Sin 7 Salon Best in the Peninsula!

You like us!  You really like us!  We'd like to thank our moms, the Academy... :) But seriously, thank you to all of our amazing guests who voted us Best Hair Salon at the Peace Arch News' "Best of the Peninsula" Readers' Choice Awards.  We are absolutely thrilled and humbled that you'd take the time to vote (and vote in 25 different categories so that your vote actually counted as per the contest rules) for our salon.  We really can't thank you enough, and WE LOVE DOING YOUR HAIR!

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Sin 7 Salon on CBC – White Rock & Five Corners community makes the news

As you may have noticed, we have a MAN IN THE HOUSE!  With the devastating fire in our old building across the street, our neighbor and friend Moe lost his barber shop.  When he approached us to ask if he could temporarily work out of Sin 7 Salon, we said "Of course you can!".  If barbers and hairstylists don't have a place to tend to their guests, we don't have a business.  Much as we'd like to save everyone's livelihood who lost their shops in the fire (and we have some very good friends who are really struggling right now with that), we definitely could help save Moe's business by giving him a space to cut hair while he rebuilds.  To us it was just a matter of doing the right thing.  Apparently in this day and age, basic human kindness is more like a super power, judging by the overwhelmingly positive reaction we've received since we rented a chair to Moe.  Also, did you know we're swanky?  ;) From CBC: White Rock barber Moe Toufic was left with no way of earning a living after he lost his business in a devastating fire that displaced more than 100 residents on May 15. But the barber is back on his feet, thanks to the owners of Sin 7 Salon, a business that attracts mostly women looking for a high-end haircut, styling or colouring. You can read the rest of the article at the link, and Sin 7 co-owner Katherine also did a live radio interview with Moe on June 24 in the afternoon at CBC. We're humbled by the overwhelming response this story has received.  We're just helping out a brother-in-shears, you know?  We are so incredibly lucky that the fire didn't affect our salon and we just want to [...]

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Hair clippings, oil spills, Sin 7 Salon, and YOU!

As you may have heard, there was a recent bunker fuel spill in English Bay.  This latest event was considered to be "small".  Most of us figure a major oil spill on our beautiful coast is inevitable.  What you may not know is that because Sin 7 is a certified Green Circle Salon, we collect your hair clippings which can be used to help clean up oil spills!  The hair is collected in a special bin and picked up by Green Circle, and then stuffed into nylon casing and used as sorbent boom. Hair booms standing by to absorb oil spills From a recent article in the Vancouver Courier: Cutting your hair can help with current cleanup efforts in English Bay after this week's oil spill. A Canadian company has an established a program to recycle hair clippings from salons to make "booms" used to soak up heavy oil in water. Jennifer Henry, regional director of Green Circle Salons, said hair is the best material to absorb oil. Participating salons separate used tin foils and leftover dye from the hair clippings, and the company collects the leftover hair to be recycled. The hair is then stuffed into nylon casing, creating the boom. Henry said when there's an oil spill situation, they reach out to affected communities and donate booms. "We donate the booms to anyone who wants to put them to use, whether it's a governmental organization or private cleaning company, West Coast Marine Response, the Coast Guard or just your average concerned citizen. Donate them to whomever can get them in the most expedient fashion." When the Courier contacted Henry she was at Sunset Beach with booms, waiting for the tide to come in and start the cleanup. Currently, Green Circle Salons doesn't have a deployment system set up [...]

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Yes, we can now recycle your hair! Sin 7 becomes a Green Circle Salon.

