Your Holiday Season Style Buzz

Let’s talk hair people; with Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner some of you may be looking for a change or just some tips on how to get the right look for your Christmas/ New Year’s parties! I am here to offer you some insider information on this year’s hair trends for fall/winter. One word…BLONDE.  We are seeing lots of Blonde going into winter.  From bleached out to soft and subdued, rose golds and strawberry blondes.  OR alternatively, very cool blonde with a dropped root to soften a bold look.  Also, making the grow out less painful! So, if you were thinking of seeing if Blondes really do have more fun now is the time to do it! ;)           Don’t worry my darker haired gals…..don’t feel left out! We are still seeing lots of soft ombres, balayage, baby lights (whichever term you like to use), we get the best of both worlds!  Again, caramels, chocolates, coppers, ruby and jewel tones; more of the soft and subtle tones.  Texture; EMBRACE IT!  We are seeing lots of different texture.  It’s all about embracing what your mother gave you!  Bringing back the style from the 20’s, 30’s, & 40’s.  Big, bold, voluminous curls, tousled waves, and finger waves.  If you have straight hair it’s about embracing your more sleek look as well!     With the whole idea of embracing your own texture, let’s talk about your haircut!  Everyone needs the right haircut for their texture, thickness, and density, and let’s be honest not all trendy haircuts are for everyone!  But, this being about trends, we are seeing bobs, lobs, soft bangs, and strong parts, be it a deep side part or a strong middle.  When doing a little research into the haircut trends for this season it reminded me a [...]

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Summer hair updos at Sin 7 Salon!

Post by Brenna A Monday night at Sin 7 Hair Salon consisted of our wonderful stylists doing a photo shoot after already putting in an 8 hour day! Clearly, these ladies just love work too much! Our stylists Chantelle, Dana, Grit, and Katherine gave our lovely models beautiful up-dos while our wonderfully talented stylist AND makeup artist (yes, she is a double threat!) Telsa did the makeup! (Telsa this day did not do any up-dos, because she was already so busy doing make up! But if you check out our Instagram page you can catch some of her work!). For our photo shoot the stylists had free range of what they wanted to do and boy, did they come up with some great stuff! Here are some behind the scene shoots before we get into the good stuff!       Grit did this wonderful piece on model Mia (Pictured below).   Grit is an advanced stylist who has worked at Sin 7 Salon since day one! Her work is truly incredible and one of a kind! This up-do is a showstopper! For makeup Telsa went for an edgy look on Mia! And yes, Telsa took it to the next level and did blue eye shadow! You can truly tell Telsa is a pro because I know if I were to do blue eye shadow on someone they may turn out like this: Katherine (co-owner of Sin 7 Salon) did a wonderful up-do on model, Kristen. I know most business owners would run out the door once the workday is done but not Katherine and Courtney! Katherine stayed and did this beautiful up-do on our youngest model. (Courtney unfortunately could not make it this day because she was in a hair class brushing up on those skills of hers!) You can [...]

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How does it feel to cut your hair in a bob?

It's spring and as the weather heats up and the flowers start blooming, many of us begin toying with the idea of a major hair change.  Here's an article which describes one woman's experience going from long, to long bob, to a true bob.  (Language is NSFW or those with sensitive-to-swears eyeballs, FYI.) Author Michelle Ruiz's brave new bob, on Let's just say I'm getting used to it. Kind of like how I'm still getting used to my grown woman self. It's going to take a little more than a haircut to shed the vestiges of girl past, but I'm getting there. Gardner was right - a bob has a way of making you feel cool, even when you might actually go home from work most days, change into sweatpants, put on the Sesame Street Pandora station and give your baby a bath. Plus, I've started to see my hair as its own edgy accessory, and it's making me brave. A month after cutting my hair, I made a big, scary (yet exciting) decision to become a freelance writer, something I've dreamed about doing for a long time. I don't feel "pretty" in the same way as before, and while I still want to look pretty (who doesn't?), I'm realizing that's not the compliment that means the most to me. I'd rather be fierce, hot, smart, or confident; someone brave enough to chop her hair off on a Wednesday afternoon and not look back. Read about this woman's gutsy decision to lose some length, and if you're in the White Rock/South Surrey area give us a call at 604-560-5360 to book a consultation at the salon where we can discuss whether or not you're ready to take the plunge into this season's hottest cut - the classic bob!  And [...]

