Brazilian Blowout blown out!

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Um, no thanks!  Photo credit:Richard Perry/New York Times At Sin 7 Salon we have been around the block regarding the controversial and toxic Brazilian keratin smoothing treatments that were formerly available in Canada.  Although the products in question produced fairly remarkable results for women with frizzy, curly, or unmanageable hair, we did not feel the risk to our stylists' health or that of our guests was worth it.  We are all about your vanity and making you feel and look pretty, but not willing to risk cancer and other illness to make your hair temporarily smoother. Well, there is a bit of good news for our fellow stylists in California who have been fighting this uphill battle for the last 2 years - Californa has ordered Brazilian Blowout to remove its toxic crapola from the CA marketplace!  From (link no longer available):   According to the Attorney General's office, GIB has 30 days to stop all sales of their current product and the California Air Resources Board will be testing [...]

Dramatic hair colour change – Rose McGowan

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Admittedly, this is not my all-time favourite hair color change in Hollywood history, but Rose McGowan has gone from brunette to a buttery blonde.  She looks lovely in this picture, but will need plenty of makeup to make sure her skin doesn't look washed out. AKM-GSI; Inset: Getty That being said, McGowan has never shied away from trying major colour changes, and as stylists we say "That's awesome!"  Here she is in 2007 with a light copper, which is really flattering and warming to her skin tone and eye colour. Ryan Miller/Getty;Neill J. Schutzer/Ramey Sometimes we end up loving a new hue, sometimes not, but it's almost always fun to try.  The nice thing about colour is, it can always be changed. Not always easily, and not always inexpensively, but it can be done!  If you have questions about a major (or minor) colour change, have a consultation with a colour pro to see if what you're thinking about is attainable and/or advisable - and affordable (Rose's new solid blonde is [...]

Breaking news! Kate Middleton gets layers!

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Yeah, she's pregnant, big deal.  Kate Middleton got layers in her hair!  This is HUGE! Looks like she got a few highlights too.  Note: what the press is breathlessly reporting as "bangs" are not really bangs, they're face-framing layers.  If you'd like to have this look, to avoid miscommunication show your stylist a picture.  Then, go for it!