WoV 2013 poster

Once again Sin 7 Salon is proud to take part in the Women of Value fashion fundraiser for Servants Anonymous Society (SAS).  Along with Vanilla Clothing, Malary’s Boutique, Buena Vista massage and other sponsors, this is our 3rd year of involvement raising much-needed funds for this amazing organization.  From the SAS Vision Statement:

  • To support female youth and women who are sexually exploited, and/or are homeless with access to full time long term homes and education, enabling them to be fully reintegrated into society and by equipping them with appropriate life and healthy relationship skills, training, access to full time education, and/or employment.
  • To assist female youth and women in the development of healthy interpersonal relationships with their peers, family members, children, members of society and significant others by providing full time access to addiction recovery, thereby enabling ongoing personal awareness and growth.
  • To foster good working relationships with our partners in service and agencies so that the SAS- Servants Anonymous Society (Surrey), whenever possible, shares mutual gifts and talents.
  • To sensitize and promote awareness of the special needs of female youth, women and children who are homeless, exploited, human trafficked, or at risk of sexual exploitation to whomever SAS- Servants Anonymous Society (Surrey) is in contact with and, whenever possible, to share mutual gifts and talents.
  • To provide consistency and continuity within the Servants Anonymous Society of Surrey by means of the Board of Directors.

Join us October 27 for a night of fashion, fun, and empowerment!  We will see you there!