Sin 7 Salon on CBC – White Rock & Five Corners community makes the news

As you may have noticed, we have a MAN IN THE HOUSE!  With the devastating fire in our old building across the street, our neighbor and friend Moe lost his barber shop.  When he approached us to ask if he could temporarily work out of Sin 7 Salon, we said "Of course you can!".  If barbers and hairstylists don't have a place to tend to their guests, we don't have a business.  Much as we'd like to save everyone's livelihood who lost their shops in the fire (and we have some very good friends who are really struggling right now with that), we definitely could help save Moe's business by giving him a space to cut hair while he rebuilds.  To us it was just a matter of doing the right thing.  Apparently in this day and age, basic human kindness is more like a super power, judging by the overwhelmingly positive reaction we've received since we rented a chair to Moe.  Also, did you know we're swanky?  ;) From CBC: White Rock barber Moe Toufic was left with no way of earning a living after he lost his business in a devastating fire that displaced more than 100 residents on May 15. But the barber is back on his feet, thanks to the owners of Sin 7 Salon, a business that attracts mostly women looking for a high-end haircut, styling or colouring. You can read the rest of the article at the link, and Sin 7 co-owner Katherine also did a live radio interview with Moe on June 24 in the afternoon at CBC. We're humbled by the overwhelming response this story has received.  We're just helping out a brother-in-shears, you know?  We are so incredibly lucky that the fire didn't affect our salon and we just want to [...]