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5 Spring hair trends for you to try. And one to avoid.

What's up in hair cuts, styles, and colour for spring?  Harpers Bazaar brings us a nifty slide show of trends fresh off the runway.  Frankly, there's nothing too groundbreaking this season, just re-hashing and tweaking of seasons past, but still very pretty, and best of all, mostly wearable for us mortal women!  Here's a look: Pretty Boho waves are back again for another spring/summer    l like big buns and I cannot lie! Channel your inner Daenerys Stormborn, First of her Name, Queen of the Andals, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons, etc... with some gorgous braids this summer Long ponytails.  Yawn. GAH!  Why, fashion world, why do you insist on foisting this greazy "trend" on us season after season?  Just please stop it. To leave you on a high note, here is another recycled trend but a very lovely one.  Accessories are back in a big way, and a great way to dress up your look. So which, if any, of these high-fashion trends will you be trying this year?  Let us know in the comments at our Facebook page. (We don't take comments here on the blog because we have a day job and the bots/web crawlers that make fake accounts became too much to keep up with.) If you're in White Rock or South Surrey (or surrounding area), hit us up at Sin 7 Salon for an apointment so we can help you adapt these trends.  604-560-5360 / 1195 Johnston Rd    

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Cut your hair in a bob? Heck yes!

Bobs are back in a big way, baby!  Well actually they've never really gone out since like...1920, but there's a reason for that.  The bob is one of the most versatile looks out there, almost universally flattering, and works with most hair types including very fine.  Last season's Lob  (a name I have always hated with a white hot buring intensity aka "long bob") is getting a shorter update this spring/summer.  We are seeing more blunt-ish, classic looks now a la Vanessa Hudgens: One thing's for sure, this season's bob has gone a bit shorter - definitely above the shoulders! Lauren Conrad also bobbed her hair, but in a less blunt, more choppy/textured way: Uh, we are seriously hoping those are stunt scissors and that she is not advocating doing this cut yourself!  Please, leave it to the pros or you will end up with a MOB (messed up bob) or a COB (crooked bob) or a IASHMOB (I'm a sobbing hot mess bob). We will be more than happy to help give you the bob of your dreams!  Bring pictures so we can discuss what you desire, and we will help make the call as to whether or not texture (ranging from a little to a lot) or bluntness is the best way to go for your particular hair type.  We'll also discuss your perfect or preferred length, taking into account your face, neck and shoulders as well as your comfort level with above-the-shoulders hair.  Bangs?  Maybe!  Sure! But we agree with Kristin Ess that this modern take on the bob looks coolest without them and we should be careful that there's not too much hair overwhelming your lovely face. Give us a jingle at 604-560-5360 or book online (just scroll up and to the top right for the link) [...]

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The Perm Resurgence

Post by Kenzi What I'm about to say may come as a shock: perms are back. Yes, you read that right. Perms. As in permanent curls, like grandma had, with that foul smell that permeates (pun intended?) every room the perm-ee enters. You're probably imagining the larger than life, near-afro-status perms of the '80s. Maybe you even had one yourself, or you've seen photos of your mom (like mine) trying and failing to rock the style before you were even born. After the perm's heyday came to its long awaited demise, stylists and salon-goers alike swore off the look, vowing never to perm again! That is, until now. Because yes, the perm is back. And this time, it is not your mother's perm. In order to appreciate what perms are today, let's first look back at the origins. In 1872, French stylist Marcel Grateau discovered he could create wave in the hair by heating a two-pronged tool over a gas burner and then applying it to the hair. This style became popular with the flapper girls of the 1920s looking to glam up their bobs with a bit of texture, a look that became known as the 'Marcel wave'. The invention of this early form of the curling iron took Grateau from styling prostitutes in Paris' slums to adorning French elites and celebrities with his signature look. (Photo Credit Unknown) While Grateau innovated women's ability to alter the texture of their hair, the true founder of the perm was a German stylist, Charles Nessler. His method, which used hot curlers combined with a solution of cow urine and water (yikes, right?), created curls that lasted up to six months. The solution alone would be enough to turn me off, but the process was even more horrifying - the woman's hair [...]

