The holidays are approaching which means Aveda gift sets are sent out to salons across the globe. These (economical!) gifts of joy are wrapped in very rustic and specific papers, year after year. 10 years to be exact. What’s the deal with this paper away, and how is Aveda giving back?

10 years ago Aveda went on a global quest to find sustainable wrapping paper for their holiday gift sets, and found a community in Nepal making very unique paper from the Lokta plant in the high altitude of Himalayan forest. The paper itself was beautiful, with it’s ever changing marble texture, and hardy and durable, being naturally resistant to insects and crinkles. It had been produced by the people in this region for over a thousand years.

The partnership Aveda created with the communities in Nepal helps to create income for 5,500 artisans and their families, 90% of which are women who would otherwise have to work hard manual labor in harsher conditions. The income these mothers earn help to send 5,885 children to school to finish secondary education instead of working on farms to support the family.

The Himalayan paper makers gained Certified Wildlife Friendly status, as the Lokta plants are harvested naturally by hand without destroying the plants, and once harvested the bushes take 6-7 years to regenerate to full maturity. To cover enough of the supply demands 42,000 acres of forest are protected, and the snow leopard, red panda and 21 other endangered animals continue to have homes.

This is one of the many sustainable partnerships Aveda is proud to maintain, and we hope you will enjoy the beautiful Nepal papers we’ve brought in with the gift sets. Aveda has made this sourcing video for us to share with you, so please watch and enjoy, knowing that your purchases and choices are voting to make the globe a more sustainable and protected place.

To learn more please visit Aveda’s Nepal page: Aveda changes lives in Nepal

Here’s to the planets health,