The Gift of Giving Back

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Thanksgiving is in our rear-view mirrors and the holidays are just a wink away! Now is the time when most of us start making lists in hopes that no one is forgotten or (gasp!) receiving a gift without having one to give in return. We've all been there. Nephew? Boss? Receptionist? Amazon delivery driver? The list can get mighty long if we allow our thoughts to go deep enough. Although, maybe it's time to start thinking a little outside the giftbox… In the past, we at Sin 7 would organize a Secret Santa gift exchange. It was 2 years of exchanging gift cards for nail services and lattes - very uninspiring. Luckily one of our stylists had a great idea for the following year. What if, instead of giving these thoughtless gifts of monetary value, we adopt a family for Christmas and give them the gift of a special Christmas? Gifts that mean something to people who need them! It was and continues to be a hit. This year we are [...]

Autumn Hair Styles To Try Now!

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(Credit: Thinkstock) Goodbye sparkly sandals, hello crisp morning air, bright autumn colors and pumpkin flavoured everything. It’s the time of year when everything turns perfect for playing with new hairstyles. The humidity in the air is reduced, causing better hair days that last, it’s cool enough to wear long hair down and the sun isn’t eating all that beautiful pigment from our follicles. Time to take advantage of these fleeting conditions and experiment -  we have some cute and easy suggestions to help you do some hair playing! Let’s start with the easies. Adding a simple and bright accessory, such as this silk scarf, can freshen up even 5-day old hair styles. It’s all about placement with this one. Section out the hair in front to keep this look trendy and 2018, about 2-5 inches is a good amount to leave something to style around the face. If using a wide scarf, fold it to give it interest, and to help place it without it being too thick. When tying it, [...]

What is your scalp telling you?

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What health secrets do our scalps and skin contain? The skin on our scalps is some of the thinnest skin on our bodies. How it looks and feels can actually reveal a few things about our health, and knowing what to look for will help in achieving healthier skin, and in turn, healthier hair. As we leave summer in our rearview mirrors and embrace the seasonal shift into cold, damp weather and dry, hot indoor heaters, the skin on our heads can feel itchier, flakier and oilier all at once. Exploring why this happens and what can be done about it can detect or prevent more serious skin issues later on. Those little white flakes...always at the first sign of fall!  This buildup of dead skin cells on the scalp creates an itchy and often obvious shedding onto our trendy fall fashions, our dark peacoats and *gulp* even the chairs we sit on.  Dust is made mostly of skin cells, and I am suggesting that dandruff is floating around pretending to [...]

WE’RE HIRING! – Come join our talented team :)

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Are you a passionate and motivated stylist? – Come join our talented team and grow your career! Sin 7 Salon is an Aveda Concept salon located in the heart of White Rock. At Sin 7 Salon, your vanity is our passion.  Our mission is to elevate personal style, confidence and self-expression.  We strive to go above and beyond to deliver the best experience for each & every guest. We’re looking for New Talent (1-2 years of experience) and Advance Stylists to join our team.  Full or part-time and flexible schedules available. You are: Punctual, reliable and have a good attitude Available some evenings and Saturdays Friendly and have an enthusiastic disposition Confident behind the chair - will mentor and train to advance technical and business skills as necessary Always providing a high level of customer service A team player and can also work independently Mature and have open communication skills Passionate to continue developing Able to multi-task Good at taking initiative and are a problem solver Happy to grow your clientele quickly [...]

Happy Earth Month!

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Spring is here, and so are the blossoms, buds and bugs we’ve waited through the rain for. The sound of song birds fills the air and Vancouverites get friendlier to strangers, as the spell of Seasonal Effective Disorder lifts in a great pollen and allergy filled sigh of happiness. In case you didn’t know, Spring is also the start of a wonderful celebration of the planet we call home. Mama Earth just wants to be loved. This is the 48th year we’ve honored the Earth during April and if you’re looking for idea’s on how to help cherish our home, you’ve come to the right place. There is a tremendous amount of volunteering, cleaning, and fundraising going on right in our own backyard. Aveda has a water initiative Canada wide, globally in fact. In Canada alone, the Aveda network is campaigning to raise $510,000 from fundraisers, appointment donations, and sponsorships. So far Aveda has raised $47,200. The funds raised will go to WaterAid, a Canadian Charity that is helping the world’s [...]

