5 signs of sensitive skin and what to do about it

Photo: Imaxtree.com One of the great things about being in the Aveda network is the super talented, knowledgeable, and all-around wonderful people we get the chance to meet and learn from.  Case in point, Anna Conte, makeup artist extraordinaire (aka Cocamia at her gorgeous beauty blog).  Anna is an expert on skin and makeup and she dishes about sensitive skin at ellecanada.com this month. Sign of sensitive skin: Skin is sensitive to hot and cold When it comes to the seasonal changes, it seems like people with sensitive skin just can't win: the Polar Vortex-like cold can cause windburn, while extreme heat leaves skin vulnerable to flare-ups. Avoid applying too-hot or too-cold temperatures to the face, advises Conte. Cleanse skin with lukewarm water, she adds (this will also prevent the skin from drying out further). And make sure skin is slathered in sun protection before leaving the house in the morning, to avoid sunburn or triggering rosacea.   There's plenty more where that came from at the link.  If you have senstive skin check it out, and remember that we do have Aveda skincare at Sin 7, including the All Sensitive(tm) products, including the body/bath oil.

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Spruce up your hair colour with 2014 Spring Trends!

Post by Kenzi You see that blue sky up there? The buds poking up through the soil? The sun that doesn't set til 8:00pm? These encouraging little signs mean one thing: it's officially spring! So how can you freshen up your hair as we step closer and closer to summer? Here are the four hottest hair colour trends for 2014. 1. Platinum If you've got the guts to do it, what better way to get set for the sunny seasons than brighter-than-the-sun locks? There are a few ways to go. First, there's purely bleached out, like Anne Hathaway's pixie. Or you can tame it down with darker roots and cooler tones, like Michelle Williams. You can also go for an all-over blonde, like Margot Robbie (pre-Oscars! She's a brunette now!), with hints of honey blended throughout. Whichever look you choose, bright blonde is one of the must-haves for spring and summer. (Photos: BroadImages/Louis Vuitton) Also, which colour do you prefer on Robbie? I'm torn. (Photos: Getty Images) 2. Rose Gold No, I'm not talking about your jewelry. Rose gold hair! Like Jessica Chastain's auburn mane, or Amy Adams and Rachel McAdams. These coppery, pinky, summery shades are luxurious and sophisticated -the perfect way to transition into the new season. (Photos: Getty Images) 3. Monochromatic Browns If you're not one for highlights or lightened-up locks, there's still a trend this year for you. Solid, monochromatic brunette can still be sleek, shiny and multidimensional, without the need for foils. Zoe Saldana and Katy Perry know how to pull this off. (Photos: Getty Images) 4. Gradual Ombre Ombre has been one of the hottest trends over the past couple of years and it appears as though it's holding strong, albeit with minor variations. Instead of the lighter tones starting in the mids through [...]

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Best of the Best at the Oscars 2014

Post by Kenzi The ballots are in and the Academy has spoken: this years' Oscar winners are signed, sealed, delivered. But while Hollywood's glamorous elite had their eyes on that little gold statue, all the public's eyes were on them - the red carpet fashion show that's almost as central to the event as the awards themselves. Did you tune in this past Sunday to see if your favourites won the prestigious award? While my opinion is by no means the final word, here's a peak at my favourite looks of the night from hair to fashion to beauty. A few posts back, I reprimanded Jennifer Lawrence for hacking off her hair. I wasn't used to it and I didn't think it suited her. Now, after seeing her at the Oscars, I have completely changed my mind. She switched up her pixie with bouncy curls that gave her a stylish bedhead look. Contrasted with her red Dior gown and backwards Neil Lane jewels, she oozed fabulousness. And she pulled it off even while tripping (once again) down the red carpet, so I love her even more for that.   (Photos: Getty Images/Rex Features)   Another favourite for me, both on the red carpet and on screen, was Cate Blanchett. Always the epitome of class, the "Best Actress" winner stunned in a bedazzled Armani gown that sparked controversy with critics. Say it washed her out or call it tacky, but in my opinion she showed off her avant-garde style in a dress that was very Cate. The 40s-inspired Old Hollywood waves for her golden blonde locks set off the look effortlessly. (Photos: Rex Features/Getty Images) Next, Jared Leto. His hair and talent defies all. Enough said. (Photo: PA Photos) Bradley Cooper gets a shout out for not sporting his horrendous perm [...]

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