Summer hair trend: partings. Or not? How to interpret trend reports. Or don’t. ;-)

Welcome to the world of beauty experts, declaring the trends for the season.  Sometimes you just have to chuckle to yourself and shake your head a little.  It definitely helps to have a sense of humour!  Whether it's a nearly identical haircut being re-branded from one season to the next (i.e. the LOB, or long bob, was also the Demi-Bob, and is now The Chop), or announcing that "Ombre is dead and over!  Now let me show you my new, more subtle ombre...", it's a bewildering, confusing world full of mixed messages.  My advice to you, fashionistas and hairstyle aficionados, is to take all "trend" advice with a bit of a grain of salt.  Case in point - partings.  As in, partings are everywhere!  Except where they're not!  Observe: Zig zag parting. Photo: Matt Lever Middle parts!  GROUNDBREAKING! Photo: Matt Lever Finally, something a little different.  Parts are HOT! Photo: unknown As you can see, parts are totally EVERYWHERE on the runway.  Except where they're not. Nothing to see here, folks.  Photo:IMAXTREE The really interesting thing is regarding the "hot parts" of the season, most of us have such a strong natural part that we don't really have a choice. And as many of us know, if you have a strong part and try to move it your whole style goes into open rebellion. You'll notice that the pictured models are seemingly genetic mutants with no visible cowlicks (or cellulite, which YES makes them mutants)! The moral of this story is, don't let some unknown-to-you, probably self-declared "expert" tell you that you MUST have a middle, side, zigzag, or other part.  Or poker straight hair.  Or curls/beachy waves/ringlets.  Or dark solid color/chunky or fine highlights/ombre.  Or a long, medium, or short bob...unless that's what you like!  In this day and [...]

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