Autumn is here!

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The gorgeous colours, the cooling in temperature and darkening of the season inspires the trends we start to see in hair as we head into Autumn. What do you need to know about leaving your Summer colour behind and embracing the richness of the Autumn this year? The trends this Autumn are mimicking the trends of Summer, and really all of 2017. Cool brown bases, subtle to very highlighted balayage effects, and icy blondes with lots of depth including low lights and dropped or deepened roots. The Summer loving crowd will find their tresses in a desperate need of TLC before attempting to revive their colours, especially if looking to drop to a cooler, deeper shade. The reason being is because pre-lightened (bleached or sun lightened) hair is porous, meaning it's lacking in protein, moisture and pigment. To take any blonde darker, that porous hair must be filled with what was taken from the hair when it was lightened, meaning we must fill it with the protein, moisture and pigment missing.  [...]

Pregnancy and Beauty Products- Here’s what you need to know

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The excitement of peeing on that stick, finding out it's not just the stomach bug and experiencing the joy of growing a new little human...So many changes, and so many questions, ranging from nutrition to supplementation and of course, beauty care and skin care during this 9 month incubation period. Where does one start? Well...I'll start with the roots.  Can we even put hair colour on those now? After all, it's a chemical. What is the protocol for hair colour and pregnancy? According to recent studies, hair colour and chemical services today are much less potent and penetrating than they were in the 1980's. Prior to the '90's, chemical services on pregnant women were not recommended and in fact avoided, but studies of late on women who have hair colour services while expecting, show no correlation between the service and harm to the fetus. In fact, on animal studies there was shown to be adverse reactions but on human comparisons, there appeared to be no complication to the pregnancy, possible due [...]

Your Holiday Season Style Buzz

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Let’s talk hair people; with Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner some of you may be looking for a change or just some tips on how to get the right look for your Christmas/ New Year’s parties! I am here to offer you some insider information on this year’s hair trends for fall/winter. One word…BLONDE.  We are seeing lots of Blonde going into winter.  From bleached out to soft and subdued, rose golds and strawberry blondes.  OR alternatively, very cool blonde with a dropped root to soften a bold look.  Also, making the grow out less painful! So, if you were thinking of seeing if Blondes really do have more fun now is the time to do it! ;)           Don’t worry my darker haired gals…..don’t feel left out! We are still seeing lots of soft ombres, balayage, baby lights (whichever term you like to use), we get the best of both worlds!  Again, caramels, chocolates, coppers, ruby and jewel tones; more of the soft and subtle tones.  Texture; [...]

Let’s have a serious talk about bleaching your hair

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Wow, Kim Kardashian has gone platinum!  Admittedly not our favourite look for her, but it's definitely a gutsy move.  You might be inspired to do the same, and that's great!  Snarky picture aside, change is good and as hairdressers we totally encourage experimentation with your look.  In the interest of full disclosure and giving you the information you need to make a wise decision, here are some facts about going from very dark to very light. It very well might take 2 - 3 appointments, at about 3 hours each.  And you will be charged for each of them.  Pricing depends on the stylist and their experience.  Being a platinum blonde is perhaps not for the budget conscious. Why might it take that amount of time and work?  Well, we will be removing almost all of the pigment from your natural hair, and if you've colored your hair already, we need to remove all of that artificial pigment as well.  This can be a wild card (aka "unpredictable result), depending on [...]

How I got my natural hair colour back

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Post by Kenzi When I was growing up, hair colour was no stranger in my house. I have vivid memories of my mom, clad in her signature root touchup uniform of a men's chambray shirt, leaning awkwardly over the bathroom sink squeezing thick goo from a little bottle onto her grey roots. I'd sit cross-legged on the floor, the smell of bleach permeating the room, and she'd tell me, "Kenz, don't ever colour your hair or you'll be stuck doing this for the rest of your life!" She swore she'd never allow me to alter my colour, praising my natural highlights and unique never-get-from-a-box tone. But of course, as a teenage girl I hated my mousy brown/dirty blonde locks and after begging for months to dye my hair, she reluctantly agreed. At age 14, I donned her chambray and mom turned the colour tube to my own head for the very first time. The plan was to go a medium, all over brown. So, naturally, we'd picked out a store-bought box [...]

Spruce up your hair colour with 2014 Spring Trends!

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Post by Kenzi You see that blue sky up there? The buds poking up through the soil? The sun that doesn't set til 8:00pm? These encouraging little signs mean one thing: it's officially spring! So how can you freshen up your hair as we step closer and closer to summer? Here are the four hottest hair colour trends for 2014. 1. Platinum If you've got the guts to do it, what better way to get set for the sunny seasons than brighter-than-the-sun locks? There are a few ways to go. First, there's purely bleached out, like Anne Hathaway's pixie. Or you can tame it down with darker roots and cooler tones, like Michelle Williams. You can also go for an all-over blonde, like Margot Robbie (pre-Oscars! She's a brunette now!), with hints of honey blended throughout. Whichever look you choose, bright blonde is one of the must-haves for spring and summer. (Photos: BroadImages/Louis Vuitton) Also, which colour do you prefer on Robbie? I'm torn. (Photos: Getty Images) 2. Rose Gold No, [...]

