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Love your hair! Sin 7 Salon staff dishes about their favorite products

We asked our Vanity Managers what their favorite products were for this series of short blog posts.  This week, Trish recommends Aveda's Pure Abundance Hair Potion: It's magic!  Gives me all the volume I need for second-day hair! This seemingly magical product (seriously, it turns from powder to liquid in your hand!) gives awesome grip to silky, slippery, flat hair. Innovative formula transforms in your hands-from a powder to a light, absorbent lotion.* Like magic in your hair, it adds texture and increases strands' diameter to create abundant volume.   Instantly volumizes hair Creates matte texture Boosts strands with natural bulking agents like kaolin clay and acacia gum Perfect for a gritty, "second-day hair" look   *Product that has liquefied will not affect performance. Do not allow product to freeze. Hair Potion works great as a root lift, and we also love this product for updos on hair that's so healthy that it's impossible to backcomb.  Pick up your bottle of magic potion at Sin 7 Salon, or order online through our website; just click on this link, or the sage green "Shop Aveda" button at the top of our home page.    

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Love your hair! Sin 7 Salon staff dishes about their favourite Aveda products.

We asked our Vanity Managers what their favourite Aveda products are for this series of short blog posts.  Here's Meghan's: Blue Malva! Because it freshens up your blonde and makes your hair super soft. Blue Malva keeps cool blondes from going brassy.  If you're a golden blonde, you'll want to try Camomile shampoo and/or conditioner, which will enhance your hair's warm tones. You can grab either product at Sin 7 Salon, or order online through this link or the "Shop Aveda" button on the top of this website in the banner- yes, Aveda now has online ordering and shipping for Canada!

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A brand new salon to get your hair done in White Rock!

Well, not just yet, but we should be ready to move in to our new location on the corner of Johnston and Pacific in a few short weeks - if all goes well, October 15 will be our first day taking appointments there! Everything's wrapped in plastic right now and awaiting a coat of paint, but we have been assured that it WILL, SOON, look like an actual hair salon. We can't wait! PS - Save the date, Sunday November 16 is our Grand Opening/Holiday Kick-Off Soiree. You don't want to miss this shindig, we promise.

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How I got my natural hair colour back

Post by Kenzi When I was growing up, hair colour was no stranger in my house. I have vivid memories of my mom, clad in her signature root touchup uniform of a men's chambray shirt, leaning awkwardly over the bathroom sink squeezing thick goo from a little bottle onto her grey roots. I'd sit cross-legged on the floor, the smell of bleach permeating the room, and she'd tell me, "Kenz, don't ever colour your hair or you'll be stuck doing this for the rest of your life!" She swore she'd never allow me to alter my colour, praising my natural highlights and unique never-get-from-a-box tone. But of course, as a teenage girl I hated my mousy brown/dirty blonde locks and after begging for months to dye my hair, she reluctantly agreed. At age 14, I donned her chambray and mom turned the colour tube to my own head for the very first time. The plan was to go a medium, all over brown. So, naturally, we'd picked out a store-bought box of a "medium brown." As my mom applied the colour, I started panicking as the goop on my head darkened to black. "Don't worry, she assured me. "It always looks darker at first but when you wash it out it will be fine." She was wrong. After washing and blowdrying my hair, we stared blankly in the mirror. My hair was black. Eventually the colour faded and I've dyed my hair a million different colours since then, from bleach blonde to red to almost black and back to blonde all over again. But my mother's words still rung in my ears: "You'll be stuck doing this for the rest of your life" and "You'll never get your natural colour back."  I didn't want that to be true so ten [...]

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The Man Bun: Trendy or Trashy?

Post by Kenzi It's time to address a rapidly growing hair trend you either love or loath. No, not pastel hair colour. No, not oversized accessories. It's not even a trend that we choose to follow or ignore ourselves. Ladies, I give you...the man bun. Now, I know that men have been wearing their hair pulled back for decades; looking back through the ages, long hair on men precedes even this century or the last. Curled wigs of the 1500s, hippie-length hair of the 70s, hip-grazing dreadlocks of reggae culture, surfers, bikers, pirates - just a few examples of how men have grown their hair as a statement of status or style. But this year, more and more men have been sporting a knotted style to keep their longer hair from getting a little too free flowing. (Photo: Wenceslaus Hollar) (Photo: Ueli Frey) Beckham did it in the early 2000s to keep his hair out of his face on the field. Orlando Bloom followed a few years later. In 2012, Chris Hemsworth wore one on the red carpet, as did Brad Pitt in 2013. But then came the man bun to top them all, on red carpets everywhere in early 2014: Jared Leto. And thus a trend was born.       (Photos: Getty Images) I myself adore a full head of shoulder skimming hair on men. Whether tied back or not, long luscious locks that rival my own are a major cause of attraction. I even had my very own man-bunned boyfriend for over four years. At one point his hair got so long he chopped it all off (and donated it to make wigs for children with cancer, bless him) but I mourned the loss of that beautiful knot for months. Don't worry, cutting off his bun wasn't the [...]

