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Summer hair updos at Sin 7 Salon!

A Monday night at Sin 7 Hair Salon consisted of our wonderful stylists doing a photo shoot after already putting in an 8 hour day! Clearly, these ladies just love work too much! Our stylists Chantelle, Dana, Grit, and Katherine gave our lovely models beautiful up-dos while our wonderfully talented stylist AND makeup artist (yes, she is a double threat!) Telsa did the makeup! (Telsa this day did not do any up-dos, because she was already so busy doing make up! But if you check out our Instagram page you can catch some of her work!).

For our photo shoot the stylists had free range of what they wanted to do and boy, did they come up with some great stuff! Here are some behind the scene shoots before we get into the good stuff!

Dana and Telsa prep their model  Telsa applying makeup to a model

Grit prepping her model  Dana prepping her model

Summer Hair Trends

It feels like summer down at the salon! Our stylists are sporting the dresses, sandals, and the A/C is on in full swing! So to get our guests summer ready here are some summer hair trends from Glamour Magazine! These styles are from the runway such as Dolce and Gabana, Bailman, and many more. But thankfully these are some easy up-do's to get you out of the house and down to the beach in style.

Trend #1: Half and Half

Ah, yes, the oh so easy, but oh so stylish, half and half is back. This one is sure to get you out of the house in no time! This is one of our stylist (Chantelle's) go to style when client's want a new everyday look that takes no time. 

Trend #2: Accessories

Now by accessories, no, we do not mean baseball caps! We work so hard to get that beautiful colour of yours why cover it up? We mean a little something-something to draw all the attention to the hair. A little flower, a bejewelled pin, or maybe even a flower crown (my personal favourite, because I feel like such a queen). 

The accessories can add to your look...

Floral crown hair accessory

Photo from Marchesa S/S '15

Or tame all that hair into something simple and manageable (a time saver):

Hair accessory, tamed i

Photo by Kevin Tachman at Lanvin

Trend #3: Braids

This is a trend that I think will never go out of style. I mean, the pig tail braids have gone out of style, but the side braids are definitely being rocked this year (and last year). Braids can be a difficult trend to get the hang of though. I find it depends on the day whether my braid looks beautiful, or like a 5 year old did it. To help with the difficulty of a side braid or a bang braid here are some REALLY awesome youtube videos to help you get the look. 

Braids picture 1

Uncredited photo at luxyhair.com   /  Here is the link to do the stitch braid


And here is the Sienna Miller braid.  Don’t know what that is? Either did I! Until now…

Sienna Miller milkmaid braids

Sienna Miller, uncredited photo from celebritiestown.com / Link for milkmaid braid tutorial

Trend #4: Ponytail

Ponytail trend backstage at Jason Wu

Photo: uncredited, backstage at Jason Wu

Well it seems as if I already rock this “trendy” hairstyle and I didn’t even know it! This trend is a do not even need to wash your hair or brush it type of trend. Well I guess you will have to put a little more effort into this hairstyle then I do to look like these ladies on the runway! But something to throw into the mix to change up the normal ponytail is crimping parts of your hair! 

Uncredited photo, backstage at Stella McCartney

Photo: uncredited, backstage at Jason Wu

Well there are some summer trends for you to try.  As always, let us know at our Facebook page which ones you will be trying! 



Free the Frizz! Embrace your hair's texture this summer

Here on the wet coast those of us whose hair tends to frizz right up in the rain or humidity have a tough go of it.  Thankfully there are some very cool styles that encourage you to embrace that natural texture and make it a feature, not a bug.  Here's a taste from Harper's Bazaar:

Braids with a bit of frizz 


Let your braids be a bit ruffled and let that natural frizz act like a soft halo while you are at the beach or garden party. 

Rhianna's frizzy updo


Make like style setter Rihanna with an updo that lets the frizz be the feature.  Letting go of perfection never looked so perfect.  

Keri Russel's undone bun

Image: Getty

Keri Russel sports the ultimate undone bun.  We've heard from "experts" that the top knot is out, but we'll believe it when we stop seeing everyone wearing it.  Here tendrils are left loose on the sides for a chic-yet-casual look.  

Mixed textures - smooth and frizzy

Image: uncredited from Bottega Venata

Mixed textures are always a showstopper.  Make a deep side part, smooth the top with product (we recommend Aveda's Anti-Humectant Pomade), and use a pick or wide tooth comb to fluff out curls to the max.  

Accessory with frizzy tendrils


Sweep your locks back, leave out some pretty (and a bit frizzy) pieces on the sides and nape, and finish with a beautiful accessory for a super easy yet suprisingly polished look.  

See the whole set of images at HarpersBazaar.com, then tell us on our Facebook page which you liked best, or what you have planned to #freethefrizz this summer.  

PS Whether or not you want to rock the frizz or calm it down, at Sin 7 Salon we carry the full line of amazing Aveda products, and there's something for every hair type.  We'll be more than happy to recommend something perfect for you.  604-560-5360

New Aveda Thickening Tonic is in! Your hair will be SO happy!

Once again Aveda has knocked it out of the park with a new product launch.  Seriously, this company just keeps getting better and better (as if we though that was even possible)!  Introducing Thickening Tonic, a lightweight spray that takes hair from fine and flat to fluffy and full. 

Aveda Thickening Tonic


  • Proven to thicken hair instantly with just one use
  • Expands strands from roots to ends
  • Powered by botanicals—including certified organic amla fruit
  • 97% naturally derived*
            *From plants, non-petroleum minerals, or water
I have personally tried this product on my curly-yet-baby-fine-and-thinning hair, and I can say that it gave me tons of volume with no extra weight or sticky feeling.  And like everything Aveda it smells divine. Success! 
Run, don't walk to Sin 7 Salon to get your hands on this little miracle today!  We have lots in stock but we predict it will fly off the shelves once we start spritzing away on our guests this week.  If you've tried it let us know on our Facebook page how you liked it. 




How does it feel to cut your hair in a bob?

It's spring and as the weather heats up and the flowers start blooming, many of us begin toying with the idea of a major hair change.  Here's an article which describes one woman's experience going from long, to long bob, to a true bob.  (Language is NSFW or those with sensitive-to-swears eyeballs, FYI.) 

Author Michelle Ruiz's bob

Author Michelle Ruiz's brave new bob, on Elle.com

Let's just say I'm getting used to it. Kind of like how I'm still getting used to my grown woman self. It's going to take a little more than a haircut to shed the vestiges of girl past, but I'm getting there. Gardner was right—a bob has a way of making you feel cool, even when you might actually go home from work most days, change into sweatpants, put on the Sesame Street Pandora station and give your baby a bath. Plus, I've started to see my hair as its own edgy accessory, and it's making me brave. A month after cutting my hair, I made a big, scary (yet exciting) decision to become a freelance writer, something I've dreamed about doing for a long time. I don't feel "pretty" in the same way as before, and while I still want to look pretty (who doesn't?), I'm realizing that's not the compliment that means the most to me. I'd rather be fierce, hot, smart, or confident—someone brave enough to chop her hair off on a Wednesday afternoon and not look back.

Read about this woman's gutsy decision to lose some length, and if you're in the White Rock/South Surrey area give us a call at 604-560-5360 to book a consultation at the salon where we can discuss whether or not you're ready to take the plunge into this season's hottest cut - the classic bob!  And as always, leave your comments or questions at our Facebook page

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