WIN $500!

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Back by popular demand, Win $500 in Services or Retail! How to win: Refer a friend into the Sin 7 Salon for a service before April 15th, 2018 Make sure they mention your name when they make a reservation Once the service is completed YOUR name is entered into the draw- we'll keep track of it all! On April 15th the WINNER will be drawn! Each friend you refer, gives you 1 chance to win! - 1 friend, 1 chance.  3 friends, 3 chances! DOUBLE REWARD - You and your referral also receive a complimentary conditioning treatment on your next visit ($15 value)! They can see any stylist! Contest runs from January 15th to April 14th, 2018. New guests service must be prior to April 15th, 2018. $500 Gift Certificate will be rewarded to winner on April 16th, 2018.  Must be used within 12 months.

Let the Parties Commence!

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The fancy dress, frenzied rush, the never-ending list of obligations and the countdown on year end...Throw in a party or two and it seems like there's no time for anything, let alone trying to come up with a style for your hair that is fool proof and flattering. Let my team and I come to your rescue with these easy (and I promise flattering!) up styles to suit any occasion. Model number 1: High Ponytail The key to keeping a ponytail festive and not lazy is VOLUME. When pulling the hair into the elastic band, be sure to place the pony at the crown of the head or even higher. A high pony elongates the neck, draws the eyes up from the cheekbones, and suits all face shapes long as there is some softness around the face. To create the volume, after the ponytail is tightened in its band, using your fingers gently pull out some height on the top of the head. To frame the face, tease out some shorter [...]

Aveda Gives Back

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The holidays are approaching which means Aveda gift sets are sent out to salons across the globe. These (economical!) gifts of joy are wrapped in very rustic and specific papers, year after year. 10 years to be exact. What's the deal with this paper away, and how is Aveda giving back? 10 years ago Aveda went on a global quest to find sustainable wrapping paper for their holiday gift sets, and found a community in Nepal making very unique paper from the Lokta plant in the high altitude of Himalayan forest. The paper itself was beautiful, with it's ever changing marble texture, and hardy and durable, being naturally resistant to insects and crinkles. It had been produced by the people in this region for over a thousand years. The partnership Aveda created with the communities in Nepal helps to create income for 5,500 artisans and their families, 90% of which are women who would otherwise have to work hard manual labor in harsher conditions. The income these mothers earn help to [...]

Autumn is here!

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The gorgeous colours, the cooling in temperature and darkening of the season inspires the trends we start to see in hair as we head into Autumn. What do you need to know about leaving your Summer colour behind and embracing the richness of the Autumn this year? The trends this Autumn are mimicking the trends of Summer, and really all of 2017. Cool brown bases, subtle to very highlighted balayage effects, and icy blondes with lots of depth including low lights and dropped or deepened roots. The Summer loving crowd will find their tresses in a desperate need of TLC before attempting to revive their colours, especially if looking to drop to a cooler, deeper shade. The reason being is because pre-lightened (bleached or sun lightened) hair is porous, meaning it's lacking in protein, moisture and pigment. To take any blonde darker, that porous hair must be filled with what was taken from the hair when it was lightened, meaning we must fill it with the protein, moisture and pigment missing.  [...]

Pregnancy and Beauty Products- Here’s what you need to know

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The excitement of peeing on that stick, finding out it's not just the stomach bug and experiencing the joy of growing a new little human...So many changes, and so many questions, ranging from nutrition to supplementation and of course, beauty care and skin care during this 9 month incubation period. Where does one start? Well...I'll start with the roots.  Can we even put hair colour on those now? After all, it's a chemical. What is the protocol for hair colour and pregnancy? According to recent studies, hair colour and chemical services today are much less potent and penetrating than they were in the 1980's. Prior to the '90's, chemical services on pregnant women were not recommended and in fact avoided, but studies of late on women who have hair colour services while expecting, show no correlation between the service and harm to the fetus. In fact, on animal studies there was shown to be adverse reactions but on human comparisons, there appeared to be no complication to the pregnancy, possible due [...]