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The Perm Resurgence

Post by Kenzi What I'm about to say may come as a shock: perms are back. Yes, you read that right. Perms. As in permanent curls, like grandma had, with that foul smell that permeates (pun intended?) every room the perm-ee enters. You're probably imagining the larger than life, near-afro-status perms of the '80s. Maybe you even had one yourself, or you've seen photos of your mom (like mine) trying and failing to rock the style before you were even born. After the perm's heyday came to its long awaited demise, stylists and salon-goers alike swore off the look, vowing never to perm again! That is, until now. Because yes, the perm is back. And this time, it is not your mother's perm. In order to appreciate what perms are today, let's first look back at the origins. In 1872, French stylist Marcel Grateau discovered he could create wave in the hair by heating a two-pronged tool over a gas burner and then applying it to the hair. This style became popular with the flapper girls of the 1920s looking to glam up their bobs with a bit of texture, a look that became known as the 'Marcel wave'. The invention of this early form of the curling iron took Grateau from styling prostitutes in Paris' slums to adorning French elites and celebrities with his signature look. (Photo Credit Unknown) While Grateau innovated women's ability to alter the texture of their hair, the true founder of the perm was a German stylist, Charles Nessler. His method, which used hot curlers combined with a solution of cow urine and water (yikes, right?), created curls that lasted up to six months. The solution alone would be enough to turn me off, but the process was even more horrifying - the woman's hair [...]

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Yes, we can now recycle your hair! Sin 7 becomes a Green Circle Salon.

It's always been such a bummer for us not being able to recycle hair clippings (we tried!) or the large amounts of foils we use for coloring, and rinsing so much extra color down the drain where it might enter our waterways.  We act as green as possible and recycle whatever the city will let us, but there was so much we couldn't do anything with except put it in the trash.  Plastic caps from tubes and bottles, rubber gloves, kilos of aluminum foil, bags of hair clippings, all in the garbage. No more!  We are happy to announce that we are now a Green Circle Salon!  Their mission: We are a new company with a mission to make the North American salon industry sustainable by 2020. We are doing this in a way that is affordable and achievable and most importantly, impactful. We believe that over time - and with the help of guests and employees - small steps to transform each salon will make green conversion possible and sustainable. From now on at Sin 7 Salon hair, foil, all plastic, paper, excess chemicals and expired products are all going to be recycled or properly and cleanly disposed of! One of the questions we've been getting is, "Isn't that expensive?".  Well, it does cost a lot do get everything where it needs to go, but through the econonics of scale, the more salons take part, the lower the overall cost.  In order to do this awesome work of diverting a whopping 80 - 95% of our salon waste from the landfill and waterways, we will add a small $1.50 environmental fee on to each service ticket.  Less than half a cup of coffee and it makes a HUGE difference! Please feel free to ask any questions you might have [...]

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Bridal Hair for 2014

Post by Kenzi As we get deeper into spring and closer to summer, we also approach another time of year: wedding season! With all the planning and decision-making that goes into your special celebration, it can be tough to make the call on what kind of hairstyle and make-up will have you looking your best. That's where we come in! You stylist is here to help you through the process and give you the exact look you want for your perfect bridal bliss. The hairstyle you choose will depend on several factors, from your personal style, your wedding dress, and the theme of your wedding. Here are some of the trends for this wedding season to help you narrow down your options. **All photos found on Pinterest. Click the photos for the direct sources!** 1. Boho Bride A bohemian bridal look can be achieved in a variety of ways, be it an undone updo or loose, tousled waves. A staple of this look is chunky braids and a flowy vibe. Add some flowers or a headband to amp up the look even more! 2. Classic Bride Classic dresses pair best with a classic hairstyle. You can never go wrong with a tried-and-true look like a sleek chignon or side-swept curls. 3. Beach Bride If you're planning to say "I do" with your toes in the sand, simple beachy waves are all it takes to have you looking right at home on the shoreline. 4. Old School Glam Bride Chanelling the 20s, 60s, 70s, or whichever era of your choice, is an easy way to add some glam to your bridal look. Go big and retro with oversized curls, or step even further back to flapper-style finger waves.   If you're stuck trying to decide how to style your hair for [...]