Fall Hair Colours

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Post by Kenzi Clouds have begun to dominate our blue summer skies and the rain has already started rolling in. The days of lounging on the beach and picnicking in the park are, I'm sorry to say, nearly behind us. Autumn is fast approaching, but just because the leaves are set to fall doesn't mean that our spirits have to. It's an opportunity for change! As the leaves rust into their cool autumn hues, it's time for our hair to do the same. Richer chocolate in your browns, deeper violet in your reds, buttery gold in your blondes. Fall means cooled-down hair colour, and here's how to get it! People generally tend to darken their hair in the fall and winter months, but there are a few tips to keep in mind when you head to the salon. According to celeb colourists, blondes should note keywords like honey, buttery and golden. These hues will enrich your already-blonde locks, toning down the yellowy, sunkissed look you sported for summer. Photo: Getty Images [...]

How to get the hair you want

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Post by Chantelle How to get what you want Lately at Sin 7 Salon, I've been witnessing a few too many misbookings, and I think it stems from a general confusion about what exactly it is a client may want. Completely understandable! Before I became a hairstylist, I had absolutely no idea what the difference between a retouch and a foil was, and wasn't even sure if a haircut included a style and wash. I'm here to help you understand the differences, and in the process, get you to know how to say EXACTLY what you want when it comes to your hair. So you have grey hair. More than a little grey hair too. And you don't want to see it anymore, not even a little. There are a few things you can book yourself in for. If you want to change your color completely, or freshen it up, an ALL OVER COLOR will cover your hair from roots to ends. If your hair is currently colored darker than the [...]

Dramatic hair colour change – Rose McGowan

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Admittedly, this is not my all-time favourite hair color change in Hollywood history, but Rose McGowan has gone from brunette to a buttery blonde.  She looks lovely in this picture, but will need plenty of makeup to make sure her skin doesn't look washed out. AKM-GSI; Inset: Getty That being said, McGowan has never shied away from trying major colour changes, and as stylists we say "That's awesome!"  Here she is in 2007 with a light copper, which is really flattering and warming to her skin tone and eye colour. Ryan Miller/Getty;Neill J. Schutzer/Ramey Sometimes we end up loving a new hue, sometimes not, but it's almost always fun to try.  The nice thing about colour is, it can always be changed. Not always easily, and not always inexpensively, but it can be done!  If you have questions about a major (or minor) colour change, have a consultation with a colour pro to see if what you're thinking about is attainable and/or advisable - and affordable (Rose's new solid blonde is [...]

Lighten up your hair color for Spring!

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Photos: Michael Tran/FilmMagic; Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images The lovely Emma Stone shows how you can make huge impact by just altering your hair color by one or two shades.  She keeps the warm tone that suits her so well but pumps up the brightness.  Notice how she looks fantastic with both?  You can do this too!  Talk to a stylist at Sin 7 Salon and we'll create something fresh and wonderful for you this spring. 604-560-5360

Ombre on shorter hair? SURE!

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  Photo: Film Magic Just in case you thought you needed hair down-to-there to take advantage of the very pretty and maintenance-friendly ombre haircolor trend, I'm here to tell you it's just not so!  Miley Cyrus' barely shoulder grazing bob looks fantastic with this technique, and almost any length can benefit from some baliyage highlighting or color melting.  Let us create something special for you this spring! P.S. Don't forget to book a trim and a deep conditioning treatment to keep your locks shiny and healthy. 604-560-5360

Fall hair color, yay! or nay?

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As usual, I've been combing the internet and industry magazines to bring you the very latest in hair, makeup, and other vainglorious-ness.  Since it's now autumn, what I keep reading ad nauseam is "red, gold, deeper, richer" for hair color.  The leaves are changing, days are shorter, furnaces across the land are kicking on, and bundling up in a sweater sounds like the nicest, coziest thing in the world.  Warmer, darker hair color seems logical, and it is. That being said, there are a few very important things to keep in mind when considering a change to warmer and/or darker. First off, ask yourself (and your stylist) this: do I look good in warm colors?  If you're not sure, take a look at your wardrobe.  Can you pull off gold, yellow, or orange in a shirt or accessories?  Do you look better in creme, or white?  Is the vast majority of your jewelry yellow gold, or sterling silver/white gold/platinum?  These are key indicators not only whether or not you look good [...]

Fall hair inspiration

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Via The weather has turned and Fall is officially here.  Time for sweaters, boots, and a change of hair cut and/or color.  General trends for the colder months are to go deeper, richer, and warmer - think reds, plums, and more golden blondes.   I am totally loving the purple pieces in this long-ish pixie.  Here's the thing, you do not need to commit to purple hair!  We can add temporary extensions in myriad colors, giving you a burst of jewel toned goodness, lasting for several weeks, or just a weekend if that's what you want...think holiday parties! For those who do want to take things to the next level and actually color your hair purple, I have exciting news: Aveda is coming out with fashion colors for hair this winter - think bright jewel tones - hooray!!  I will be shouting that news from the rooftops, or at least the rooftop of this little blog and our Facebook page, so check back often. Call us @ 604-560-5360 to see what [...]

Drew Barrymore goes extreme with ombre

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Drew Barrymore was recently photographed with a rather extreme version of ombre coloring (highlights toward the ends, not at the roots).  We absolutely adore this look!  It's fresh, pretty, soft, modern, and yes, low maintenance.  In this economy who could argue about lower maintenance?!   Photo by Keystone Press This look has some rather passionate detractors.  Yeesh people, why get so worked up over someone else's hairdo?  Go do some yoga and chill out.  *Note to the haters: ROOTS have a line of demarcation.  The colours in this look is beautifully, softly, purposefully, and very skillfully melted together.  Kudos to Drew's stylist for creating this dramatic take on the ombre technique.