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Bridal Hair for 2014

Post by Kenzi As we get deeper into spring and closer to summer, we also approach another time of year: wedding season! With all the planning and decision-making that goes into your special celebration, it can be tough to make the call on what kind of hairstyle and make-up will have you looking your best. That's where we come in! You stylist is here to help you through the process and give you the exact look you want for your perfect bridal bliss. The hairstyle you choose will depend on several factors, from your personal style, your wedding dress, and the theme of your wedding. Here are some of the trends for this wedding season to help you narrow down your options. **All photos found on Pinterest. Click the photos for the direct sources!** 1. Boho Bride A bohemian bridal look can be achieved in a variety of ways, be it an undone updo or loose, tousled waves. A staple of this look is chunky braids and a flowy vibe. Add some flowers or a headband to amp up the look even more! 2. Classic Bride Classic dresses pair best with a classic hairstyle. You can never go wrong with a tried-and-true look like a sleek chignon or side-swept curls. 3. Beach Bride If you're planning to say "I do" with your toes in the sand, simple beachy waves are all it takes to have you looking right at home on the shoreline. 4. Old School Glam Bride Chanelling the 20s, 60s, 70s, or whichever era of your choice, is an easy way to add some glam to your bridal look. Go big and retro with oversized curls, or step even further back to flapper-style finger waves.   If you're stuck trying to decide how to style your hair for [...]

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Best of the Best at the Oscars 2014

Post by Kenzi The ballots are in and the Academy has spoken: this years' Oscar winners are signed, sealed, delivered. But while Hollywood's glamorous elite had their eyes on that little gold statue, all the public's eyes were on them - the red carpet fashion show that's almost as central to the event as the awards themselves. Did you tune in this past Sunday to see if your favourites won the prestigious award? While my opinion is by no means the final word, here's a peak at my favourite looks of the night from hair to fashion to beauty. A few posts back, I reprimanded Jennifer Lawrence for hacking off her hair. I wasn't used to it and I didn't think it suited her. Now, after seeing her at the Oscars, I have completely changed my mind. She switched up her pixie with bouncy curls that gave her a stylish bedhead look. Contrasted with her red Dior gown and backwards Neil Lane jewels, she oozed fabulousness. And she pulled it off even while tripping (once again) down the red carpet, so I love her even more for that.   (Photos: Getty Images/Rex Features)   Another favourite for me, both on the red carpet and on screen, was Cate Blanchett. Always the epitome of class, the "Best Actress" winner stunned in a bedazzled Armani gown that sparked controversy with critics. Say it washed her out or call it tacky, but in my opinion she showed off her avant-garde style in a dress that was very Cate. The 40s-inspired Old Hollywood waves for her golden blonde locks set off the look effortlessly. (Photos: Rex Features/Getty Images) Next, Jared Leto. His hair and talent defies all. Enough said. (Photo: PA Photos) Bradley Cooper gets a shout out for not sporting his horrendous perm [...]

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Hair-spiration from New York Fashion Week

