5 signs of sensitive skin and what to do about it

Photo: Imaxtree.com One of the great things about being in the Aveda network is the super talented, knowledgeable, and all-around wonderful people we get the chance to meet and learn from.  Case in point, Anna Conte, makeup artist extraordinaire (aka Cocamia at her gorgeous beauty blog).  Anna is an expert on skin and makeup and she dishes about sensitive skin at ellecanada.com this month. Sign of sensitive skin: Skin is sensitive to hot and cold When it comes to the seasonal changes, it seems like people with sensitive skin just can't win: the Polar Vortex-like cold can cause windburn, while extreme heat leaves skin vulnerable to flare-ups. Avoid applying too-hot or too-cold temperatures to the face, advises Conte. Cleanse skin with lukewarm water, she adds (this will also prevent the skin from drying out further). And make sure skin is slathered in sun protection before leaving the house in the morning, to avoid sunburn or triggering rosacea.   There's plenty more where that came from at the link.  If you have senstive skin check it out, and remember that we do have Aveda skincare at Sin 7, including the All Sensitive(tm) products, including the body/bath oil.

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Professional vs Drugstore Products

Post by Kenzie I'm going to voice something that probably every salon-goer has thought at least once: professional hair products are too expensive. And I agree, sometimes one glance at the price tag can send you racing down the street to the drugstore faster than your stylist can tell you why it costs that much. Trust me, you want to hear what it is about these professional products (like Aveda, that we use here at Sin 7!) that makes them worth the extra dollars. Your hair, and your wallet, surprisingly, will thank you. 1.    Salon Products Last Longer Salon products like Aveda are much more concentrated than drugstore brands. Where you might need a palm-full of a generic shampoo, you only need a dollar-sized amount of Aveda. So, while you're paying more up front for that bottle of Damage Remedy shampoo, it will cost you less in the long run because you're using less each time you wash your hair. I have long hair, and a lot of it, and a 250ml bottle of Color Conserve lasts me three months! 2.    Do You Really Know What's In Your Product? You know that foamy, sudsy lather you get when you massage your shampoo into your hair? Do you know what causes it? Usually it's sulphates added to the product for the sole purpose of giving you that lather. In drugstore brands, these sulphates come from petroleum or animal by-products. In Aveda, if the product has sulphates at all, they are plant based. Also, Aveda does not use parabens - instead, it's strictly pure plant and flower essences. Your Pantene? Petrochemicals and gelatin and silicones. These additives may make your hair look and feel better temporarily (maybe) but what they're really doing is drying it out and coating it to give the [...]

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6 ways to fix dry winter hair

(Photo Cred: lipstickandluxury.com) Post by Kenzie We don't have to take this abuse. We can save ourselves from winter's wrath. Here are a few simple remedies to get you through the colder weather. 1.    Treatment Masques The use of a deep moisturizing masque a couple of times a week will help to replenish the softness that's been sapped from your hair. Try Aveda's Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque. 2.    Heat Protectors Always, always, always use a heat protector before using any type of heat styling tool. Douse your hair in a healthy coat of Brilliant Damage Control and then blow dry, flat iron, or curl as you please. 3.    Smoothing Products Tame that frizz with a smoothing product. Try Aveda's Light Elements Smoothing Fluid, Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss or Brilliant Spray On Shine. 4.    Humectants/Anti-Humectants Depending on the problem you're trying to fix, a humectant or anti-humectants may be the answer. A humectant will make your hair attract humidity in the atmosphere, helping your hair to retain moisture. So in dry climates, this is your product. On the opposite end of the spectrum, an anti-humectant will repel humidity and moisture. So for you frizz sufferers, opt for this instead. Aveda's Brilliant line includes a pomade of each. 5.    Deep Conditioning Treatments This one speaks for itself. Deep conditioning treatments will be your saviour during the winter. You can book in with any of our lovely stylists for a treatment, or add one on to your next appointment. Call us, email us, or visit our Facebook page to book yours today! We also do scalp treatments, so if you're struggling with a dry head or dandruff, we can take care of that too. 6.    Nutrition As with anything to do with the body, a proper diet rich in vitamins is always [...]

