The excitement of peeing on that stick, finding out it’s not just the stomach bug and experiencing the joy of growing a new little human…So many changes, and so many questions, ranging from nutrition to supplementation and of course, beauty care and skin care during this 9 month incubation period. Where does one start?

Well…I’ll start with the roots.  Can we even put hair colour on those now? After all, it’s a chemical. What is the protocol for hair colour and pregnancy? According to recent studies, hair colour and chemical services today are much less potent and penetrating than they were in the 1980’s. Prior to the ’90’s, chemical services on pregnant women were not recommended and in fact avoided, but studies of late on women who have hair colour services while expecting, show no correlation between the service and harm to the fetus. In fact, on animal studies there was shown to be adverse reactions but on human comparisons, there appeared to be no complication to the pregnancy, possible due to lack of absorption through the skin, and less exposure to the chemical service over time (6-8 weeks for colour retouches). However, there is no harm in avoiding chemical services and the choice is entirely personal. To help give women more informed choices, here are some of the studies I found in my research:

We at Sin 7 Salon exclusively use Aveda’s colour lines and for good reason. It’s environmentally friendly, up to 93% naturally derived, has low ecological impact and partners fairly with suppliers in all regions of the world.  Aveda does not recommend having on-scalp hair colour services during pregnancy and advises to patch test due to possible hormonal changes and reactions that are occurring in the body. (A patch test is when a small amount of colour is applied to skin prior to a colour service to test for any adverse reactions).

Luckily for new mothers to be in the year 2017, low maintenance colour is all the rage and off-scalp practices such as highlighting, low-lighting, ombré and balayage are trending and extremely safe for growing babies and concerned parents. This means you CAN have your baby and keep looking fabulous at the same time.  A’la Miss High Fashion herself, Heidi Klum…Keep red carpet rocking it girl!

Come see one of your Sin 7 Vanity Managers today for a complimentary consultation on how to prepare your hair for a new level of low maintenance while you’re expecting.  Protect your little one from potentially harmful fumes and overexposure during your pregnancy by using a more natural colour line, such as Aveda.


Here’s to your health,

Your Vanity Manager, Chantelle