... "Love the atmosphere in your shop! Everyone is so friendly, It's like an afternoon out with friends." - Karen D. ..."Awesome. As per usual." - Kristina H. ..."Very happy with the service, professionalism, friendliness, products, and especially Courtney." - Caroline H.

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Meet your Vanity Managers

Meet the gang who gets you gorgeous!*

Courtney and Kat
L - Katherine; R - Courtney

Co-owner Courtney has been doing hair since 2006.  Native to the area, she gained valuable early experience at one of Vancouver's trendy, fast-paced salons.  Looking for a more reasonable commute, she has been styling in White Rock ever since, starting Sin 7 Salon in June, 2010.  Courtney has extensive advanced hair colour training, and is a certified Aveda color educator for the West Coast.  She also has special interest in makeup and has completed additional education there as well, including a 2-day makeup immersion course at the Aveda Institute.  She has enjoyed styling hair for several local fashion shows.  As a salon owner, Courtney's committment to education for herself and the team sees Sin 7 Salon hosting an advanced cutting classes each year with one of Aveda's creative directors, specialized colour training with one of Aveda's top educators, and field trips to Vancouver for trends at the Aveda Institute, as well as Master Jam.    Courtney works about 300 hours a week, but when she gets a free moment she plays team sports, attends college to get her business accounting certificate, and enjoys solving complicated budget scenarios and organizational situations.  Courtney is not currently accepting new clients.   Click for prices.)

Co-owner Katherine aka Kat has been in the beauty industry since 1989 and received her initial cosmetology license in 1990.  She spent the first 11 years of her career as a cutting specialist at a top Minneapolis - St. Paul area salon, including teaching advanced hair cutting classes (and just enough platform and editorial work to learn that she didn't enjoy it).  She has spent the last 10 or so years learning about and doing colour services as well as cutting, and started Sin 7 Salon in June 2010.  Katherine particularly enjoys corrective cutting, i.e. fixing cuts that don't work, and working with guests to address their individual hair issues.  She thinks the best things about owning a salon are the opportunity to mentor and train new stylists, continuing her own education in hairdressing, creating living-wage jobs, and getting to control the music.  In her free time she is addicted to reading the internet (the entire internet) and books.   Click for prices.)


ChantelleChantelle is our very own Tough Mudder!  She has been a stylist since 2006, working at busy salons at UBC and other areas of the Lower Mainland before she arrived with us here in White Rock.   Chantelle's hairdressing career took an interesting temporary detour when she became a Level 3 medic and worked at drilling rigs up north.  We at Sin 7 Salon are eternally grateful that gig didn't work out long term and now we (and you) get the benefit of her talent!  Chantelle especially enjoys advanced education and since joining the team has attended several specialized cutting classes with educators from the US and Aveda Canada's west coast creative director.   Also through Aveda she has had special training in men's colour, and has enjoyed many additional Aveda color and cutting classes.  She is a BC native who has a near encyclopedic knowledge about nutrition and fitness, is an animal lover, and she drives a really sweet Jeep.  Click for prices.

GritGrit became a hairstylist in 1991 and in 1996 became a Master Hairstylist (that's like an advanced degree in the art and business of hairdressing in Germany, where she's from).  She had her own business for many years.  Then, wanting a BIG change, she sold everything and went to work on cruise ships as a hair stylist!  After glamourously travelling the world, she settled in White Rock with her partner.  Grit does amazing precision cuts and she has a real passion for hair color.  Grit has been with Sin 7 Salon from the very beginning, and with her vast experience and knowledge, we recently tapped her to help us teach haircutting and styling in our new Advanced Training program.  This mom of 2 little boys is also an expert at hair extensions!  P.S. She has also had her bridal/special occasion hairstyles featured in print!   Click for prices.

Jennifer **Jennifer will be on maternity leave beginning in late September 2014** Jennifer came to us with almost 10 years of experience behind the chair, over 5 of which were at a fancy-schmancy salon in N. Vancouver.  A 2004 grad of Marvel in Kelowna, Jennifer loves COLOR!  If you are looking for someone to rock a ravishing red for you, this is your gal. Note: she also has extensive experience with curly hair, and her precision cutting is amazing - YAY!  Jennifer has taken part in the Davines Worldwide Hair Tour, and she uses education to keep herself inspired, through learning as well as teaching advanced techniques.  A true career stylist, Jennifer enjoys building rapport with each person in her chair, and she loves making people feel good about themselves through her craft.  When she's not making you look and feel beautiful, this Ontario native enjoys camping and back-country activities, hanging out with her family, and the quieter pursuits of reading and crochet. Click for prices.

Trish Trish (level 3), a White Rock native, comes to us after sharpening her skills in hairdressing in the Okanagan for the last several years.  She attended Blanche Macdonald and worked at Aveda salons up in wine country, so she can jump right in at Sin 7!  She's attended ongoing classes through Aveda, and in fact one of her goals is to be a colour educator so you know we are down with that! Trish says her passion is for colour and styling, and she takes pride in making each guest feel amazing after visiting her chair.  When she's not making you gorgeous at Sin 7 Salon, Trish is focusing on settling back in White Rock and connecting with the community.  Call 604-541-2722 Click here for prices. 