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Is your hair thinning?

Did you know that a lot of times, your hair is thinning due to breakage? As we *ahem* gain more experience in life, our hair loses elasticity and becomes more fragile. Invati(tm)has been clinically proven to help. From Aveda's website: Our new invatiTM system is proven to reduce hair loss due to breakage to help you keep the hair you have longer. Thicker fuller hair is yours with the power of densiplexTM an invigorating blend of ayurvedic herbs that helps power invatiTM-use this complete system for best results. invatiTM exfoliating shampoo - removes build-up that can clog pores and renews the scalp. -6.7 fl oz/200 ml invatiTM thickening conditioner - restores strength and improves hair elasticity, reducing breakage. 6.7 fl oz/200 ml invatiTM scalp revitalizer -helps energize and rehabilitates the scalp around the follicles when massaged in. 5 fl oz/150 ml. Three of 7 groundbreaking products honored with Gold-level Cradle to Cradle® certification. Next time you're at Sin 7 Salon ask us for a sample - we have a stash!  

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Aveda plant tour = amazing!

As much as we love hanging out in White Rock, sometimes a gal's gotta go out and experience the world, know what I mean?  At the end of October Courtney and I (Katherine) left the Sin 7 stylists to fend for ourselves for a few days, said goodbye temporarily to Taka's sushi (the horror!) and took off for Minneapolis for a getaway.  Only one suitcase was lost (returned to our hotel the next night, hooray!), and exactly one iPhone was left on the connecting flight airplane in Chicago (never to be seen again). Besides meeting with several area salon owners for ideas and advice, you could call part of the trip a hair product pilgrimage -  we went to tour the Aveda plant in Blaine, Minnesota!  Yes, that's where it all started over 30 years ago and continues to this day.  Almost every product that Aveda makes is manufactured there.  So what did we see?  Among other things: 270,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility (HUGE!) 19,000 litre tanks (That's a LOT of shampoo!) R&D department (Scientists in their natural environment, with beakers and everything) Test salon On-site daycare (What?? That's incredible!) On-site wellness centre (with yoga class in process) Organic cafeteria/cafe Our tour guide was Jim the Engineer, aka our New Best Friend.  Jim is a super-smart, really nice fellow who knows everything there is to know about Aveda's manufacturing process.  He was a fantastic tour guide!  Here's a picture of Jim, Courtney, and me in the lobby, standing in front of the green wall.  Of course they have a green wall, it's AVEDA! Something that Aveda doesn't toot their horn too much about, which they should, is the approximately 300 manufacturing jobs they provide in Minnesota.  They could easily offshore those jobs and save lots of labor money, but they [...]

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What’s in YOUR shampoo? Nasty ingredients to avoid…

Post by Chantelle Anyone whose been in my chair knows I have a fondness for my side satchel, and upon closer inspection will find this adorable little guy on the front: Well, not exactly like that, but close enough. And I think he's a fitting symbol for this months topic, as we're diving deep today. That's right. What your cosmetic's labels actually mean. I'm going to clear the air first here, and talk about Aveda. The things I'm going to bring up about what's in your products, are nasty, harmful things. Aveda is not putting any of these things into their products, in fact, they're doing the opposite and taking these ingredients out, completely. And if it can't be done, then they'll discontinue making it. That's how important it is to Aveda to have completely safe, non-toxic, sustainable products. There are a few other companies following suit. But for the most part, it's very important that you know what's in your bottles. So I've decided to point out and highlight a few of the MANY different chemicals that make up whatever's hanging out in your bathrooms. What are parabens, and why do we care? Parabens (Propyl, Isopropyl, Butyl, and Isobutylparabens): Parabens are estrogen-mimicking preservatives,found in breast cancer tumors of 19 of 20 women studied. The CDC has detected parabens in virtually all Americans surveyed. According to the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products, longer chain parabens like propyl and butyl paraben and their branched counterparts, isopropyl and isobutylparabens, may disrupt the endocrine system and cause reproductive and developmental disorders. Extremely harmful, especially to young children! Remember when the Brazilian Blowout got pulled off the market? Formaldehyde was the reason, but it wasn't actually an ingredient in the product. It was a by-product of another chemical. Formaldehyde: A potent preservative [...]

