How to get the hair you want

Post by Chantelle How to get what you want Lately at Sin 7 Salon, I've been witnessing a few too many misbookings, and I think it stems from a general confusion about what exactly it is a client may want. Completely understandable! Before I became a hairstylist, I had absolutely no idea what the difference between a retouch and a foil was, and wasn't even sure if a haircut included a style and wash. I'm here to help you understand the differences, and in the process, get you to know how to say EXACTLY what you want when it comes to your hair. So you have grey hair. More than a little grey hair too. And you don't want to see it anymore, not even a little. There are a few things you can book yourself in for. If you want to change your color completely, or freshen it up, an ALL OVER COLOR will cover your hair from roots to ends. If your hair is currently colored darker than the shade you desire, tell the receptionist when booking! It takes much longer to go from previously colored darker hair to a lighter color, then it does to go from a lighter color, or the same color, to a deeper, richer, or freshened up color. How about if it's just your roots you want colored? If it's for grey coverage, the average RETOUCH books every 4-6 weeks. There are some who book sooner, and some who wait longer, but I'm just giving out averages here. This is not to say ALL OVER COLORS and RETOUCH'S are for grey haired people only, anyone who desires a change can book these types of colorings. What about those who want more than one color? If you have a base color (the color of [...]

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Summer Hairstyle Ideas, with bonus How-To’s

Even though it's hard to imagine at the moment, what with the near-constant spring rains and chilly temps, summer is in fact right around the corner.  Time to start thinking about your beach, BBQ, vacation, or weekend summer hairstyle options!  Harper's Bazaar has a handly slideshow with some very pretty ideas.  Looks like the name of the game this season is feminine, tousled, and wavy.   Here's a few of our favourites: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images Are you wanting to try a shorter style but aren't quite ready to part with your length?  Or maybe just wanting to attend an event with a spashy, different 'do that will have tongues wagging with "Oh my gosh you cut your hair!"?  Try a faux bob!  It's really pretty easy, and works best on long hair with long layering: Curl your hair with a large iron Gather into a low ponytail and put in a binder 4" away from your head (this part is important!) Twist your ponytail a few times, then keep twisting up and under, securing with pins Pull out a few pretty face framing curls in the front and sides to create your "bob" Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Does anybody have cooler hair than Solange Knowles?  We think NOT!  Thankfully we have come to a time when rocking your natural curls loud and proud is totally hot. (Hey if you want to beat them into submission with chemicals or hot tools, that's OK too!)  This season we're seeing just a tiny bit of acceptable frizz, so fear not, Wet Coast curly residents.  How to, if you're naturally curly: Apply your favorite curl enhancing product to towel-blotted hair (BLOT!  No rubbing!) We like Aveda's Be Curly Style Prep for extra springy coils Squeeze your curls into place, starting from the ends and working [...]

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Michelle Williams’ hair: how to gracefully grow out your pixie cut

MEDIAPUNCH INC/REX USA Admittedly we're a little bit sad about Michelle Williams growing out her famous pixie cut.  She's inspired so many women to take the plunge and crop it off, which makes for super fun work for hairstylists!  Alas, she is dedicated to growing it out, and proving that it's not all one big awkward phase with this on-trend, disconnected asymmetric 'do. If you're thinking about growing out your short haircut, there are a few ways you can go about it. 1. Just let it grow.  This is a tough one because after 8 - 10 weeks you are left with a shapeless blob that just gets more shapeless and blobbier as the weeks go on.  Eventually what you have is a sort of short shag, which can be cute but definitely needs some shaping along the way. 2. Grow the top first.  This appears to be what Williams is doing here, and it's going to take forever but is the easiest way to keep looking like you have an actual haircut during the process.  The key is to keep the perimeter (nape, over the ears - basically your hairline minus the fringe/bangs) short and clean while you get length on top.  You'll want frequent trims (6 - 8 wks) to keep the ends clean and keep that perimeter tight.  What you end up with is a short bob.  When there's very little layering left, you can then let the length grow down in one piece - again, looking like you have an actual haircut during the entire growing process.  Just like Michelle Williams. No matter what, the first few months are going to likely feel...difficult.  Horrible.  It is possible for hair to feel "dumpy".  When you're used to effortless styling and a tidy, stylish look 24/7, the bulk [...]

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