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History of Aveda & Earth Month 2014

Post by Kenzi A few posts back I gave you the rundown on the difference between professional products and drugstore products. I hinted a bit as to why we use Aveda here at Sin 7, but I wanted to do a post on the history of the brand and tell you exactly why we deem Aveda quality enough to use on you, our treasured guests! Founded in Minneapolis in 1978 by hair stylist Horst Rechelbacher, Aveda would not exist without the influence of an ancient Indian tradition called Ayurveda. Translating from sanskrit as the "science of life," Ayurveda is a holistic system of healing that focuses on creating balance between mind, body and spirit. During a trip to India in 1970, Rechelbacher first encountered the system, thus inspiring his vision for his company. In its first year, Aveda Corporation partnered with two Ayurvedic experts (Drs. Vinod and Kusum Upadhyay), fusing the brand with 1000s of years of proven results: that interconnectedness, and treating the person as a whole, brings balance and harmony to our lives. The heart of Aveda lies in its connection to nature. Horst saw the lack of unity between the beauty industry and environmental sustainability and made it his mission to join the two. Here are some of Aveda's commitments to environmental responsibility and the innovative ways they promote these beliefs: First beauty company to use 100% windpowered production facilities Complete traceability of certified organic ingredients, from the raw source to the finished products Shampoo bottles made with a minimum of 80% post-consumer recycled content 18 million US dollars raised for environmental and social causes to date through Aveda's Earth Month campaigns No animal testing Ethically sourced and naturally derived ingredients for all products Relationships with indigenous communities and farmers worldwide to ensure sustainable agriculture is at [...]

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Why a consultation could take your appointment to the next level!

Post by Kenzi So you've decided you're in need of a hair makeover. Maybe you're a blonde ready to try a rich brown for the first time, or vice versa. Or maybe you've decided to chop off your waist-length locks into a pixie. Making such a drastic transformation can be a scary and intimidating thing, but we are here to ease the process. Come in for a consultation first! Always complimentary, a consultation is often a useful tool if you're not 100% certain of the direction you want to go. Our team of stylists knows the tricks and techniques to bring you to the exact shade and cut you're looking for. Here's what to expect from a consultation (plus a few tips on how to prepare for it): When you get into your stylist's chair, she will listen to what you want and what you hope to get out of the appointment. It helps to bring in pictures of styles/colours that you like so you can both be sure to be on the same page. We also have iPads at each station in the salon so you can search through photos together.   Your stylist will then offer her insight and advice on what it will take to get you where you want to be. She will walk you through the process, discuss the cost of the service, and you can both decide on a course of action together. She may tell you that you require several appointments to get from the brown you have to the blonde you want. She might say you can't do the service at all for the sake of the hair. Any advice she gives you is her professional opinion and is always to maintain the integrity of your hair, so don't get discouraged if [...]

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Spring makeup is here!

  Spring is here and so is Aveda's 2014 Spring/Summer makeup! Aptly called Culture Clash, this new collection blends diverse colours and textures on a global level, from tribal and folkloric to urban and contemporary. All these seemingly clashing styles come together to form a fresh and feminine line perfect for the new season.   Culture Clash has a distinct boho vibe with a futuristic flair, says Janell Geason (Aveda Global Artistic Director for Makeup, and creator of the new line). For makeup, this means pairing natural, earthy tones like warm coppers and fleshy nudes with a pop of vivid color, for a look that feels fresh and pretty yet sophisticated. Here's a sneak peak at the collection: Lips nourish-mint rehydrating lip glaze in rose copper and berry bud: formulated with plant emollients to moisturize, smooth, and plump. Refreshing organic vanilla and mint flavour. nourish-mint smoothing lip colour in peruvian lily: full coverage lipstick formulated with plant and fruit essences to hydrate and plump, proven to smooth lines by 26%. Refreshing mint flavour. nourish-mint sheer mineral lip colour in sheer muscadine: sheer lipstick formulated with plant and fruit essences to hydrate and plump, proven to smooth lines by 26%. Refreshing mint flavour. nourish-mint lip liner in maple and cactus blossom: formulated with plant and fruit essences, shapes and defines while providing generous coverage. Refreshing mint flavour. Eyes petal essence eye definer in graphite: formulated with jasmine petals and geranium leaves. Blendable, smooth definition on eyes and brows. petal essence single eye colours in peony blush, burnished bronze, olive leaf, aquamarine, new lilac and seafoam: talc- and oil-free eyeshadows formulated with flower essences. Colour true, crease resistant, easily blendable shadows. These new colours can be tweaked and layered to create looks as suitable for casual daytime as they are for a [...]

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