The fancy dress, frenzied rush, the never-ending list of obligations and the countdown on year end…Throw in a party or two and it seems like there’s no time for anything, let alone trying to come up with a style for your hair that is fool proof and flattering. Let my team and I come to your rescue with these easy (and I promise flattering!) up styles to suit any occasion.

Model number 1: High Ponytail

The key to keeping a ponytail festive and not lazy is VOLUME. When pulling the hair into the elastic band, be sure to place the pony at the crown of the head or even higher. A high pony elongates the neck, draws the eyes up from the cheekbones, and suits all face shapes long as there is some softness around the face. To create the volume, after the ponytail is tightened in its band, using your fingers gently pull out some height on the top of the head. To frame the face, tease out some shorter layers along the front hairline. The height will look elegant and the loose layers around the face will look short and undone. This style shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to do. For added festiveness loosely the pony tail and VOILA. Party ready in 5 minutes or less. Styled by Chantelle.

Model 2: Low Side-ponytail

Keeping with the ponytail theme, another easy and romantic look would be pulling the ponytail low (To the nape of neck) and forward, so it hangs off to the side.  This soft style is better for longer hair types, so use your judgement. Pulling all the hair off to one side lets the length soften the face, and letting loose layers pull out adds some flair. This works best on loosely curled hair, so can take up to 10 minutes to style. Loose is the name of the game for this style, so don’t be too concerned with overly smoothing and perfecting the pony. Styled by Chantelle.

Model 3: Low Bun

This will take hardly any talent, and only a few minutes. Section the hair as if dividing the head in half, front half from the ears forward, and back half from the ears back. Using the back half only, elastic hair into a bun of any style, loose, tight, sock bun, wrapped around itself, any of those will do! Place low on the neck before tying elastic. Once it is secured, place your part in the front. A dramatic side part will look more styled than an off center part, and add more interest to the look. Using the part as your guide, pull the front half back over the bun, crisscrossing one side over the other. Secure the ends under the bun with bobby pins, and instant class for any occasion will be had.

Model 4: Add an Accessory

Great for shorter hair! Simply curl the hair using a tried and true method, and add an accessory. In this case, we used leftover ribbon from gift wrapping. To place the ribbon, section out the hair that is used to frame the face, like a fringe, or long layers. Using a side part again, place the ribbon behind the front section, making sure it is not so far back that volume cannot be achieved. Tie the ribbon all the way around the head, low on the nape of neck so it feels secure. Pick a festive color for the season! Red is always a great color. Styled by Courtney.

Model 5: Half-up with Braid

Loosely curled hair plays up this style formally, but this look can also be achieved with straight hair. Once the hair is curled, section off the top half starting at the natural recessions in the front. Pull those sections towards each other in the crown, and secure them in place with bobby pins crisscrossing each other. To add more interest, leave out thicker pieces of hair at the front and loosely braid them on either side. Pull them back to right below the crown of the head and secure them with bobby pins. We added a piece of holly for some festive flair. Styled by Kristin.

Model 6: High Bun

This elegant ‘do will take a little extra in the time department, but it will definitely turn heads! Section out the top and front of the hair, as if creating a mohawk. That will be the volume in the front. Use the natural recessions as a guide. Taking the rest of the hair, brush it high and tight into an elastic on the highest point of the head, right at the crown. You should now have a very high ponytail and a section in the front. That front section can be pulled back loosely towards the ponytail or left out to soften this look. The hairs in the ponytail can be curled with an iron and then using bobby pins stacked into an intricate bun design. This look is meant to be BIG and BOLD, so play up the texture of the bun as much as possible! Secure the bun heavily, and spray away with your favorite hair spray. We are loving Air Control for this updo season. Styled by Grit.

Hopefully this helps in the styling department for some of you, and if you’re worried it won’t turn out, you could always make an appointment to get your hair done for any occasion! We love to make you feel good about your hair. Enjoy the parties and be safe this season.


Here’s to your health,