Fall Hair Colours

Post by Kenzi Clouds have begun to dominate our blue summer skies and the rain has already started rolling in. The days of lounging on the beach and picnicking in the park are, I'm sorry to say, nearly behind us. Autumn is fast approaching, but just because the leaves are set to fall doesn't mean that our spirits have to. It's an opportunity for change! As the leaves rust into their cool autumn hues, it's time for our hair to do the same. Richer chocolate in your browns, deeper violet in your reds, buttery gold in your blondes. Fall means cooled-down hair colour, and here's how to get it! People generally tend to darken their hair in the fall and winter months, but there are a few tips to keep in mind when you head to the salon. According to celeb colourists, blondes should note keywords like honey, buttery and golden. These hues will enrich your already-blonde locks, toning down the yellowy, sunkissed look you sported for summer. Photo: Getty Images Redheads, you have a few options: copper reds can transition into cinnamon tones or burnt oranges, and if your hair is more of a pure red, cool it down with a hint of violet. Photo: Getty Images Photo: Matrix Images Brunettes, lose the warm hues and go for rich chestnut and chocolate colours. A touch of blue or violet can enhance the autumnal feel here too. Photo: Getty Images With every new season comes an atmosphere of change and new beginnings, and that's never truer than in the fall. So bundle up. Embrace the colder weather and transform your hair with a cooler colour as we say goodbye to long days and warm nights. After all, it's the chilly winter months that make us appreciate summer all the more. [...]