Autumn Hair Styles To Try Now!

(Credit: Thinkstock) Goodbye sparkly sandals, hello crisp morning air, bright autumn colors and pumpkin flavoured everything. It’s the time of year when everything turns perfect for playing with new hairstyles. The humidity in the air is reduced, causing better hair days that last, it’s cool enough to wear long hair down and the sun isn’t eating all that beautiful pigment from our follicles. Time to take advantage of these fleeting conditions and experiment -  we have some cute and easy suggestions to help you do some hair playing! Let’s start with the easies. Adding a simple and bright accessory, such as this silk scarf, can freshen up even 5-day old hair styles. It’s all about placement with this one. Section out the hair in front to keep this look trendy and 2018, about 2-5 inches is a good amount to leave something to style around the face. If using a wide scarf, fold it to give it interest, and to help place it without it being too thick. When tying it, make sure to secure around the nape to avoid any bulges. If your scarf is long enough, you could let the ends dangle down on one side to connect the look to the rest of your outfit. The key to this look is keeping the crown full of volume. Try out a little teasing or backcombing at the crown to help create fullness behind the scarf. Another transition using our trusty silk scarf! This style can be tried on straight, wavy, or curly hair. Our model’s hair was loosely waved with a curling wand, and then styled into a half up pony. The half up pony is flattering for almost all face shapes and hair types, even shorter hair lengths. Pull it as loose or as tight as you [...]

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What is your scalp telling you?

What health secrets do our scalps and skin contain? The skin on our scalps is some of the thinnest skin on our bodies. How it looks and feels can actually reveal a few things about our health, and knowing what to look for will help in achieving healthier skin, and in turn, healthier hair. As we leave summer in our rearview mirrors and embrace the seasonal shift into cold, damp weather and dry, hot indoor heaters, the skin on our heads can feel itchier, flakier and oilier all at once. Exploring why this happens and what can be done about it can detect or prevent more serious skin issues later on. Those little white flakes...always at the first sign of fall!  This buildup of dead skin cells on the scalp creates an itchy and often obvious shedding onto our trendy fall fashions, our dark peacoats and *gulp* even the chairs we sit on.  Dust is made mostly of skin cells, and I am suggesting that dandruff is floating around pretending to be dust as well.  There are two kinds of dandruff, the flaky dry white stuff that comes out all day long, and the oily yellow stuff that coats our hair. The white version is less worrisome, but still annoying to deal with, and luckily, doesn’t need much to be remove from our lives. The causes of both include dry skin, oily skin, hair products, yeast fungus, and skin conditions. The opposite of dry skin is hydrated skin, so drink that water! Olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera or essential oils can be applied topically to help relieve the dryness and bacterial components of dandruff, as well as apple cider vinegar (ACV). Many people have used the ACV as a rinse after shampooing for shiny hair, just be aware that [...]

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