Meet Kristin- Your May Featured Vanity Manager

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  Have you always wanted to be a hairstylist?        “ was always a sort of hobby, but it took me a long time to realize this is what I was meant to do.  [Before becoming a stylist] I went to university for 3 years studying Psychology then traveled for  3 years abroad.” If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?        "Peru, I’ve always wanted to climb Machu Picchu.”  Favorite place you have travelled to?        “This is a really hard question because I’ve traveled to a lot of different places and have had a lot of VERY different and amazing experiences, but I’d say Dubai on a desert safari.” What do you love most about your job?        “The diversity of it...every day is different, different people, different personal styles.” What do you look most forward to in your career?        “Doing creative colours and competing in hair/makeup.  I like challenging myself.” Why [...]

Spring is in the Air…

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Winter has finally worn out its welcome, and spring is coming. With that change in season comes warmer temperatures, longer days, beautiful flowers...and pollen. And sneezing. And itchy eyes. And runny noses. Basically mother earth is taunting us in a very cruel way. For the love of nature, how can we make it stop?! Learning what the potential cause of allergies is would be a great place to start. For that, we need to think small. Microscopically small. Back to the gut (yes, again). Studies suggest that a lack of diversity in the inhabiting colony of bacteria in the gut can cause adverse reactions from pathogenic microbes and even friendly microbes, dietary proteins and environmental allergens. The hygiene hypothesis is also a theory why allergies have increased in recent decades, from food allergies (1 in 13 children in the United States suffers from a life threatening anaphylactic allergy), to airway allergies (asthma affect 20 million Americans, and allergic rhinitis affects 50 million, while many more suffer on a smaller scale). The [...]

Jump into Spring with Beautiful Skin!

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I know many of you come to us to make your hair beautiful, but being an Aveda salon we can offer much more than just luscious locks.  Aveda has recently revamped their skin care line and I am here to give you a little insight on the new products, as well as how to BRIGHTEN up your skin that might be feeling at little dull after this long, horrible winter we’ve had. If you’ve visited us at the salon recently you have probably seen our new skin care display, but maybe didn’t get too much information about it.  Aveda has an abundance of amazing products, so for our stylists it may be hard to touch base on all the amazingness Aveda has to offer in one appointment. And that is where I come in. TULASARA, is the name of the newest addition to Aveda’s skincare line, meaning “ moving toward balance.”  Aveda has adopted and customized some old Indian Ayurveda traditions with a modern approach to deliver a product that we [...]

Contests, Contests, read all about it…and Win BIG!

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Are you a winner?  Do you want to be a winner?  We want YOU to be...and there are lots of ways to make that happen!  We have TWO contests that are launching today, February 1st.  Let us tell you how they work, it's really quite simple: Refer a friend and WIN BIG- $500 Sin 7 Vanity Dollars to use towards services or retail! Contest runs from February 1st-April 30th Each friend you refer into Sin 7 during the contest dates, gives you 1 entry Referral services must be booked for before April 30th All you have to do is make sure they mention your name so we can give you the credit :) Winner will be drawn on May 1st Ongoing MONTHLY DRAW! Leave us a review &/or check-in on Facebook anytime you visit us For each review &/or check-in you leave on Facebook, Google or Yelp receive one entry into the draw We'll keep track of it all and draw a name at the end of each month Winner walks [...]

Your Holiday Season Style Buzz

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Let’s talk hair people; with Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner some of you may be looking for a change or just some tips on how to get the right look for your Christmas/ New Year’s parties! I am here to offer you some insider information on this year’s hair trends for fall/winter. One word…BLONDE.  We are seeing lots of Blonde going into winter.  From bleached out to soft and subdued, rose golds and strawberry blondes.  OR alternatively, very cool blonde with a dropped root to soften a bold look.  Also, making the grow out less painful! So, if you were thinking of seeing if Blondes really do have more fun now is the time to do it! ;)           Don’t worry my darker haired gals…..don’t feel left out! We are still seeing lots of soft ombres, balayage, baby lights (whichever term you like to use), we get the best of both worlds!  Again, caramels, chocolates, coppers, ruby and jewel tones; more of the soft and subtle tones.  Texture; [...]