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Goodbye sparkly sandals, hello crisp morning air, bright autumn colors and pumpkin flavoured everything. It’s the time of year when everything turns perfect for playing with new hairstyles. The humidity in the air is reduced, causing better hair days that last, it’s cool enough to wear long hair down and the sun isn’t eating all that beautiful pigment from our follicles. Time to take advantage of these fleeting conditions and experiment –  we have some cute and easy suggestions to help you do some hair playing!

Let’s start with the easies. Adding a simple and bright accessory, such as this silk scarf, can freshen up even 5-day old hair styles. It’s all about placement with this one. Section out the hair in front to keep this look trendy and 2018, about 2-5 inches is a good amount to leave something to style around the face. If using a wide scarf, fold it to give it interest, and to help place it without it being too thick. When tying it, make sure to secure around the nape to avoid any bulges. If your scarf is long enough, you could let the ends dangle down on one side to connect the look to the rest of your outfit. The key to this look is keeping the crown full of volume. Try out a little teasing or backcombing at the crown to help create fullness behind the scarf.

Another transition using our trusty silk scarf! This style can be tried on straight, wavy, or curly hair. Our model’s hair was loosely waved with a curling wand, and then styled into a half up pony. The half up pony is flattering for almost all face shapes and hair types, even shorter hair lengths. Pull it as loose or as tight as you desire. Both are trendy right now! Once secured with a hair tie, wrap your scarf around the tie. To avoid looking too “cutesy” try not to make a bow on top. Let it wrap around itself and then use that for added volume to this style. Let the ends hang down to add an interest of texture to your hair.

Using the principles of the last style, one can add a little more texture into the half up pony tail. Instead of tying with an elastic, section it as you would normally, and then do a simple 3 strand braid (or a slightly more complicated fishtail braid, as shown in this photo). Secure the end of the braid with a hair tie, and then wrap the scarf into a big bow! It doesn’t need to be perfect, and it will look more modern the bigger it is.

This is where our styling gets a little extra. This would be like a half up pony style, but the technique around securing it is a little different. The front pieces are left out and loose, to flatter the face by framing it. Create some volume up top by loosely twisting the separated strands into each other. Start with 2 strands on either side and fold them one at a time into the other side, overlapping from one side to the other. Practice will help maintain clean lines. Do it loosely to make room for error. Once those 2 strands are folded into each other, fishtail braid or triple strand braid the remaining pony tail. To make the braid look more complicated, very gently pull the edges of the braid out of the center. Secure with a small clear elastic and leave the rest of the hair loosely waved and effortless looking.

This is a dutch braid. The distinction between a dutch braid and a French braid is that the hair in a dutch braid goes under the braid, and the hair in a French braid goes over the braid. Similar, but useful distinction. To learn how to dutch braid, watch a YouTube tutorial. For me to explain it here would require charts, graphs, formulas and duct tape. Just kidding. Basically, start with 3 strands, like a French braid, alternating sides and adding hair as you go. Cross the sections of hair under the plait you’re creating, rather than over. The sections will pop right out! For Pinterest worthy plaits, just gently loosen the criss crossed sections for glamourous and soft volume. To up the extra even more, take the ends of each braid after loosening and twist them into a loose, low bun. Pull some loose strands out to create an effortless updo. Keep the tighter braids for the gym and loosen everything after your workout!

 CHANEL autumn-winter 2018/19 (FW-2018/19)

Maybe you won’t be strutting Chanel’s fall runway this autumn, but you will have pin worthy hair! All styles posted were done by our new talent stylist Siavon! Feel free to come and book a shampoo style with her to get new ideas for day to day looks, or with any of our talented stylists! We will happily teach you a new and updated look.

Here’s to your fashion,