It's always been such a bummer for us not being able to recycle hair clippings (we tried!) or the large amounts of foils we use for coloring, and rinsing so much extra color down the drain where it might enter our waterways.  We act as green as possible and recycle whatever the city will let us, but there was so much we couldn't do anything with except put it in the trash.  Plastic caps from tubes and bottles, rubber gloves, kilos of aluminum foil, bags of hair clippings, all in the garbage. No more!  We are happy to announce that we are now a Green Circle Salon!  Their mission: We are a new company with a mission to make the North American salon industry sustainable by 2020. We are doing this in a way that is affordable and achievable and most importantly, impactful. We believe that over time - and with the help of guests and employees - small steps to transform each salon will make green conversion possible and sustainable. From now on at Sin 7 Salon hair, foil, all plastic, paper, excess chemicals and expired products are all going to be recycled or properly and cleanly disposed of! One of the questions we've been getting is, "Isn't that expensive?".  Well, it does cost a lot do get everything where it needs to go, but through the econonics of scale, the more salons take part, the lower the overall cost.  In order to do this awesome work of diverting a whopping 80 - 95% of our salon waste from the landfill and waterways, we will add a small $1.50 environmental fee on to each service ticket.  Less than half a cup of coffee and it makes a HUGE difference! Please feel free to ask any questions you might have [...]

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Sin 7 Salon, now with more AWARDS!

Today's pop quiz: use the term "award-winning" in a sentence, e.g. "I get my hair done at Sin 7, an award-winning hair salon in White Rock." Yes, we've won an award!  Salon Today is a trade publication that we subscribe to, along with pretty much every beauty pro in North America.  Each year they put on the Salon Today 200 business awards.  We entered Sin 7 Salon in 3 categories, announced one at a time over 12 days.  We just found out this morning that we've won an award in the "Technology" category! Those iPads, wifi, online booking and email confirmation software are a few of the things that put us on top of the heap. See our name in lights here at their website (well, pixels if you want to split hairs about it, but nonetheless!): Salon Today 200 Technology awards This is a Really Big Deal!  Kat (that's me) and Courtney will be heading to New Orleans next month to pick up our award in person.  What this means for YOU is that you now share with us the bragging rights that come along with an "award-winning salon"!  SUPER YAY!!    

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Brazilian Blowout blown out!

Um, no thanks!  Photo credit:Richard Perry/New York Times At Sin 7 Salon we have been around the block regarding the controversial and toxic Brazilian keratin smoothing treatments that were formerly available in Canada.  Although the products in question produced fairly remarkable results for women with frizzy, curly, or unmanageable hair, we did not feel the risk to our stylists' health or that of our guests was worth it.  We are all about your vanity and making you feel and look pretty, but not willing to risk cancer and other illness to make your hair temporarily smoother. Well, there is a bit of good news for our fellow stylists in California who have been fighting this uphill battle for the last 2 years - Californa has ordered Brazilian Blowout to remove its toxic crapola from the CA marketplace!  From (link no longer available):   According to the Attorney General's office, GIB has 30 days to stop all sales of their current product and the California Air Resources Board will be testing the new reformulated product by the middle of December to see if it falls within the state's VOC limit, in this case it's 6% VOCs. Unfortunately, we won't know how much formaldehyde is in the new product because the state is strictly testing for VOCs. The way our current (severely outdated) law works a salon product is allowed to contain formaldehyde as long as they let us know it's there, even though formaldehyde at any level has been declared unsafe for use in Hair Smoothing Products by the industry's very own body of scientific and medical experts, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel (CIR). Sadly, 6% VOCs doesn't exactly = safe and healthy for salon workers and their clients, it means the product doesn't produce as much smog. It's [...]

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Sin 7 Salon…as seen in Modern, Salon and StyleSync!

Holy cow, people, check this out!  I feel like I just won an Olympic medal! Using her social media outlets and her cunning internet strategy, Kat has managed to start her own salon and watch it blossom in a short span of 2 years!  Located in White Rock, BC,this two-year-old salon is not just young and spunky but also on top of their social media growth. I sat down with co-owner,Kat, and was blown away. Her salon is a great example of a salon professional using their knowledge and skills to market their salon without a large investment. Thanks to Kelly Ehlers from Evoke Brand Strategies for the amazing interview opportunity!  WOW!  

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