So you think you may be losing hair…

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It started with a few extra hairs in the shower. Now you’re seeing them on your pillow in the morning. Asking your friends if they notice your scalp more. Is it all in your head? Chances are, you could be experiencing a form of hair loss. 40% of men will have noticeable hair loss by age 35. That number doubles for women coming up to age 60, at 80% experiencing noticeable hair loss. On average, a human head has 110,000 follicles, and can lose 100-200 hairs a day. In the US alone, 21 million women, and 35 million men are experiencing hair loss. So what are the latest and greatest tools to help with hair loss? Many new studies are being published that show a correlation to nutrient deficiency and thinning follicles. 40 years ago iron deficiencies in women were thought to contribute to increased hair shedding and that has been proved many times since. L-Lysine, an essiential amino acid, also plays a strong role in preventing follicle loss. Double blind [...]

Contests, Contests, read all about it…and Win BIG!

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Are you a winner?  Do you want to be a winner?  We want YOU to be...and there are lots of ways to make that happen!  We have TWO contests that are launching today, February 1st.  Let us tell you how they work, it's really quite simple: Refer a friend and WIN BIG- $500 Sin 7 Vanity Dollars to use towards services or retail! Contest runs from February 1st-April 30th Each friend you refer into Sin 7 during the contest dates, gives you 1 entry Referral services must be booked for before April 30th All you have to do is make sure they mention your name so we can give you the credit :) Winner will be drawn on May 1st Ongoing MONTHLY DRAW! Leave us a review &/or check-in on Facebook anytime you visit us For each review &/or check-in you leave on Facebook, Google or Yelp receive one entry into the draw We'll keep track of it all and draw a name at the end of each month Winner walks [...]