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Contests, Contests, read all about it…and Win BIG!

Are you a winner?  Do you want to be a winner?  We want YOU to be...and there are lots of ways to make that happen!  We have TWO contests that are launching today, February 1st.  Let us tell you how they work, it's really quite simple: Refer a friend and WIN BIG- $500 Sin 7 Vanity Dollars to use towards services or retail! Contest runs from February 1st-April 30th Each friend you refer into Sin 7 during the contest dates, gives you 1 entry Referral services must be booked for before April 30th All you have to do is make sure they mention your name so we can give you the credit :) Winner will be drawn on May 1st Ongoing MONTHLY DRAW! Leave us a review &/or check-in on Facebook anytime you visit us For each review &/or check-in you leave on Facebook, Google or Yelp receive one entry into the draw We'll keep track of it all and draw a name at the end of each month Winner walks away with $25 in Sin 7 Vanity Dollars to use towards any service or retail! Simple, right?!  Like us on Facebook to be the first to see announced winners! Happy February and we'll see you soon ;)                                          -Your Vanity Managers

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Curb Those Holiday Cravings…

The smell of cookies, sugar plums, and turkey is in the air...That’s right, Christmas is coming. A time of giving, family, joy and sometimes, overindulgence. What is it about those cold snowy nights that makes us want to eat...And eat...And EAT. If it’s any consolation, those who experience food cravings are not alone. 97% or women and 68% of men are going through the same hunger pains. (www.nci.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1799279). These cravings may be more out of your control than you know. Tiny little creatures living in your gut could be to blame! The Microbiome, a hopefully diverse and complicated world living inside us all. These microbes can prefer their own favorite foods over yours, and may even override the brain directly in dietary choices (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21885731).One of the ways science has been able to detect this is by studying the by-products of metabolized dietary substrates called Metabolites. In studies involving chocolate cravings, the metabolites in “chocolate-desiring” compared to “chocolate-indifferent” are varied and different! (www.nci.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17929959) These different types of metabolites can alter genes, effect mood (www.nic.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16945350), and interfere with appetite. So with these critters in control, what can we do? Well, we can take our control back! These 3 suggestions can put you back in the drivers seat, and help you make brain-derived dietary decisions. Invest in HIGH QUALITY Probiotics. While you’re at it, makes sure to get plenty of Prebiotics (Food to feed the probiotics) such as fermentable fiber, or resistant starch. And finally, eat with NUTRIENT DENSITY in mind. Have you heard the saying: You are what your food ate? It’s the same principle. Feed the microbiome that you want to have, and it will be a symbiotic relationship. If that cookie is something you want, instead of an uncontrollable need, then you are in control of your cravings. Here’s [...]

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Your Holiday Season Style Buzz

Let’s talk hair people; with Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner some of you may be looking for a change or just some tips on how to get the right look for your Christmas/ New Year’s parties! I am here to offer you some insider information on this year’s hair trends for fall/winter. One word…BLONDE.  We are seeing lots of Blonde going into winter.  From bleached out to soft and subdued, rose golds and strawberry blondes.  OR alternatively, very cool blonde with a dropped root to soften a bold look.  Also, making the grow out less painful! So, if you were thinking of seeing if Blondes really do have more fun now is the time to do it! ;)           Don’t worry my darker haired gals…..don’t feel left out! We are still seeing lots of soft ombres, balayage, baby lights (whichever term you like to use), we get the best of both worlds!  Again, caramels, chocolates, coppers, ruby and jewel tones; more of the soft and subtle tones.  Texture; EMBRACE IT!  We are seeing lots of different texture.  It’s all about embracing what your mother gave you!  Bringing back the style from the 20’s, 30’s, & 40’s.  Big, bold, voluminous curls, tousled waves, and finger waves.  If you have straight hair it’s about embracing your more sleek look as well!     With the whole idea of embracing your own texture, let’s talk about your haircut!  Everyone needs the right haircut for their texture, thickness, and density, and let’s be honest not all trendy haircuts are for everyone!  But, this being about trends, we are seeing bobs, lobs, soft bangs, and strong parts, be it a deep side part or a strong middle.  When doing a little research into the haircut trends for this season it reminded me a [...]

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We’re having a party…And YOU’RE INVITED!

Tis the season! Sin 7 Salon's annual holiday kick-off party is just around the corner.  Come join us for door prizes, get your holiday shopping started (or shop for yourself ;) ), enjoy a glass of bubbly or just pop by to say "hi"!  Discounts will be on, store wide. RSVP by November 16th and we'll have a swag bag full of  Aveda goodies with your name on it!

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Autumn Bargain Blast at Sin 7 Salon!

