The Man Bun: Trendy or Trashy?

Post by Kenzi It's time to address a rapidly growing hair trend you either love or loath. No, not pastel hair colour. No, not oversized accessories. It's not even a trend that we choose to follow or ignore ourselves. Ladies, I give you...the man bun. Now, I know that men have been wearing their hair pulled back for decades; looking back through the ages, long hair on men precedes even this century or the last. Curled wigs of the 1500s, hippie-length hair of the 70s, hip-grazing dreadlocks of reggae culture, surfers, bikers, pirates - just a few examples of how men have grown their hair as a statement of status or style. But this year, more and more men have been sporting a knotted style to keep their longer hair from getting a little too free flowing. (Photo: Wenceslaus Hollar) (Photo: Ueli Frey) Beckham did it in the early 2000s to keep his hair out of his face on the field. Orlando Bloom followed a few years later. In 2012, Chris Hemsworth wore one on the red carpet, as did Brad Pitt in 2013. But then came the man bun to top them all, on red carpets everywhere in early 2014: Jared Leto. And thus a trend was born.       (Photos: Getty Images) I myself adore a full head of shoulder skimming hair on men. Whether tied back or not, long luscious locks that rival my own are a major cause of attraction. I even had my very own man-bunned boyfriend for over four years. At one point his hair got so long he chopped it all off (and donated it to make wigs for children with cancer, bless him) but I mourned the loss of that beautiful knot for months. Don't worry, cutting off his bun wasn't the [...]