Rising Stars:

ShannonShannon has hairstyling in her blood - literally!  Her grandmother, great-aunt, sister, and sister-in-law are/were hairstylists, and her grandfather and uncle are barbers!  Shannon is a graduate of the Aveda Institute in Vancouver, even though with all those family connections she probably learned to do hair by osmosis.  When she's not making her guests look and feel great or participating in advanced training at Sin 7 Salon, Shannon is into camping, river days, running, or most any outdoor activity.  She also enjoys reading and photography.  We consider ourselves lucky to have scooped up this rising star; her inquisitive, creative, and hard-working nature are the hallmarks of a super successful hairstylist.  Click for prices.  

TelsaTelsa has been a professional makeup artist since 2008 when she graduated from John Casablanca's program.  Finding she had a calling to do hair as well, she recently combined her passions and graduated from Utopia Academy in 2014, and we were lucky enough to snatch her up right away!  Telsa has an edgy look (which we adore) and a supreme love for special effects makeup and anything avant garde; combining that with her easy-going, down-to-earth personality makes her a perfect fit for Sin 7 Salon.  Telsa loves to make her guests laugh, smile, and ultimately feel comfortable in their own skin by giving them superior service and a flattering look.  When she's not working or training at Sin 7, Telsa enjoys the outdoors, and has a HUGE heart for all animals.  

DeniseDenise has been living in the Surrey area for the past 16 years, and for 8.5 years worked as an administrator at a civil engineering company.  Switcheroo!  She then decided that being a desk jockey was no longer the best fit and first attended John Casablancas for basic hair education, and then the Aveda Academy for a rigorous advanced training program.  Denise "Worked my butt off to get into Sin 7 since I first found it fall of 2013 because I really wanted to work in a salon where education and continuous learning were paramount. Really loved the look and feel of the salon and the people and wanted to learn from some truly amazing ladies."  Flattery will get you everywhere!  ;-)  The Aveda Academy sent Denise to help us at our Grand Opening soiree, and we were so impressed with her work ethic and personality that we had to hire her.  Like all of us hairdressers, she loves to meet new people, make their day, and make them feel good about themselves.  This single mom of a beautiful little girl also has quite the menagerie of pets including a dog, a snake, and several fish.  When she's not advancing her skills and making you look fantastic, she enjoys spending time with loved ones camping and hiking, or relaxing with a movie or a good book.  

Dana White Rock native Dana has been into doing hair since she was a little girl when she did her own hair and makeup for dance recitals and competitions.  We could definitely see that she's a natural!  Dana started with her education early with an apprenticeship during her last 2 years of high school, and since has styled hair for several events such as the Newline Wedding Show and a Forever Yours lingerie show.  When we asked her what she was most looking forward to in her advanced training at Sin 7, she told us "In-depth cutting, learning different foil and highlight placement, and creative colour!"    At the moment, Dana feels that her strongest skills are in foils and highlights, especially blondes, and creative, bright, fun colours - and we can attest that she has the talent and the drive to excel in ALL areas of hairdressing.  In her spare time away from work, Dana is into bodybuilding, hair and makeup (yes, while away from work!), and outdoor adventures.  We also learned at our holiday party that she has some skills as a rapper, a fact that she left off her resume.  o_O


Hair Traffic Control:

Brenna Brenna is our lovely and talented "Saturday Girl Friday", aka Salon Coordinator.  Brenna keeps our crazy Saturdays (and occasional weekdays) running smoothly.  Phones, schedules, lunch runs, "Cinderella" chores and all other manner of support, this whip-smart gal does it all for us, so we can focus on doin' your hair.  When she's not at Sin 7 making our lives easier, Brenna is in university studying to be a nurse.  Or an actor.  Perhaps "Nurse Brenna" in a future episode of General Hospital?  ;-)

Alicia is our full-time guest coordinator, working Monday through Friday at the new Johnston Rd. location and booking appointments for both salons from her HQ behind the podium.  Born in South Africa, this super bright young lady completed grade 12 French in grade 10!  No wonder she does such a good job of keeping things running smoothly at Sin 7!  A 2014 graduate of Semiahmoo Secondary, Alicia enjoys snowboarding, anything to do with fashion and beauty, and spending time with friends and family.  "I love working for Sin 7 because I love the atmosphere of the team as well as the creativity and outstanding service they bring to the industry!"  Alicia quickly made herself indispensable when she started with us part-time, and when our full-time guest coordinator moved on to attend graduate school, it was only natural that we promoted Alicia, who stepped right in to fill her shoes.  


*Please note, all listed prices are subject to change.  Please call or email for accurate pricing.  

**If you are interested in being a color or haircut model, please call or email us to inquire about this great opportunity for excellent, supervised work for super-duper cheap!  We will take every step to make sure you leave happy, but we do ask that you be open to our suggestions.  604-541-2722/ info @ sin7salon.com

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