Post by Kenzi This month, the world's finest models and designers alike strutted the New York runways during the Big Apple's prestigious fashion week. Though the hype of the event surrounds the clothes, the hair is not to be ignored. Here's a quick peek at what's hot for the upcoming seasons, with a focus on a few trends. Updos of all shapes and sizes made an appearance, from structured and intricate at Caroline Herrera, to flirty and feminine from Zac Posen, to loose and undone with Nicole Miller. Caroline Herrera (Photo: Imaxtree) Zac Posen (Photo: Imaxtree) Nicole Miller (Photo: Imaxtree) Another feature style shown by Reed Krakoff, Vera Wang, Rodarte and DKNY, among others was the pony. Variations included low with a deep side part, sporty with headbands, textured and big, and sleek and simple. Reed Krakoff (Photo: Getty Images) Rodarte (Photo: Imaxtree) Vera Wang (Photo: Imaxtree) Braids, whether thick and chunky or used as headbands, graced the models from Rachel Zoe and Rebecca Minkoff. Rachel Zoe (Photo: Imaxtree) Rebecca Minkoff (Photo: Imaxtree) Several designers opted for an easy, undone look and left their models tresses free flowing. Alexander Wang went middle-parted and low-key, while Rag and Bone went for a sleeker look. Alexander Wang Rag and Bone (Photos: Imaxtree) And finally, era-inspired looks captured the best of vintage and retro. Proenza Schouler channeled the 70s teen with straight and plain hair. Badgley Mischka rolled up the ends of his models' hair for a retro updo. And models for Donna Karan sported long, straight locks slicked back on top for another take on a 70s style. Proenza Schouler (Photo: Getty Images) Badgley Mischka (Photo: Imaxtree Images) Donna Karan (Photo: Imaxtree Images) Though the fashion takes centre stage at New York Fashion Week, the hair is undoubtedly the best accessory.  Which [...]

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Hair History – Evolution of the Bob

Post by Kenzi It's been popular for nearly a century. It's been looked down upon and admired. It's been sleek, it's been short, it's been voluminous, long, curly, layered and blunt. It's evolved and morphed with each decade, along with changing styles and tastes. It's arguably the most classic hairstyle, ever. It's the bob. And here's where it came from. Though the bob really became popular in the 20th century, the haircut that we now know and love was inspired by a famous heroine back in the 15th century. Joan of Arc is said to have worn her hair cropped up near her ears in one of the oldest known versions of the bob. For Joan, the style was used to disguise her gender, as well as being a practical cut throughout the 100 Years' War. In 1909, French hairdresser Antoine revived the look at his salon, referencing Joan of Arc as an influence. The bob is still referred to as "coupe de la Jeanne D'Arc" in France. Photo: 1917 cover of George Bernard Shaw's play Another ancient source of bob inspiration is Cleopatra. Though her bob-like hairstyle was actually a pinned up hair piece, the pharoah is seen with a longer bob in most depictions of her. Photo: Fox Film Corp. The bob came to America in 1914, atop the head of ballroom dancer Irene Castle. To make her hair easier to deal with during recovery from a surgery, Castle cut off her hair into a bob. Afterwards, she hid her hair under hats and scarves when she went out in public until a friend urged her to show off the cut. She did, and a trend was born. A short cut with curls at the ends came to be known as the "Castle bob." Photo: Randy Bryan Bigham [...]

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Golden Globes Hits & Misses

Post by Kenzi Last Sunday, Hollywood's finest strutted the red carpet at the Golden Globes, and though we're all about hair here at Sin 7, let's take a look at some fashion hits and misses. First up, the winners of the night - for style, that is. Olivia Wilde donned a gorgeous green gown that emphasized her baby bump rather than hiding it. We commend her for that, and love the mermaid vibe of the Gucci dress with her loose ombre hair. (Photo: John Shearer/Invision/AP) Next, we love Emma Watson's creative Dior number - a fully backless, bright red dress with a pair of navy slacks underneath. Cute, eyecatching, and something that set her apart from the rest. (Photo: John Shearer/Invision/AP) Our third style hit not only won in the fashion department, she also took home the Globe for best actress for her role in "American Hustle", and on the red carpet she looked as though she'd stepped straight off the set. The plunging neckline and vibrant red of her Valentino gown could've been stolen from (her character) Sydney Prosser's closet. We love that she stayed in character for her big win. (Photo: John Shearer/Invision/AP) As for the stars who didn't quite hit the mark, we must first mention Julia Roberts. She played it a bit too safe in an outfit that looked more corporate than red carpet. Here's hoping she'll step it up for the Oscars! (Photo: John Shearer/Invision/AP) Next is a "Girl" who chose a less-than-flattering cut and colour (of her dress, not her hair!). Lena Dunham, creator and star of "Girls", went too yellow with her Zac Posen gown, and the strapless neckline cut her all wrong. (Photo: Getty Images) A few gowns sparked more of a varied opinion from the critics. Among the comparisons made to [...]