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Summer hair and skin repair – home spa pro tips from personal experience!

It's finally summer - REALLY summer - here on BC's mainland west coast, and we are all flocking outside to take advantage of the hot sun that we've been longing for.  YES!  The fresh air feels great and we are getting much-needed vitamin D as we hang out at the park or the beach.  The donwnside is parched hair and skin.  As Lupe Voss says, "Ask me how I know?!" Well let me tell ya.  I went sea kayaking for the first time yesteday, the hottest, sunniest day we've seen yet.  4 hours of introductory class in the blazing sun, on the water of Semiahmoo Bay.  My husband had the time of his life.  I had a panic attack, and the sheer terror of the experience may leave me scarred for life.  Who knew I was claustrophobic? I guess you learn something every day... Besides the newly diagnosed phobia, my hair got a scorching dose of sun and salt water, and my face got sunburned.  The really pretty kind where you have a line on your nose from your sunglasses.  So today I am doing rescue at my home spa, aka my bathroom.  Here are my tips for bringing summer damaged hair and skin back to life (all products mentioned are Aveda and available at Sin 7 Salon, natch): I washed my hair yesterday so today just a rinse and quick deep treatment: comb through Damage Remedy(tm) Intensive Restructuring Treatment.  While it's working: Exfoliate the bod with a scrub like Smoothing Body Polish; After shower use Stress Fix(tm) Body Lotion - the lavender is soothing and anti-inflammatory.  Plus I think it's helping me recover from the emotional trauma of the kayak ;) Double up on conditioning with Damage Remedy(tm) Daily Hair Repair; air dry. On sunburned face, neck, and decolletage, [...]

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Volume for fine hair IS HERE! Aveda’s Pure Abundance Style Prep now at Sin 7 Salon.

Do you want more fullness, more bigness, more sexiness in your fine hair? It's as close as Sin 7 Salon! Aveda just launched Pure Abundance Style Prep and we have it on our shelves just waiting for you. Come in and experience this micro-misting prep product that gives weightless volume. A dream come true! Check out these cool styling tricks for 3 different looks using Pure Abundance Style Prep and other Aveda products, then pop in and pick up a bottle for yourself!

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How-to for holiday lips

From the experts at Aveda, here's a how-to video on perfect red lipstick application. P.S. Not only do we do great hair cuts and color, but we carry the full range of Aveda makeup and skincare, including the products used in the video. Let us help you with a great holiday makeup look!

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Aveda at Fashion Week, Hair How-To’s

Designer: Preen  Hair: Paul Hanlon, lead stylist for Aveda Aveda teams were all over fasion week creating some of the prettiest looks out there.  Blast has put together some how-to's for a few of these looks from the stylists themselves, including which products they used.  Have fun! Let us know if you have any questions or if you want us to re-create a version of these styles for you.

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Skin care starter sets from Aveda

  Know what's a drag?  When you want to try a new skincare regimen or product line, but you don't want to invest a ton of cash until you know if it works for your particular face.  Well we have some good news!  Aveda has sent us limited edition skin care starter sets and they are on the shelves at Sin 7 Salon.  Try Botanical Kinetics, Tourmaline Charged, or All-Sensitive for a few months, for about the price of one full-sized product. This is a great opportunity to try Aveda's skin care for the first time.  Yes, it smells as wonderful as the hair products do (plus all the things you love about Aveda i.e. high performance, eco leadership, the gorgeous hair and skin you get when you use them, and did we mention the amazing aromas?).  Or, if you're already using Aveda skin care and have been thinking about trying some different products, the starter sets are the perfect solution.  Let the beauty pros at Sin 7 help you discover your Elemental Nature, and we'll send you home with some yummy new skin care products to try.  Be prepared to fall in love.

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