Just give it to me straight, man!

Post by Chantelle Ever feel like hairstylists are talking in a different language altogether? Technically, we are. Don't feel bad if you don't understand us. It's the same way in any profession. There are just terms we use that aren't generally used in normal everyday conversation. Well, today's your lesson in language, and I'm here to guide you through some of this messed up hair talk. First up....Ever wonder what we're talking about when we say "Hang on a sec before I rinse your color out, I'm going to mix up a toner for you"? Keyword being, of course, TONER. Ah, toner. One of the most overused, under explained, confusing terms in hair talk. And I'm saying that as a hairstylist. When we mix up a toner, what we're actually doing is mixing up a color. (Here's where I get a little more technical) Toner is a non permanent color ( a semi-color, or a demi-color, depending on how the stylist refers to it), and what exactly makes a color non permanent? Lack of Ammonia. Ammonia is what opens the hair cuticle, and helps push that artificial color deep inside. Here's the catch though. You're probably wondering why we would TONE your freshly lightened hair, which now possibly looks orange or yellow, with something that's not permanent?  Well, the lightener already opened your cuticle for us. Toner (or non permanent color) will easily find its way deep into your hair shaft, without damaging it any further. In fact, the non permanent line from Aveda (the only line we use) has extra soy protein (protein is the stuff your hair is made of, if you remember all the way back to my first blog posting) to help counteract any damage lightening it may have caused, and also has extra essential oils, [...]