Jump into Spring with Beautiful Skin!

I know many of you come to us to make your hair beautiful, but being an Aveda salon we can offer much more than just luscious locks.  Aveda has recently revamped their skin care line and I am here to give you a little insight on the new products, as well as how to BRIGHTEN up your skin that might be feeling at little dull after this long, horrible winter we’ve had. If you’ve visited us at the salon recently you have probably seen our new skin care display, but maybe didn’t get too much information about it.  Aveda has an abundance of amazing products, so for our stylists it may be hard to touch base on all the amazingness Aveda has to offer in one appointment. And that is where I come in. TULASARA, is the name of the newest addition to Aveda’s skincare line, meaning “ moving toward balance.”  Aveda has adopted and customized some old Indian Ayurveda traditions with a modern approach to deliver a product that we can all use on a daily basis to achieve the most radiant skin possible. Now, I know each of us has different skin types/issues, therefore, they have made 3 amazing serums to provide skin wellness for certain problematic symptoms, and is super easy to incorporate into your daily skincare regime. Tulasara Firm, Tulasara Calm, and Tulasara Bright. When I saw these serums I thought to myself, “ Won’t they make my skin oily?”  I quickly learned that this was not the case at all...I promise, I am not trying to fool you!  The idea is to put them on your face before applying your daily facial moisturizer day and night.  Such a quick added step and BONUS to your skin!!! Tulasara Firm uses Almond seed oil and Sigesbackia to [...]