I know many of you come to us to make your hair beautiful, but being an Aveda salon we can offer much more than just luscious locks.  Aveda has recently revamped their skin care line and I am here to give you a little insight on the new products, as well as how to BRIGHTEN up your skin that might be feeling at little dull after this long, horrible winter we’ve had.

If you’ve visited us at the salon recently you have probably seen our new skin care display, but maybe didn’t get too much information about it.  Aveda has an abundance of amazing products, so for our stylists it may be hard to touch base on all the amazingness Aveda has to offer in one appointment. And that is where I come in.

TULASARA, is the name of the newest addition to Aveda’s skincare line, meaning “ moving toward balance.”  Aveda has adopted and customized some old Indian Ayurveda traditions with a modern approach to deliver a product that we can all use on a daily basis to achieve the most radiant skin possible. Now, I know each of us has different skin types/issues, therefore, they have made 3 amazing serums to provide skin wellness for certain problematic symptoms, and is super easy to incorporate into your daily skincare regime.

Tulasara Firm, Tulasara Calm, and Tulasara Bright.

When I saw these serums I thought to myself, “ Won’t they make my skin oily?”  I quickly learned that this was not the case at all…I promise, I am not trying to fool you!  The idea is to put them on your face before applying your daily facial moisturizer day and night.  Such a quick added step and BONUS to your skin!!!

Tulasara Firm uses Almond seed oil and Sigesbackia to visibly firm the look of your skin over time.

Tulasara Calm uses Algae extract to treat redness and irritation, pomegranate fruit extract to soothe and calm the skin with its antioxidant properties,  and lastly over 100,000 raspberry stem cells in each bottle to restore the skin.

Tulasara Bright uses licorice root extract to reduce the appearance of discoloration and give the skin a beautiful glowing and even appearance.

All these serums are at least 97% naturally derived and promote healthier, smoohter , brighter skin!  Who wouldn’t want that?

Ok ladies, who’s skin has felt super dry or dull after this crazy cold winter we’ve had???

Are you feeling like your skin needs a facial or deep conditioning treatment, but don’t want to spend the bajillion dollars for 1 single treatment?

Well…let me introduce you to the newest concept to Aveda but one of the oldest Indian traditions that has hundreds of years to back it up;  Tulasara Radiant!

Along with the dry brush, these two products are amazing, but require a little more time to do than just putting serum on before your face cream.

This I would compare to a mask you would put on your skin when its feeling dull or problematic.  This old tradition of dry brushing is and has been used to help release toxins and dead skin cells, as well as stimulate the lymphatic system and improve microcirculation.

So you would essentially exfoliate your skin in a circular motion with the dry brush, and then take a couple pumps of the Radiant oil and gently massage it into your face and neck.  Then let it sit for 4-5 minutes while you watch TV or putter around the house before rinsing it off.  And then apply your serum and daily facial moisturizer.

Click here to watch a how to now!

This AMAZING product is definitely bang for your buck…..the benefits out way the cost!  You can provide yourself an at home facial daily without the sticker shock!  It’s 100% naturally derived….YES, you heard me, 100%!!!  Therefore, you can have peace of mind about what is going on your skin instead of the alternative chemicals with some facial experiences, and reap the benefits of having RADIANT skin! HORRAY!!!

Do any of you ladies use a night cream or an eye cream?  Being a makeup artist, I always promote great skin care. Yes, I can make you look pretty and accentuate the beautiful features you already have for a special event, but are you doing what it takes daily to  keep your skin youthful and healthy looking long term?  I always say start preventing aging, dullness, or puffiness before it actually appears.  As you age, no matter what age you are, its important to realize your skin changes just as your hair does.  And seasons also affect the way your skin looks or feels.  After this awful winter we’ve had  it has left a lot of people feeling dry.  The Tulasara Wedding Masque and Tulasara Wedding Masque Eye are great ways to benefit your skin at any age and I’d say it’s a great time of year to start using these products!  Although the name has ‘masque’ in it, it can be deceiving.  These ‘masques’ were inspired by a traditional, pre-wedding Haldi tradition that is still practiced today.  Haldi meaning, Turmeric, was made into a paste and applied to face, hands, and feet the night before a wedding on both the bride and groom.  The concept was to promote radiant, glowing skin on their wedding day.  While used in traditional purposes as a masque, I use both as a night treatment daily!  The name and concept has been adopted from traditional Indian origin, and has been reinvented by Aveda as a night cream and eye cream to  repair environmental damage and promote smoother, brighter, and less puffy skin while you sleep!

I invite anyone looking for a new skincare regime to come visit us at Sin 7 Salon to check out our great new products and we can customize your skincare to what areas you feel you need the extra love in!  Aveda can offer so much more than beautiful skin and hair, it can educate you on what ingredients are actually being used to offer your beautiful results, where the ingredients come from, and that Aveda is proud to give back to the communities that supply us with the essentials of our products!

Tulasara is great name for our newest skincare line, trying to bring back balance to your skin, as well as the concept of Aveda bringing balance to the world we live in.

Beauty is as Beauty does!

Your Vanity Manager,  Kristin