The smell of cookies, sugar plums, and turkey is in the air…That’s right, Christmas is coming. A time of giving, family, joy and sometimes, overindulgence. What is it about those cold snowy nights that makes us want to eat…And eat…And EAT. If it’s any consolation, those who experience food cravings are not alone. 97% or women and 68% of men are going through the same hunger pains. (

These cravings may be more out of your control than you know. Tiny little creatures living in your gut could be to blame! The Microbiome, a hopefully diverse and complicated world living inside us all. These microbes can prefer their own favorite foods over yours, and may even override the brain directly in dietary choices ( of the ways science has been able to detect this is by studying the by-products of metabolized dietary substrates called Metabolites. In studies involving chocolate cravings, the metabolites in “chocolate-desiring” compared to “chocolate-indifferent” are varied and different! (

These different types of metabolites can alter genes, effect mood (, and interfere with appetite.

So with these critters in control, what can we do? Well, we can take our control back! These 3 suggestions can put you back in the drivers seat, and help you make brain-derived dietary decisions.

Invest in HIGH QUALITY Probiotics. While you’re at it, makes sure to get plenty of Prebiotics (Food to feed the probiotics) such as fermentable fiber, or resistant starch.

curb-your-holiday-cravings-images-2And finally, eat with NUTRIENT DENSITY in mind. Have you heard the saying: You are what your food ate? It’s the same principle. Feed the microbiome that you want to have, and it will be a symbiotic relationship. If that cookie is something you want, instead of an uncontrollable need, then you are in control of your cravings.


Here’s to you health,

Your Vanity Manager, Chantelle


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