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How I got my natural hair colour back

When I was growing up, hair colour was no stranger in my house. I have vivid memories of my mom—clad in her signature root touchup uniform of a men's chambray shirt—leaning awkwardly over the bathroom sink squeezing thick goo from a little bottle onto her grey roots. I'd sit cross-legged on the floor, the smell of bleach permeating the room, and she'd tell me, “Kenz, don't ever colour your hair or you'll be stuck doing this for the rest of your life!” She swore she'd never allow me to alter my colour, praising my natural highlights and unique never-get-from-a-box tone.

But of course, as a teenage girl I hated my mousy brown/dirty blonde locks and after begging for months to dye my hair, she reluctantly agreed. At age 14, I donned her chambray and mom turned the colour tube to my own head for the very first time. The plan was to go a medium, all over brown. So, naturally, we'd picked out a store-bought box of a “medium brown.” As my mom applied the colour, I started panicking as the goop on my head darkened to black. “Don't worry,” she assured me. “It always looks darker at first but when you wash it out it will be fine.”

She was wrong. After washing and blowdrying my hair, we stared blankly in the mirror. My hair was black. Eventually the colour faded and I've dyed my hair a million different colours since then, from bleach blonde to red to almost black and back to blonde all over again. But my mother's words still rung in my ears: “You'll be stuck doing this for the rest of your life” and “You'll never get your natural colour back.” I didn't want that to be true so ten months ago I decided I was done with it. I began the process of getting my hair back to the colour my mom always adored in my adolescence. Here's the nutshell version of how this happened:


Kenzi Colour Correction

Aveda Smooth Infusion ™ Naturally Straight

The Man Bun: Trendy or Trashy?

It's time to address a rapidly growing hair trend you either love or loath. No, not pastel hair colour. No, not oversized accessories. It's not even a trend that we choose to follow or ignore ourselves. Ladies, I give you...the man bun.

Now, I know that men have been wearing their hair pulled back for decades; looking back through the ages, long hair on men precedes even this century or the last. Curled wigs of the 1500s, hippie-length hair of the 70s, hip-grazing dreadlocks of reggae culture, surfers, bikers, pirates—just a few examples of how men have grown their hair as a statement of status or style. But this year, more and more men have been sporting a knotted style to keep their longer hair from getting a little too free flowing.

Important info: New Online Booking Link. And it works!

Sin 7 Salon has just graduated from the Software School of Hard Knocks!  Sometimes when you run a business you make decisions that don't end up working out that well.  Our latest foray into switching software systems was an unmitigated disaster, so we've upgraded and updated our former system.  Live and learn!  Whew!  

Online booking is back and better than ever, so click here or at the link to your right under the "Shop Aveda" button.  

We apologize for the kerfuffle and any mistakes/misbookings/extra emails/missing emails that may have happened in the process.  It was a very trying time for all of us at Sin 7 Salon when we started figuring out that perhaps we'd made a big mistake.  The new software just wasn't doing what we needed it to do so we had to let it go.  The good news is we're up and running smoothly again - hooray! 

The Perm Resurgence

What I'm about to say may come as a shock: perms are back. Yes, you read that right. Perms. As in permanent curls, like grandma had, with that foul smell that permeates (pun intended?) every room the perm-ee enters. You're probably imagining the larger than life, near-afro-status perms of the '80s. Maybe you even had one yourself, or you've seen photos of your mom (like mine) trying and failing to rock the style before you were even born. After the perm's heyday came to its long awaited demise, stylists and salon-goers alike swore off the look, vowing never to perm again! That is, until now. Because yes, the perm is back. And this time, it is not your mother's perm.

In order to appreciate what perms are today, let's first look back at the origins. In 1872, French stylist Marcel Grateau discovered he could create wave in the hair by heating a two-pronged tool over a gas burner and then applying it to the hair. This style became popular with the flapper girls of the 1920s looking to glam up their bobs with a bit of texture, a look that became known as the 'Marcel wave'. The invention of this early form of the curling iron took Grateau from styling prostitutes in Paris' slums to adorning French elites and celebrities with his signature look.

Marcel Waves

(Photo Credit Unknown)

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