and blending extensions, and mastering the art of balayage and foiling. Her drive to make her clients happy drives her passion for the industry. Trish is a talented and well-rounded hairstylist with a blonde colour specialization.

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Master Stylist


Master Stylist

Rubi graduated from hair school in 2006. She loves creating the right look for clients, starting with colour and refining with cutting. Her love for the industry transcends the salon, and she helps with International fashion week hair projects and styles. Her warm and friendly personality along with her talent as a stylist will give you a wonderful experience in her chair. Nothing makes Rubi happier than providing great and personalized service to her clients.

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Olivia has been doing hair since 2016. She has quickly advanced her skill set since starting at Sin 7 Salon. Her love of the industry keeps her heavily involved in learning as much as she can. Now our very own Davines Ambassador, she helps the salon team stay up to date with all their new products and treatments. Olivia’s love of creative cutting and colouring, vivids, and truly customized hairstyles drives like-minded clients to her chair.

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Advanced Stylist


Advanced Stylist

Amy started in the hair industry in 1997. New and current haircuts and colour corrections are her forte. She is a passionate stylist who is constantly refining her skills and is always open to more learning. Her dedication drives her to excel at new trends and techniques. Amy’s years of experience allow her to excel with all types of hair, and she is committed to making her clients feel pampered and stunning.

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Amber has been professionally hairstyling since 1999. Her love for helping a client make their hair dream come true is what sets her apart. An artist to the core, she loves creating a natural colour and haircut that fits the style of the person in her chair. If you are looking for a low-maintenance yet sophisticated style and colour, Amber is your girl.

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Advanced Stylist


Advanced Stylist

Kaley completed her hair school education in 2009. She loves creating relationships with her clients and customizing looks for them. Bombshell inspired long flowing hair, and low maintenance lived in color blends from blonde to brunette and all the vivids get her creative style going. She is also one of our extension experts, skilled in wefts, I tips, and tape ins. She loves being your hair artist.

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Stephanie began her hair career in 2013. She loves learning as much about the industry as possible and takes every class offered to her. She can do everything and really enjoys creating soft blonde highlights, blended balayage of all tones, and beautiful colours from roots to ends. Stephanie is a down-to-earth stylist with a flair for creativity.

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Intermediate Stylist


Intermediate Stylist

Hailey graduated from hair school in January 2021, and we are happy to have her working with us. With a continuously growing passion for the industry, she has completed one year of intensive color training after her graduation. She loves doing vivid colors, foiling, and corrective colouring. Hailey’s love of hair is contagious and when you sit in her chair she will make sure you love your hair too.

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Amanda is fresh out of hair school as of August 2022. She has the right open minded attitude for learning, and she is already enrolled in advanced cut and style training. What she does know, she does well. She loves creating shaggy haircuts, and beachy waves (who doesn’t!?). Amanda is eager to learn and develop as a talented stylist, and is always looking for hair models to help her improve. Please contact the salon if you would like to help Amanda continue to learn new techniques and skills on you.

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Graduate Stylist


Graduate Stylist

Katie completed her hair school training in Dec 2022. She is a great addition to our team and is very quickly growing a reputation for herself. Her positive vibes and warm demeanour makes everyone who sits in her chair feel like a friend. By the end of your service you probably will be! Her favourite creations are the ones that are transformative and embrace both color and cutting. We are continuing her education in salon and out and her skill set is growing exceptionally.

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Zoe is back! After a short stint away she is in salon on thursdays and Friday’s helping us keep the day and books running smoothly. She’s great at making the lattes too!



Meet the Owners

James & Chantelle


Chantelle and James took over Sin 7 Salon from the co-founder in 2020. With Chantelle already working as a manager and a full-time stylist, the transition was seamless and well-timed. As an integral part of the team, Chantelle is passionate about fostering an inclusive and safe environment in which our stylists can thrive, and our client’s expectations are exceeded with personable and exceptional service. James compliments Chantelle’s daily presence in the salon by managing the behind-the-scenes. Together, this duo is excited for the future growth of the Sin 7 Salon.


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