Autumn Bargain Blast at Sin 7 Salon!

It's the end of the season and we need to clear some shelf space!  And we bet that you would appreciate some great deals on skincare, tools, and makeup*, right (plus a few hair and body products)?  So here's a WIN-WIN situation - get in here and save big time on select items!  Prices good while supplies last only so don't delay!  Only at Sin 7 Salon, White Rock's premier Aveda Concept Salon. *Select colours and products only; stop in to see the selection, it's fantastic!

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Movember Shave-Off with Sin 7 Salon and S. Surrey Town Hall Pub

This Sunday November 29 join Sin 7 Salon and the South Surrey Town Hall Pub for our 3rd annual Movember Shave-Off!  We'll remove that Movember 'stache for you, and your donation includes Town Hall's $4 breakfast (and also drink specials)!  Lack a 'stache?  We'll trim up your neckline, or give you a scalp/neck/shoulder OR hand massage - ladies also welcome, and we'll offer you the same pampering treatments by donation.  3140 King George Boulevard, from 11:00 - 1:30.  ALL proceeds go to PCF.  We sincerely hope to see you there!

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Local blogger has hair affair with Sin 7 Salon!

Editor's note: Pink Chai blog is no longer online, so links have been removed. Recently Sin 7 had the opportunity to beautify a local fashion blogger, Raj from Pink Chai Style.   She was going to write about us so we were nervous! Err...confident that she would love it, that's it...confident!  It was only our very first blog review so no biggie, right?  ;-) So, how did it turn out? Read all about it at Raj's super fun blog Pink Chai Style, but here's her before 'n' after shot: The "pop" of vibrant color she wanted wasn't achievable during this visit for several reasons (without destroying her hair, which she's trying to grow out at the moment) but Kristyn did give her some gorgeous deep violet peek-a-boo pieces. Thanks so much to Raj for the lovely write-up about her experience at Sin 7!  Make sure to check out her Pink Chai Style blog (which has been nominated for a Best Mom Blog award because she rocks!).

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Sin 7 Salon in White Rock now taking appointments on Mondays!

We would like to announce that we are now open for appointments from 9:00 until 5:00 on Mondays!  So, when you wake up after the weekend and say to yourself, "Gosh, I really need my hair cut (or colored), yesterday!", give us a call.  We will be adding more staff on the floor as the need (and the staff!) arises.  You know we are all about accommodating your vanity needs in any way we possibly can, and now that includes doing your hair on Monday.

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Salonniversary v 2.0 – time to par-tay! Terrible Twos, here we come!

  Pop open the bubbly, we're turning 2!  Yes, on Friday and Saturday June 1 - 2, Sin 7 Salon will be celebrating our 2nd Salonniversary.  On Friday, Aveda's Toni Adams will again be in the salon doing her thing: gorgeous makeup applications and lessons.  $20 reserves your 45 minute appointment with Toni, redeemable toward your makeup or skincare purchase - yay!  We will be having other fun stuff like random retail discount draws, champagne, and snacks.  There are rumors that the disco ball will actually be turned on for the weekend, so stop in and celebrate with us!  We have the BEST CLIENTS IN THE UNIVERSE and we can't thank you enough for all you do for us.   *Call 604-560-5360 to get your makeup time with Toni on Friday June 1.  She's filling up fast!

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May Long Weekend Hours at Sin 7 Salon

The first long weekend of the season is around the corner - hooray! At Sin 7 Salon, we will be available to do your hair on Saturday, May 19. We will be closed Sunday (as usual), plus Monday, May 21 and Tuesday, May 22 so that our hard-working stylists can enjoy a long weekend with their families (like normal people get to). Work hard, play hard is our motto.  We apologize for any inconvenience. Have a FANTASTIC long weekend filled with great hair days, everyone!  Let's keep fingers crossed for great weather in South Surrey and White Rock!

