Summer hair updos at Sin 7 Salon!

Post by Brenna A Monday night at Sin 7 Hair Salon consisted of our wonderful stylists doing a photo shoot after already putting in an 8 hour day! Clearly, these ladies just love work too much! Our stylists Chantelle, Dana, Grit, and Katherine gave our lovely models beautiful up-dos while our wonderfully talented stylist AND makeup artist (yes, she is a double threat!) Telsa did the makeup! (Telsa this day did not do any up-dos, because she was already so busy doing make up! But if you check out our Instagram page you can catch some of her work!). For our photo shoot the stylists had free range of what they wanted to do and boy, did they come up with some great stuff! Here are some behind the scene shoots before we get into the good stuff!       Grit did this wonderful piece on model Mia (Pictured below).   Grit is an advanced stylist who has worked at Sin 7 Salon since day one! Her work is truly incredible and one of a kind! This up-do is a showstopper! For makeup Telsa went for an edgy look on Mia! And yes, Telsa took it to the next level and did blue eye shadow! You can truly tell Telsa is a pro because I know if I were to do blue eye shadow on someone they may turn out like this: Katherine (co-owner of Sin 7 Salon) did a wonderful up-do on model, Kristen. I know most business owners would run out the door once the workday is done but not Katherine and Courtney! Katherine stayed and did this beautiful up-do on our youngest model. (Courtney unfortunately could not make it this day because she was in a hair class brushing up on those skills of hers!) You can [...]

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Summer Hair Trends

Post by Brenna It feels like summer down at the salon! Our stylists are sporting the dresses, sandals, and the A/C is on in full swing! So to get our guests summer ready here are some summer hair trends from Glamour Magazine! These styles are from the runway such as Dolce and Gabana, Bailman, and many more. But thankfully these are some easy up-do's to get you out of the house and down to the beach in style. Trend #1: Half and Half Ah, yes, the oh so easy, but oh so stylish, half and half is back. This one is sure to get you out of the house in no time! This is one of our stylist (Chantelle's) go to style when client's want a new everyday look that takes no time. Trend #2: Accessories Now by accessories, no, we do not mean baseball caps! We work so hard to get that beautiful colour of yours why cover it up? We mean a little something-something to draw all the attention to the hair. A little flower, a bejewelled pin, or maybe even a flower crown (my personal favourite, because I feel like such a queen). The accessories can add to your look... Photo from Marchesa S/S '15 Or tame all that hair into something simple and manageable (a time saver): Photo by Kevin Tachman at Lanvin Trend #3: Braids This is a trend that I think will never go out of style. I mean, the pig tail braids have gone out of style, but the side braids are definitely being rocked this year (and last year). Braids can be a difficult trend to get the hang of though. I find it depends on the day whether my braid looks beautiful, or like a 5 year old did it. To [...]

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