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FAQ Page2019-03-08T12:59:36-07:00
What happens if I change or cancel my appointment less than 24 hrs before notice?2016-11-10T22:55:41-07:00

If less than 24 hrs notice is given, a deposit of 50% of your next desired service amount will be required to reserve future appointments. This deposit will be applied towards the appointment reserved and will be surrendered if the reservation is changed or cancelled with less than 24 hrs notice.

How does your level/pricing system work?2016-08-31T17:15:14-07:00

At Sin 7 we have levels starting with New Talent, then levels 1 – 10. The levels are based on experience and education.

New Talent stylists are just out of school and beginning advanced training with us. Their prices are the lowest, reflecting that they are competent but still learning the intricacies of hair cutting and colouring. When they’re about half way through, they test up to Level 1, and then Level 2, and their prices are raised accordingly. Level 3 means they are now a fully fledged stylist on the floor and their initial training is complete. (At current we have no Level 10s because we wanted room to grow our team without re-setting the level system each year.) Our higher-level stylists have anywhere from 4 – 20+ years of experience and attend several classes per year to keep their skills up and learn the latest hair trends and techniques.

Does my service include a shampoo and/or style, or is that separate?2016-08-31T17:16:34-07:00

Yes! Not only does your haircut include a shampoo and conditioning using Aveda products chosen to address your hair’s needs, the style is also included (small extra charge may occur for very long and/or very thick hair = extra time). There’s more! With your haircut you also get a stress-relieving scalp, neck and shoulder massage with Aveda compositions! If you’re having a colour service, instead of the scalp massage you’ll be offered a hand massage during your colour process instead, as a value added service – no charge! 🙂

Do you take walk-ins?2016-08-31T17:17:04-07:00

We’re more than happy to take you on a walk-in basis, depending on availability. Most of our Vanity Managers book up well in advance, but if we’ve got an opening we’d love to get you in as a walk-in!

Does my colour or perm service include a haircut?2012-11-27T14:44:31-07:00

Haircuts are a separate service and charged accordingly. We take hair cutting very seriously at Sin 7 Salon; we work hard to keep up with the latest in advanced education so that we can give you a hair cut that you love. 🙂

Why do you only have Aveda?2019-03-08T12:59:44-07:00

When Courtney and Katherine bought the shop that they turned into Sin 7, it was already an Aveda concept (exclusive) salon. Since they’d both fallen in love with Aveda’s retail and professional products, they decided to retain that status. Aveda has been at the forefront of the environmental movement in the beauty industry and remains so today. Courtney and Kat visited the Aveda plant in Minneapolis and were impressed by the progressiveness of the company (onsite daycare and wellness program, organic cafeteria, sustainable manufacturing, sourcing, and packaging, etc.) and their dedication to their mission. They had looked at bringing in other earth-friendly hair care lines, but found none that they felt matched up to Aveda’s high-performance products. Aveda also provides excellent advanced education in hair cutting and colouring for salons in its network.

Can I buy Aveda products online through your salon?2019-03-08T12:59:44-07:00

Yes! Aveda now ships in Canada!  Just use the “Shop Aveda” button at our website home page (on the nifty banner) or click here.

Speaking of Aveda, how does Pure Privilege work?2016-08-31T17:47:48-07:00

Pure Privilege is a points card program from Aveda. For every $1 spent on Aveda products in a participating salon you receive 10 points to be used toward rewards. There are several Double Points weekends throughout the year, and you receive a Double Points coupon to be used the month of your birthday along with a gift (currently an essential oil composition of your choice!) Enrollment is a one-time fee of $10, and you receive double points on your first Pure Privilege purchase (including the $10 fee). Check out the Pure Privilege website for more details, and we will gladly sign you up at Sin 7.

My stylist is booked up for the next month but I need to get in. What should I do?2016-08-31T18:01:47-07:00
  • We have a cancellation list for each stylist and can call you if/when something opens up during your preferred day and time. You’d be surprised how often this happens!
  • Please feel free to book with another of our Vanity Managers in the interim. We do this all the time, honest! Your regular stylist will be super happy you’re here with us instead of someplace else. We promise!
  • We strongly encourage pre-booking your next appointment when you’re checking out. That way it’s a no-brainer, and of course we’ll give you a reminder call 2 days before. 🙂
Do you cut kid’s hair?2016-08-31T18:02:30-07:00

Only our New Talent stylists cut kids hair for $25, up to 12 years old. More experienced stylists will take under 12 yr old guests but at their regular service charge.

Do you offer deals for kid’s hair colour?2016-08-31T18:03:58-07:00

No – typically a hair colour service takes the same amount of product and time (parts and labor) whether it’s a child or an adult so we don’t offer any special pricing for it.

My stylist offered me a scalp massage – is there an extra charge for that?2016-08-31T18:10:18-07:00

Heck no!  Our stress-relieving scalp/neck/shoulder massage with Aveda’s essential oil compositions is included with each haircut. A hand massage is included with colour services instead of a scalp massage – we don’t want to get essential oil blend in the hair or stimulate the scalp before a colour application. No charge!

