Sin 7 Salon: The mission

                                      At Sin 7 Salon your vanity is our passion.                                                   Our mission is to elevate personal style, confidence and self-expression.                                                         We strive to go above and beyond                                                                                  to deliver the best experience for each guest.

Sin 7 Salon: The story

Wishing to strike a balance between high professional standards and a relaxed sense of creativity, co-founders Courtney and Katherine opened Sin 7 Salon on June 1, 2010. Among their goals were to create an environment where guests receive the first-rate service that they deserve, and a creative space where hairstylists love to practice their craft. They saw a place in the White Rock area for a modern salon with an urban feel, yet still connected to and involved with the local community. They took a leap of faith to make their vision come true.

Purchasing former salon “The Entourage”, Courtney and Katherine were extremely fortunate to keep the same amazing staff and remain an Aveda ™ Concept salon.

About that name…

The name “Sin 7” was the product of an online brainstorming session involving co-founder Katherine and the webmistress. You see, as it turns out, every time they googled yet another fabulous idea for the name, it was already taken. Multiple times. Like, in every other city in North America. Then in a sudden flash of inspiration, the word “vanity” was used. “Vanity is one of the seven deadly sins, isn’t it?” typed Katherine.

“Yep, sure is.” replied Webmistress.

“How about Sin 7?”

“Oooooh…sexy. I like it”.

Courtney was immediately consulted. “I LOVE IT!” she exclaimed. Friends, family, and industry big-shot types all agreed. Sin 7 was born. The rest is history in the making.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful White Rock, BC in the Five Corners Shopping District

1195 Johnston Rd. White Rock, BC V4B 3Y7
Phone: 604-560-5360

Make yourself at home!