Let the Parties Commence!

The fancy dress, frenzied rush, the never-ending list of obligations and the countdown on year end...Throw in a party or two and it seems like there's no time for anything, let alone trying to come up with a style for your hair that is fool proof and flattering. Let my team and I come to your rescue with these easy (and I promise flattering!) up styles to suit any occasion. Model number 1: High Ponytail The key to keeping a ponytail festive and not lazy is VOLUME. When pulling the hair into the elastic band, be sure to place the pony at the crown of the head or even higher. A high pony elongates the neck, draws the eyes up from the cheekbones, and suits all face shapes long as there is some softness around the face. To create the volume, after the ponytail is tightened in its band, using your fingers gently pull out some height on the top of the head. To frame the face, tease out some shorter layers along the front hairline. The height will look elegant and the loose layers around the face will look short and undone. This style shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes to do. For added festiveness loosely the pony tail and VOILA. Party ready in 5 minutes or less. Styled by Chantelle. Model 2: Low Side-ponytail Keeping with the ponytail theme, another easy and romantic look would be pulling the ponytail low (To the nape of neck) and forward, so it hangs off to the side.  This soft style is better for longer hair types, so use your judgement. Pulling all the hair off to one side lets the length soften the face, and letting loose layers pull out adds some flair. This works best on loosely curled hair, so [...]