Is it the same charge if I only need a trim? What if I just need my bangs cut or my neckline tidied up?2016-08-31T18:36:13-07:00

No matter how much length we cut off, if we have to cut all the hair on your head it’s considered a full haircut. We are happy to offer no-charge bang/fringe or neck trims to our guests, usually on short notice – call 604-560-5360 for an appointment to make sure we can get you in at your convenience. Just ask for a “bang trim” or “neck trim”.

What’s the difference between a top foil, a half, a full, and a flash?2019-03-08T12:59:44-07:00

A top foil is foil placement (highlights or lowlights) around the top round of the head, and maybe a few at the hairline.

Half: from the top down to the ears.

Full: The whole head.

Flash: up to 7 foils, available only with other color services i.e. retouch or global (scalp to ends) colour.

How long should I wait between colour services? What kind of maintenance can I expect?2019-03-08T12:59:44-07:00

The best person to answer that question is your stylist because the time will vary depending on what service you have. A ballpark figure would be anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks for all-over (aka global) colour, and from 6 – 12 weeks for foils. We’re always happy to give you a free consultation to answer any maintenance questions, and we can work with your schedule and budget to create a look that works for you.

Why was I charged for an extra bowl of colour?2016-08-31T18:59:09-07:00

Great question! Think of your service in terms of parts and labor. We have a standard measure of colour for each service, and if we need use extra for any reason (length, thickness, complicated service), we need to cover our cost for the product to get you the result you desire.

What is a toner and why am I charged extra for it?2016-08-31T19:09:06-07:00

A toner is a colour that is put on previously lightened hair to achieve an exact tone or colour. Many times we can lighten the hair to the perfect shade, but often it’s not possible so we need to use a toner to give you your desired result. Your stylist can tell you more about this during your consultation.

I’ve purchased a package of Express Retouch services. Does this include a blow dry?2016-08-31T19:23:34-07:00

No – our Express Retouch (touching up new growth at the part and front hairline) is meant to be a quick, low-cost maintenance of all-over colour so doesn’t include a blow dry, but we’d be happy to book one for you (from $13 – $43 depending on the stylist’s level).

Can I buy just one Express Retouch service?2016-08-31T19:35:37-07:00

Express Retouch is only available in pre-paid packages of 5 ($150) or 10 ($250) and must be used within 3 weeks of the last full service. Express Retouch (touching up new growth at the part and front hairline) is meant to be a quick, low-cost maintenance of all-over colour for in-between regular visits. Blow-dry is not included but can be booked at regular price.

My regular stylist is all booked up but I really need to get in soon. I don’t want them to feel bad though. Is it OK if I book in with someone else?2019-03-08T12:59:44-07:00

Absolutely! We have a very open policy about sharing our guests and at no time EVER will you be made to feel guilty for booking with another stylist. Promise! 🙂

I’m not happy with the results of my service – it doesn’t look like what we talked about. What should I do?2016-08-31T19:38:34-07:00

We want you to love your hair! We’re happy to adjust it if you contact us within 10 days of your service. Call us at 604-560-5360 so we can schedule you in. Please note that since our team’s pay is commission-based, we prefer the original stylist to perform the adjustment under all but the most extenuating circumstances. If necessary we’ll have one of our management team have a look as well so we can make sure you leave happy. 🙂

While my hair turned out great, I didn’t really hit it off with my stylist and I’d like to see someone else in the salon. Is that OK? I feel weird about it and don’t want to make anyone feel bad.2019-03-08T12:59:44-07:00

Absolutely! We’re proud to have a team that is made up of many different ages, lifestyles, and personalities, and we understand that you might not connect with everyone here. Our culture is such that we don’t take stuff like that personally. We’d love to have you try a different stylist at Sin 7 if you feel you would better enjoy an appointment with someone else. We promise you will never get the “stink eye” from across the salon because you’re in a different chair! We’re just happy that you’ve come back and you’ll get the usual red-carpet service no matter who you see.

I got my service done and it looks like I thought it would, but I’ve decided I don’t like it. What should I do?2016-08-31T19:42:58-07:00

We’re more than happy to adjust your hair for you! If it’s a miscommunication or an unintended consequence on our part, the adjustment will be done at no charge as long as you let us know within 10 days of your service. If it’s what was agreed upon during your consultation and you’ve changed your mind or decided you don’t like it, you’ll be charged for whatever service is needed to get you loving your hair again.

I missed several appointments without giving 24 hours notice, and I was told you wouldn’t be able to make appointments for me in advance any longer but will gladly take me as a walk-in. Why is that?2016-11-10T22:58:46-07:00

First, we totally understand that emergencies and illness happen and we will make accommodations for those situations as best we can. Sin 7’s stylists are paid on a commission basis, so if you miss an appointment they do not get paid for that missed time. Since we usually have a wait/cancellation list, if we have 24 hours notice we can usually fill that spot for them. Last-minute cancellations or no-shows directly hurt the stylist’s income.

If a guest is unable to give us less than 24 hrs notice a deposit of 50% of your next desired service amount will be required to reserve future appointments. This deposit will be applied towards the appointment reserved and will be surrendered if the reservation is changed or cancelled with less than 24 hrs notice.

If a guest habitually fails to give us notice to change or cancel, we are still more than happy to service them, but we will no longer book appointments in advance and instead will take them as a walk-in or last-minute booking only.