Much as we hate to say it, summer is wrapping up fast.  The kids are back in school, and even though the weather is still mostly gorgeous here on the BC coast, you can tell that the air is changing.  So!  What are you going to do with your hair this season?  Autumn is a great time to make a change and here at Sin 7 Salon we’ve got you covered with the latest haircut trends, so let’s take a look courtesy of Bazaar online.

First up, the always lovely J. Lo with her collar bone-length piecey layered cut.  You could call this a “lob”, but technically it’s got too much layering to be considered a true bob.  Notice the subtle baliyage highlights?  So pretty!

J Lo's piecey layers and subtle highlights.  Image BFA

Image: BFA

Next up in the mid-length department is Naomi Watts, with a slightly angled bob.  Her ends have a bit of texture on the bottom (or the perimeter as us stylists call it), but her long layers are quite sliced out or razored, giving this cut lots of movement.  This cut is a nice option for hair that’s on the finer side that’s straight or with a little bit of wave because it doesn’t have a lot of density or weight removed, and since the length sits right above the shoulders the perimeter doesn’t break up, giving it a thicker looking line.  Her color is right on trend too, with the root area being a shade or two darker than the mid-ends’ baby blonde.

Naomi Watts long layered bob.  Image - GettyI

Image: Getty

Moving up in length is Rachel McAdams, with a jaw-length classic bob with a bit of texture or slicing through the ends.  The deep side part styling gives this look a bit of an asymmetric edge as does the loose, flick-ey finish.  Her color keeps with the recent trend of subtle baliyage highlights, no more than a few shades lighter than the base color and it looks like a little bit of ombre on the last inch or so of length.  Very pretty and wearable for all but the thickest/curliest hair types.  (Thick and curly can wear bobs too, but the result looks quite different from this which sits closer to the head.)

Rachel McAdams classic bob, Image - Getty

Image: Getty

Heading up the pixie brigade are Kate Mara and Lily Collins, sporting the most recent version of this classic gamine cut.  Soft edges and lots of texture are the trend in short women’s haircuts right now.  The fringe/bangs are going a bit shorter than the cut Jennifer Lawrence was sporting a few years back, with plenty of slicing or razoring to keep them super soft looking.  This haircut is superb for fine to medium textures.  It’s our personal opinion that any woman can wear a short cut if she has the right attitude and a stylist who understands her texture and can adjust the look accordingly (like our team here at Sin 7 Salon, natch!)  Bucking the pastel/jewel tone trend, these starlets are wearing natural-looking, low maintenance, shiny, believable color.

Kate Mara pixie haircut, Getty Images  Lily Collins pixie haircut, Getty Images

Images: Getty

Long hair is never out of style, but your locks can be updated by adding long, sliced-up or razored layers like Emily Ratajkowski.  A rough-dried style with perhaps a bit of styling paste to define the ends gives this long look a modern edge.  Highlighting is so subtle you can barely tell it’s there.

Emily Ratajkowski long razored layers, Getty Images

Image: Getty

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick round up of Fall’s hottest celebrity hairstyle trends.  Feel free to leave any questions or comments at our Facebook page.  As always, consultations at Sin 7 Salon are always complimentary; we’re happy to chat with you about your crowning glory!  PS Don’t forget to book a deep conditioning treatment to hydrate those sun-parched summer locks, $15 – $25. Existing guests who refer a friend get theirs FREE, and so does your friend!  604-560-5360 / booking@