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Brazilian Blowout update

Remember the kerfuffle last year about Brazilian Blowout, the hair smoothing treatment that was reported to emit formaldehyde gas?  Brazilian Blowout (the brand) insisted ad nauseam that their product was safe, there was no formaldehyde, etc.  Well lookee here! ("Brazilian Blowout Maker Agrees To Labeling Changes" link is now removed, no longer available) The maker of a popular line of hair-straightening products has agreed to alert consumers that two of its formulations emit formaldehyde gas, a possible carcinogen, California's attorney general announced. ... "California laws protect consumers and workers and give them fair notice about the health risks associated with the products they use," Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a statement. "This settlement requires the company to disclose any hazard so that Californians can make informed choices." The company also agreed to pay $600,000 in penalties and fines for failing to notify consumers and hair stylists that its products contain chemicals that may cause cancer, and to have the products tested for all toxic substances at a state-approved lab. My only quibble with that would be that formaldehyde gas is now a known carcinogen, not a "possible" one.  I'm thrilled that these companies now have to at least admit their products are poisonous so that if people insist on having or performing the service, that they are aware of the risks. As for Sin 7 Salon, we dabbled with a different line of smoothing products and then we were told by Health Canada that what we were using was indeed, despite the protestations of the manufacturer, emitting formaldehyde gas during the service.  We ran the other way as quickly as we could from that junk!

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Give your dad the best gift EVER…

Father's Day is right around the corner - June 19.  Yikes, that's 3 days from now!  If your dad/husband/brother/uncle/grandfather is anything like ours, he'd LOVE a scalp massage.  If you get him a gift certificate for a haircut at Sin 7 Salon, a wonderful stress-relieving scalp, neck, and shoulder massage is included with each and every (great, stylish, handsome) precision cut.  Happy guys = hooray!  If you want to up the ante and really pamper the man, add an Express Deep Conditioning Treatment ($15, 10 - 15 minutes) to his service, and we'll give him an invigorating mint scalp treatment and hand massage as well.  Ahhhhh... Stop in and pick up a Sin 7 Salon gift certificate for Father's Day and let us take care of your fella.  We'll give him back to you relaxed and looking great! 604-560-5360

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We made it…

Whew! Here we are about to begin Week 2 at Sin 7.  I have to say it feels good to have had a few days off after the frenzy of the last few weeks.  Let's see, what did we have going on?  Meetings with lawyers, accountants, bankers, insurance people, health inspectors, city hall, property managers, printers...did I mention bankers?  Naturally this was on top of seeing clients. Then there was the prepping, taping, filling, sanding, painting, scrubbing, more scrubbing, moving furniture, and about 62 trips to the dumpster.  In just over 36 hours. By some miracle I got all of the computer and electronic equipment plugged in correctly.  Well, except for the cash drawer, which now only opens manually.  Maybe I should look into that... And speaking of computers, we got this here website and a Facebook page up and even a bit of content going.  (Please, will you "Like" us?) Oh yes, we have also been interviewing as we're going to need help covering the maternity leaves of 2 top stylists, Grit and Lesley.  Grit's last day is Friday and if you aren't lucky enough to have an appointment already on the books with her, I'm sorry to tell you but it's just not going to happen.  However, we will be happy to make you an appointment with Courtney or Katherine (that's me), and we'll do our very best to take care of you until she comes back. Our first week of business was exhilarating!  It was such an awesome feeling to have it all taking place after so much work.  Our clients have been so incredibly supportive, and really we just can't thank everyone enough for their well-wishes and congratulations.  We got flowers from several people and also a homemade pie - are we the luckiest salon in [...]

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The lunatics are running the asylum!

Welcome to the cyber home of Sin 7 Salon.  Tomorrow, June 1, 2010 is our first day in business as Sin 7, the Artists Formerly Known As The Entourage. We are still at Five Corners in White Rock BC, we have the same phone number - 604-560-5360 - the same staff (the ones who are not having babies in the next few months), and we are still White Rock's only Aveda concept salon.  Look for fun new items on our shelves over the summer that you will definitely covet! Check back at this site soon, after we (new owners Kat and Courtney) have had time to rest.  We've been hard at work with Courtney's amazingly supportive friends and family for several days spiffing the place up for you. Your vanity is our passion.  We welcome you to our space and look forward to bringing out your best.    

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