How often to cut your hair to maintain your style

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Post by Kenzi Struggling to figure out how often to trim your tresses? The frequency of your haircuts depends on a few things. What is the style you're trying to maintain? Do you have layers or is your hair mostly one length? Are you growing it out or keeping it where it's at? Everyone has their own personal preference for how their hair looks. One person might be okay with a bit of a shaggier, grown-out style and can go a little longer between cuts. Another won't be able to stand even the slightest overgrowth and needs a trip to the salon on a more regular basis. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when booking your next cut. If you have short hair, like a pixie or a bob, you probably need more frequent trims to keep the style as fresh and clean as possible. Depending on how adamant you are about maintaining that "just cut" look, you can get away with visiting your stylist anywhere from 4 [...]

Short hair versatility

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If you've been afraid to cut your hair short because you think you'll be locked into the same look every day, we are here to show you different!  Case in point, one of our current favorite actors Jennifer Lawrence, rocking her new pixie cut in 3 different ways. First, here's J.Law at the Golden Globes, wearing her short textured crop smoothed down and polished. Photo via Next up, here's the same cut styled with more movement, a bit roughed up with some paste or wax: Photo via And for a third styling option, here Lawrence's crop is styled up and back into a pompadour style: Photo:Splash News So you see, having short hair doesn't mean you're destined for a styling rut!  It just takes the right cut, a little technique, and proper product use.  Not sure what to do?  We can help!  Book a free consultation with one of our highly trained stylists to see if short hair is right for you - 604-560-5360.  As always, your comments are [...]

Diane Keaton @ Golden Globes = WOWZA!

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Proof that you do not have to have short hair after 50 (unless you want to, of course!): Diane Keaton looking FAB-U-LOUS at the Golden Globes, sporting collarbone-length hair with soft long layers, and a conspicuous absence of "botox bangs".  Gorgeous!  Photo via MarieClaire. Getty Images