Professional vs Drugstore Products

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Post by Kenzie I'm going to voice something that probably every salon-goer has thought at least once: professional hair products are too expensive. And I agree, sometimes one glance at the price tag can send you racing down the street to the drugstore faster than your stylist can tell you why it costs that much. Trust me, you want to hear what it is about these professional products (like Aveda, that we use here at Sin 7!) that makes them worth the extra dollars. Your hair, and your wallet, surprisingly, will thank you. 1.    Salon Products Last Longer Salon products like Aveda are much more concentrated than drugstore brands. Where you might need a palm-full of a generic shampoo, you only need a dollar-sized amount of Aveda. So, while you're paying more up front for that bottle of Damage Remedy shampoo, it will cost you less in the long run because you're using less each time you wash your hair. I have long hair, and a lot of it, and a [...]

Christmas & Holiday Party Hairstyles

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Post by Kenzi Is it just me or did Christmas wreaths replace the spiderwebs on the front door before there was even a chance to eat a handful of Halloween candy? This year, it seems the holiday season has hit harder and faster than ever before (though I probably say that every year). We're knee deep in December and the official onset of winter which means...Christmas parties! Though you may not quite be ready to start the holiday season, here is some hair-spiration for your upcoming celebrations. When you're dressing up, you want to go for a look that's drastic and different than what you normally do with your hair. If it's straight, then throw some curls in. You can keep it old school glam, like Zooey Deschanel, and go for big voluminous curls. Or, if you want a more undone look, opt for a looser style like Scarlett Johannson. The beret behind the ear adds the perfect amount of detail to step up the look to the Christmas party level. [...]

Sin 7 Salon, now with more AWARDS!

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Today's pop quiz: use the term "award-winning" in a sentence, e.g. "I get my hair done at Sin 7, an award-winning hair salon in White Rock." Yes, we've won an award!  Salon Today is a trade publication that we subscribe to, along with pretty much every beauty pro in North America.  Each year they put on the Salon Today 200 business awards.  We entered Sin 7 Salon in 3 categories, announced one at a time over 12 days.  We just found out this morning that we've won an award in the "Technology" category! Those iPads, wifi, online booking and email confirmation software are a few of the things that put us on top of the heap. See our name in lights here at their website (well, pixels if you want to split hairs about it, but nonetheless!): Salon Today 200 Technology awards This is a Really Big Deal!  Kat (that's me) and Courtney will be heading to New Orleans next month to pick up our award in person.  What this means [...]

6 ways to fix dry winter hair

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(Photo Cred: Post by Kenzie We don't have to take this abuse. We can save ourselves from winter's wrath. Here are a few simple remedies to get you through the colder weather. 1.    Treatment Masques The use of a deep moisturizing masque a couple of times a week will help to replenish the softness that's been sapped from your hair. Try Aveda's Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque. 2.    Heat Protectors Always, always, always use a heat protector before using any type of heat styling tool. Douse your hair in a healthy coat of Brilliant Damage Control and then blow dry, flat iron, or curl as you please. 3.    Smoothing Products Tame that frizz with a smoothing product. Try Aveda's Light Elements Smoothing Fluid, Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss or Brilliant Spray On Shine. 4.    Humectants/Anti-Humectants Depending on the problem you're trying to fix, a humectant or anti-humectants may be the answer. A humectant will make your hair attract humidity in the atmosphere, helping your hair to retain moisture. So in dry [...]