It's the end of the season and we need to clear some shelf space!  And we bet that you would appreciate some great deals on skincare, tools, and makeup*, right (plus a few hair and body products)?  So here's a WIN-WIN situation - get in here and save big time on select items!  Prices good while supplies last only so don't delay!  Only at Sin 7 Salon, White Rock's premier Aveda Concept Salon. *Select colours and products only; stop in to see the selection, it's fantastic!

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Sin 7 Salon Best in the Peninsula!

You like us!  You really like us!  We'd like to thank our moms, the Academy... :) But seriously, thank you to all of our amazing guests who voted us Best Hair Salon at the Peace Arch News' "Best of the Peninsula" Readers' Choice Awards.  We are absolutely thrilled and humbled that you'd take the time to vote (and vote in 25 different categories so that your vote actually counted as per the contest rules) for our salon.  We really can't thank you enough, and WE LOVE DOING YOUR HAIR!

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Sin 7 Salon on CBC – White Rock & Five Corners community makes the news

As you may have noticed, we have a MAN IN THE HOUSE!  With the devastating fire in our old building across the street, our neighbor and friend Moe lost his barber shop.  When he approached us to ask if he could temporarily work out of Sin 7 Salon, we said "Of course you can!".  If barbers and hairstylists don't have a place to tend to their guests, we don't have a business.  Much as we'd like to save everyone's livelihood who lost their shops in the fire (and we have some very good friends who are really struggling right now with that), we definitely could help save Moe's business by giving him a space to cut hair while he rebuilds.  To us it was just a matter of doing the right thing.  Apparently in this day and age, basic human kindness is more like a super power, judging by the overwhelmingly positive reaction we've received since we rented a chair to Moe.  Also, did you know we're swanky?  ;) From CBC: White Rock barber Moe Toufic was left with no way of earning a living after he lost his business in a devastating fire that displaced more than 100 residents on May 15. But the barber is back on his feet, thanks to the owners of Sin 7 Salon, a business that attracts mostly women looking for a high-end haircut, styling or colouring. You can read the rest of the article at the link, and Sin 7 co-owner Katherine also did a live radio interview with Moe on June 24 in the afternoon at CBC. We're humbled by the overwhelming response this story has received.  We're just helping out a brother-in-shears, you know?  We are so incredibly lucky that the fire didn't affect our salon and we just want to [...]

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Summer Hair, Ponytail Edition

For medium and long-haired gals, nothing's better than a ponytail for beating the summer heat.  Getting that hair up and off your neck keeps you cool, and it's a classic look that never goes out of style.  That being said, why not change it up a little for the upcoming season?  We've found a great gallery of fresh ponytail ideas at Elle.com.  Here are a few: Constant trendsetter Rihanna wears a super-full, high ponytail with tons of volume.  Great for gals with thick, wavy hair. Getty images Olivia Wilde sports a trendy bubble ponytail.  Make a ponytail, then add elastics in regular intervals down to the last few inches.  Then pull/puff out the hair between the elastics.  If you don't have enough length, consider adding some clip- or tape-in extensions.  Easy, stylish, and a little different. Getty Images Uber-blonde style chameleon Gwen Stefani channel's 80's vixen Terry Nunn with her black dip-dyed ends. This high ponytail has the top left out and styled to the side from a deep part for an asymmetric look. Be sure to wrap some strands around the base to hide the elastic and pull the whole thing together. Getty Images There are lots more pictures at Elle.com - 17 to be exact, so check them out and let us know if you have any questions about how to do them.  Consultations are always free at Sin 7 Salon.  604-560-5360 in White Rock, BC.  We love to do hair! P.S. As always, you can leave any comments at our Facebook page which is where we hang out online.

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And the winner is…

Katherine, Joan (the winner!), Courtney YAY!  Congratulations to our long-time guest Joan, whose name was drawn on April 1 as the winner of our referral contest!  Joan won free services for 1 year at Sin 7 Salon, just for referring 3 or more guests to us between January 1 and March 31.  Each guest who referred at least 3 new people during that time was entered in the draw, and Courtney pulled her name out of the hat.  HUGE MEGA THANK YOU to everyone who participated!  We've really loved meeting all of your friends, family, neighbors, bank tellers, baristas, etc., and we sincerely hope they enjoyed coming in to Sin 7 Salon.

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Win Sin 7 Salon services for a year!

