The gorgeous colours, the cooling in temperature and darkening of the season inspires the trends we start to see in hair as we head into Autumn. What do you need to know about leaving your Summer colour behind and embracing the richness of the Autumn this year?

The trends this Autumn are mimicking the trends of Summer, and really all of 2017. Cool brown bases, subtle to very highlighted balayage effects, and icy blondes with lots of depth including low lights and dropped or deepened roots. The Summer loving crowd will find their tresses in a desperate need of TLC before attempting to revive their colours, especially if looking to drop to a cooler, deeper shade. The reason being is because pre-lightened (bleached or sun lightened) hair is porous, meaning it’s lacking in protein, moisture and pigment. To take any blonde darker, that porous hair must be filled with what was taken from the hair when it was lightened, meaning we must fill it with the protein, moisture and pigment missing.  Any deep conditioning treatments you can pack on your hair will help you and your stylist with the porosity issue and ensure that new colour looks healthy and lasts once you take the leap!


Aveda makes great masques (Dry Remedy and Damage Remedy), which I personally use weekly to keep my long, highlighted hair moisturized.

Cool colours are also a bit tricky to maintain, as the cool pigments (blue, green and violet) are the first to fade out of the hair. We’ve all been frustrated with that “brassy” colour we see in our sleep (yellow, red, orange).  Please, save the pumpkin spice for pie!  To prevent that from happening, toners (gentle ammonia free colour, from deposit only lines) are always recommended.  A toner can either add or neutralize wanted and unwanted tones from the hair. In the case of removing warmth, the toner will be full of the cool and neutralizing pigments to maintain that deep colour and banish the brass. Toners are used in between full color appointments, and usually at a fraction of the cost of the full service (service dependent).

Or maybe you have dreams of super rich chocolate browns, luxurious violet reds, or warm, spicy coppers. That’s just as exciting and beautiful and will add much more shine to your hair than cooler colors will. Regardless of your wish list, we are here to help! Change is in the air and we love to make you smile ? Book a complimentary consultation with one of our talented stylists to determine the best course of action to help you achieve your dream hair.

Here’s to your health,

Your Vanity Manager, Chantelle