Win Sin 7 Salon services for a year!

Have we got a contest for you, and it's super easy - all you have to do is share the Sin 7 Salon love and send us your friends and family (and neighbors, coworkers, shopkeepers, local politicians, etc.) for beautification!  Here's how it works: For every 3 referrals between now and March 31, we'll enter you in the draw. Send us 6?  You'll get 2 entries.  Want to be a hero and send us 9?  You'll triple your chances with 3 entries!  Easy peasy! We will do the tracking, just make sure whoever you send gives us your name at the time of their booking. You'll both get our "Lead a Friend Into Sin 7" reward - a gratis Aveda Masque Treatment with mini hand massage!  (Yes, when you send us 3 people we'll give you 3 treatments, etc.; it's our way of saying "Thanks, you're awesome!") Prize = services for 1 year - $50 per month or $600 total.  YAY! Contest begins Jan 1 and runs through March 31, 2016**; prize draw is on April 1. Next time you're in we'll give you as many of our cards and brochures as you'd like to help you spread the word.  Just let us know - we've got lots! GOOD LUCK!  We can't wait to meet your friends. :) **The people you refer must have their appointment before March 31 for the referral to be eligible  

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5 hot celebrity hair trends for you to try this winter!

Yikes is it ever getting dark early these days!  What better way to perk yourself up than by trying something new with your hair?  Let's check out some of this season's trends for a little pre-holiday pick-me-up, courtesy of Elle. Textured fringe as seen on Kerry Washington.  Piecey, brow-skimming bangs are feeling cool this winter!  Low maintenance as far as fringe is concerned - maybe every 4 - 5 weeks?  Embrace the imperfect! Kerry Washington; Getty Images The Contoured Bob is a hairstyle classic.  Length just at or above the collar bone, slightly A-line, blunt, center parted, and perfectly blown out.  Check out this polished look on Naomi Watts and Emilia Clarke:    Emilia Clarke, Naomi Watts; Getty Images Jennifer Lawrence can seemingly do no wrong in the hair department!  Her razored bob haircut gets the gelled-back treatment here.  We love the sleek, away-from-the-face look, and especially because it's a dry look, not a bunch of crunchy or greasy looking gobs of gel (which is shown in the Elle article on some other celebs). Jennifer Lawrence; Getty Images Here's one for the shorter-haired gals - the "flipped crop".  The influence of the 80's and 90's is everywhere, and here we see the asymmetrical throwback (think Sheena Easton cavorting with Prince back in the day!) on Lily Collins and Alicia Keys.  All it takes is a deep side part (do this when hair is wet), and pushing all of the volume onto one side.  The more daring among us can just crop one of the sides right off for a more permanently flipped crop!  It's an easy way to change things up on your short or mid-length look.    Lily Collins, Alicia Keys; Getty Images Finally we have the metamorphasis of the last several years' top knot - it's come unraveled [...]

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