Gone Fishin’! Canada Day weekend hours

Happy Canada Day!  Sin 7 Salon holiday hours: Saturday 9 - 5; Closed Sunday June 30, Monday July 1, and Tuesday July 2 so that we can give the hardest working hairstylists in the business a well-deserved long weekend and time with family.  We'll see you back at the shop on July 3.  Have a super holiday, and enjoy the summer weather! P.S. We won't be able to answer the phone or email during the holiday closure, but online booking will be up and running. 

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Chop it off? YES! Camilla Belle’s hair transformation inspires.

Wowzers, what a difference!  If you are thinking of taking the plunge from long hair to a shorter look, let Camilla Belle inspire you to go for it.  Her hair is always gorgeous, but her new cut is fresh, flirty, and hey have you noticed her EYES?!?  We are loving the piece-ey, razor-ey ends, super-flattering length, and the tousled natural wave and movement of this bob.  Come in to Sin 7 Salon and let's discuss whether this is a good look for YOU to rock this summer! Photo credits: Justin Campbell/Startraks: Splash News Online P.S. We don't take comments here at sin7salon.com (can't keep up with the plague of spambots, too busy doing hair!) but you can visit us at Facebook and comment there.  We'd love that!

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Natural Ingredients For Hair Health

Post by Chantelle This blog posting is late, and I apologize for that! I've been tied up with some other obligations during my free time but now it's calmed down and I'm able to get back at it! I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long, and I think you'll find this one particularly on trend and useful for everyday life, not just hair. I don't know about you guys and gals, but I notice food trends, and this season seems to be the season of the Coconut....An interesting change from seasons past of colorful and rare Goji Berries, Acai Berries and the ever hard to eat Pomegranate. Coconut oil. Coconut milk. Coconut meat. Coconut butter. Coconut chips. Coconut husk. Coconut water. Coconut brains. Why are we being bombarded with this food? Coconut, an ever confusing exotic food, with it's deceiving name (not a true nut) and armoured shell, making it one of the hardest things to open (for Canadians anyways). And for what?! All that effort of setting it up on the counter, wrapping it in cling wrap so it doesn't slip, in true Dexter fashion, and stabbing it repeatedly with the sharpest knife one owns...For mildly interesting tasting water, not in a pleasant way, and a hard white center, the coconut meat, that molds almost instantly if not dried into coconut chips or pureed with oil to make coconut butter. Pic swiped from Reddit.com.  (Just pretend that's a coconut, not a watermelon) Coconut water contains sugar, fiber, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and provides an electrolyte balance, which is quickly turning it into the most popular sports drink out there. Sorry Gatorade. Mature fruits have less liquid than young immature coconuts. Coconut water can also be fermented to produce coconut vinegar, another interesting use for cooking. Coconut [...]

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Local blogger has hair affair with Sin 7 Salon!

Editor's note: Pink Chai blog is no longer online, so links have been removed. Recently Sin 7 had the opportunity to beautify a local fashion blogger, Raj from Pink Chai Style.   She was going to write about us so we were nervous! Err...confident that she would love it, that's it...confident!  It was only our very first blog review so no biggie, right?  ;-) So, how did it turn out? Read all about it at Raj's super fun blog Pink Chai Style, but here's her before 'n' after shot: The "pop" of vibrant color she wanted wasn't achievable during this visit for several reasons (without destroying her hair, which she's trying to grow out at the moment) but Kristyn did give her some gorgeous deep violet peek-a-boo pieces. Thanks so much to Raj for the lovely write-up about her experience at Sin 7!  Make sure to check out her Pink Chai Style blog (which has been nominated for a Best Mom Blog award because she rocks!).

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