The Man Bun: Trendy or Trashy?

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Post by Kenzi It's time to address a rapidly growing hair trend you either love or loath. No, not pastel hair colour. No, not oversized accessories. It's not even a trend that we choose to follow or ignore ourselves. Ladies, I give you...the man bun. Now, I know that men have been wearing their hair pulled back for decades; looking back through the ages, long hair on men precedes even this century or the last. Curled wigs of the 1500s, hippie-length hair of the 70s, hip-grazing dreadlocks of reggae culture, surfers, bikers, pirates - just a few examples of how men have grown their hair as a statement of status or style. But this year, more and more men have been sporting a knotted style to keep their longer hair from getting a little too free flowing. (Photo: Wenceslaus Hollar) (Photo: Ueli Frey) Beckham did it in the early 2000s to keep his hair out of his face on the field. Orlando Bloom followed a few years later. In 2012, Chris [...]