Have we got a contest for you, and it's super easy - all you have to do is share the Sin 7 Salon love and send us your friends and family (and neighbors, coworkers, shopkeepers, local politicians, etc.) for beautification!  Here's how it works: For every 3 referrals between now and March 31, we'll enter you in the draw. Send us 6?  You'll get 2 entries.  Want to be a hero and send us 9?  You'll triple your chances with 3 entries!  Easy peasy! We will do the tracking, just make sure whoever you send gives us your name at the time of their booking. You'll both get our "Lead a Friend Into Sin 7" reward - a gratis Aveda Masque Treatment with mini hand massage!  (Yes, when you send us 3 people we'll give you 3 treatments, etc.; it's our way of saying "Thanks, you're awesome!") Prize = services for 1 year - $50 per month or $600 total.  YAY! Contest begins Jan 1 and runs through March 31, 2016**; prize draw is on April 1. Next time you're in we'll give you as many of our cards and brochures as you'd like to help you spread the word.  Just let us know - we've got lots! GOOD LUCK!  We can't wait to meet your friends. :) **The people you refer must have their appointment before March 31 for the referral to be eligible  

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5 hot celebrity hair trends for you to try this winter!

Yikes is it ever getting dark early these days!  What better way to perk yourself up than by trying something new with your hair?  Let's check out some of this season's trends for a little pre-holiday pick-me-up, courtesy of Elle. Textured fringe as seen on Kerry Washington.  Piecey, brow-skimming bangs are feeling cool this winter!  Low maintenance as far as fringe is concerned - maybe every 4 - 5 weeks?  Embrace the imperfect! Kerry Washington; Getty Images The Contoured Bob is a hairstyle classic.  Length just at or above the collar bone, slightly A-line, blunt, center parted, and perfectly blown out.  Check out this polished look on Naomi Watts and Emilia Clarke:    Emilia Clarke, Naomi Watts; Getty Images Jennifer Lawrence can seemingly do no wrong in the hair department!  Her razored bob haircut gets the gelled-back treatment here.  We love the sleek, away-from-the-face look, and especially because it's a dry look, not a bunch of crunchy or greasy looking gobs of gel (which is shown in the Elle article on some other celebs). Jennifer Lawrence; Getty Images Here's one for the shorter-haired gals - the "flipped crop".  The influence of the 80's and 90's is everywhere, and here we see the asymmetrical throwback (think Sheena Easton cavorting with Prince back in the day!) on Lily Collins and Alicia Keys.  All it takes is a deep side part (do this when hair is wet), and pushing all of the volume onto one side.  The more daring among us can just crop one of the sides right off for a more permanently flipped crop!  It's an easy way to change things up on your short or mid-length look.    Lily Collins, Alicia Keys; Getty Images Finally we have the metamorphasis of the last several years' top knot - it's come unraveled [...]

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Movember Shave-Off with Sin 7 Salon and S. Surrey Town Hall Pub

This Sunday November 29 join Sin 7 Salon and the South Surrey Town Hall Pub for our 3rd annual Movember Shave-Off!  We'll remove that Movember 'stache for you, and your donation includes Town Hall's $4 breakfast (and also drink specials)!  Lack a 'stache?  We'll trim up your neckline, or give you a scalp/neck/shoulder OR hand massage - ladies also welcome, and we'll offer you the same pampering treatments by donation.  3140 King George Boulevard, from 11:00 - 1:30.  ALL proceeds go to PCF.  We sincerely hope to see you there!

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Sin 7 Salon Brings You the Celebrity Hair Trends for Fall 2015

Much as we hate to say it, summer is wrapping up fast.  The kids are back in school, and even though the weather is still mostly gorgeous here on the BC coast, you can tell that the air is changing.  So!  What are you going to do with your hair this season?  Autumn is a great time to make a change and here at Sin 7 Salon we've got you covered with the latest haircut trends, so let's take a look courtesy of Bazaar online. First up, the always lovely J. Lo with her collar bone-length piecey layered cut.  You could call this a "lob", but technically it's got too much layering to be considered a true bob.  Notice the subtle baliyage highlights?  So pretty! Image: BFA Next up in the mid-length department is Naomi Watts, with a slightly angled bob.  Her ends have a bit of texture on the bottom (or the perimeter as us stylists call it), but her long layers are quite sliced out or razored, giving this cut lots of movement.  This cut is a nice option for hair that's on the finer side that's straight or with a little bit of wave because it doesn't have a lot of density or weight removed, and since the length sits right above the shoulders the perimeter doesn't break up, giving it a thicker looking line.  Her color is right on trend too, with the root area being a shade or two darker than the mid-ends' baby blonde. I Image: Getty Moving up in length is Rachel McAdams, with a jaw-length classic bob with a bit of texture or slicing through the ends.  The deep side part styling gives this look a bit of an asymmetric edge as does the loose, flick-ey finish.  Her color keeps with the [...]

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