Why you need to get over your fear of a hair cut

Post by Kenzi A year and a half ago I sat in my then-stylist's chair staring at our reflection in the vintage-framed mirror before us. I was leaving for Australia in a few days for Christmas vacation and I wanted to refresh my look before I took off. With my thumb and index finger hovering a mere inch apart, I told her, "Just this much. I don't want any length taken off, just the tiniest trim possible." "Of course!" she assured me. "We'll keep it nice and long." And off she went, trimming away. I didn't pay much attention during the cut. I trusted her. She'd agreed not to take too much off so I lost myself in a magazine until she was done. When I looked up at the end, I was devastated to see a four-inch loss off my hair. I didn't understand why she had done this to me. Sure, I could've used more than an inch off--okay, probably more than the four inches--to make my hair look its healthiest. But I'd been trying to grow my hair out for years. And hadn't we come to terms on "the tiniest trimĀ  possible"? A few months later, while getting my roots touched up, my stylist asked if we'd be doing a trim again. "No, no," I stammered, my heart thumping as I pictured her coming at me, scissors in hand, to hack off another four inches. "I think I'll wait until next time." This became my instinctive response each time she asked and as the months went on, my fear of a hair cut grew exponentially. My hair grew of course, too, and eventually my layers were overgrown and my ends were fried but my fear was still more than enough to keep me out of the salon. [...]

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Hair cut trends to love – the Long Bob

When I was in high school, during one of many "transition" phases, I spontaneously decided to chop off my waist-length brown hair to my shoulders and bleach it out. One snip of the scissors and I was sobbing into my hands, wondering what on earth had put the idea into my head in the first place. This scenario is probably familiar territory for many of you who have tried to change up your look and ended up with less than perfect results. Lucky for me I didn't quite have to go through the awkward phase when growing it back out, but if you've sheared off a few inches too many--perhaps a bad bob or even shorter--you don't need to fret. A new trend has arrived to help you through the transition back to long, luscious locks. It's called the long bob (also known as the lob) and it's been making appearances on red carpets and in stylists' chairs everywhere. Celebs like Alexa Chung and Jennifer Lawrence have put this cut to the test and it has quickly become one of the hottest hair trends of the year. It's just what it sounds like--a bob that's longer than the usual chin length, hitting around mid-neck or even as long as the collarbone. And this cut is a great transition going the other way, too. If you're not ready to cut off your long hair completely, a lob is the perfect middle ground to give you a taste of a shorter style. Here are a few variations on the lob that you could try. Jennifer Lawrence wears hers in loose curls to step up the glam factor for a red carpet event. Photo: Getty Images January Jones rocks her lob sleek and straight with a side part. Photo: Getty Images Alexa Chung [...]

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