If you’re one of our regular guests you’ll know that we keep several iPads around the salon.  They’re great tools for consultations (loads of visuals at our fingertips), and a fun way to kill time while your hair colour is processing.  Next time you’re in, check out the 3 new folders that we’ve created for your viewing pleasure:  Aveda Sourcing Stories, Aveda Makeup How-To’s, and Aveda Hair How-To’s.  Each of these folders has several videos for you to enjoy in each of those subjects.

Ever wonder where Aveda gets ingredients like Babassu, Morikue, Argan oil, Tumeric, or Uruku pigment?  Now you can check out these amazing stories about organic and sustainable sourcing, processing, and many partnerships with indiginous people around the world.  Cool, hey?  For instance, did you know that the organic lavender and rose oil in Aveda products comes from Bulgarian family flower farms formerly occupied by the communist government?  Indeed!  Check out those and many other super interesting sourcing stories next time you’re in.  You’ll learn just how committed Aveda is to protecting the earth as well as its people, and where they get those exotic, high-performance ingredients.

Curious how to do a smokey eye, or get a semi-matte finish with mineral makeup?  Wonder no more as we’ve compiled the best of Aveda’s makeup how-to’s and plunked them onto the iPads.  Also included will be the latest 2 limited-edition palette tutorials so you will always be in-the-know on the latest makeup trends and techniques.

We’ve also included Aveda hair tutorials featuring pros like the amazing Antoinette Beenders.  Learn how to create a sculpted short style, get all-day smooth hair, or how to enhance natural curl, among other things.

If you have any questions just ask one of our Vanity Managers and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with the videos or any of the techniques (we do have a bona fide makeup artist on our team too!).  See you soon in White Rock at Sin 7 Salon!