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How often to cut your hair to maintain your style

Post by Kenzi Struggling to figure out how often to trim your tresses? The frequency of your haircuts depends on a few things. What is the style you're trying to maintain? Do you have layers or is your hair mostly one length? Are you growing it out or keeping it where it's at? Everyone has their own personal preference for how their hair looks. One person might be okay with a bit of a shaggier, grown-out style and can go a little longer between cuts. Another won't be able to stand even the slightest overgrowth and needs a trip to the salon on a more regular basis. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when booking your next cut. If you have short hair, like a pixie or a bob, you probably need more frequent trims to keep the style as fresh and clean as possible. Depending on how adamant you are about maintaining that "just cut" look, you can get away with visiting your stylist anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. This also goes for heavily layered hair and bangs. Colour and chemically treated hair should also be cut more often due to breakage. As for medium length to long hair, you generally don't need to head to the salon as often. That being said, if you're growing out your hair, I don't mean you should wait a year between cuts. Maybe you've heard stylists say that your hair will grow faster if you cut it more often and maybe, like me, you rolled your eyes and thought, Yeah, okay crazy lady, get those shears away from me. It's hard to believe and I know that cutting it during the growing process seems counterproductive; it's painful to let go of even the smallest bit of length, I [...]

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Short hair versatility

If you've been afraid to cut your hair short because you think you'll be locked into the same look every day, we are here to show you different!  Case in point, one of our current favorite actors Jennifer Lawrence, rocking her new pixie cut in 3 different ways. First, here's J.Law at the Golden Globes, wearing her short textured crop smoothed down and polished. Photo via Next up, here's the same cut styled with more movement, a bit roughed up with some paste or wax: Photo via And for a third styling option, here Lawrence's crop is styled up and back into a pompadour style: Photo:Splash News So you see, having short hair doesn't mean you're destined for a styling rut!  It just takes the right cut, a little technique, and proper product use.  Not sure what to do?  We can help!  Book a free consultation with one of our highly trained stylists to see if short hair is right for you - 604-560-5360.  As always, your comments are welcome at our Facebook page.

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Diane Keaton @ Golden Globes = WOWZA!

Proof that you do not have to have short hair after 50 (unless you want to, of course!): Diane Keaton looking FAB-U-LOUS at the Golden Globes, sporting collarbone-length hair with soft long layers, and a conspicuous absence of "botox bangs".  Gorgeous!  Photo via MarieClaire. Getty Images

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Christmas & Holiday Party Hairstyles

Post by Kenzi Is it just me or did Christmas wreaths replace the spiderwebs on the front door before there was even a chance to eat a handful of Halloween candy? This year, it seems the holiday season has hit harder and faster than ever before (though I probably say that every year). We're knee deep in December and the official onset of winter which means...Christmas parties! Though you may not quite be ready to start the holiday season, here is some hair-spiration for your upcoming celebrations. When you're dressing up, you want to go for a look that's drastic and different than what you normally do with your hair. If it's straight, then throw some curls in. You can keep it old school glam, like Zooey Deschanel, and go for big voluminous curls. Or, if you want a more undone look, opt for a looser style like Scarlett Johannson. The beret behind the ear adds the perfect amount of detail to step up the look to the Christmas party level. Pair styles like these with shoulder-baring dresses to emphasize your luscious locks. Photos: Rex Features If your hair is naturally curly, consider smoothing it out. Sleek and shiny, up or down, you can't go wrong with an elegant, glossy style for the holiday season. Ashley Greene keeps hers pushed behind the ears to up the drama factor. Modern Family's Sarah Hyland slicks her hair back into a smooth pony, wrapping the ends around the hair tie for an ultra-polished look. Photos: Rex Features If you're not one to leave your hair down, up-dos come in all shapes and sizes. Emma Stone's massive chignon and Julia Roberts' flirty 'do showcase two very different options. Photos: Rex Features For short hair, you can accessorize - berets, headbands, clips, bows, anything! - [...]

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