The Art Of Change

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Post by Chantelle I know......It's a scary word. Change. Those 6 letters can cause unimaginable, unforeseeable consequences. But that's not always a bad thing. Speaking as a hairstylist, and being a creative bunch, we ABSOLUTELY love change! Be it on ourselves, our families, our clients or our friends.....We get contact highs from it. (Look straight in my eyes next time you ask for 6'' off.....That's not fear baby, that's excitement). Because change can (And should) be fun! It can boost your self image, lift you out of a tired routine, and refresh a decade off you (Or even just a couple years). However, to some, it can ruin a day, or be a regret, or make one feel not quite themselves. So how do we balance wanting something different, yet staying true to ourselves? That's probably one of the hardest parts of my job. It comes down to communication, and understanding what you want. I can guarantee this week I will have at least one client who comes to me, requesting [...]

Aveda plant tour = amazing!

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As much as we love hanging out in White Rock, sometimes a gal's gotta go out and experience the world, know what I mean?  At the end of October Courtney and I (Katherine) left the Sin 7 stylists to fend for ourselves for a few days, said goodbye temporarily to Taka's sushi (the horror!) and took off for Minneapolis for a getaway.  Only one suitcase was lost (returned to our hotel the next night, hooray!), and exactly one iPhone was left on the connecting flight airplane in Chicago (never to be seen again). Besides meeting with several area salon owners for ideas and advice, you could call part of the trip a hair product pilgrimage -  we went to tour the Aveda plant in Blaine, Minnesota!  Yes, that's where it all started over 30 years ago and continues to this day.  Almost every product that Aveda makes is manufactured there.  So what did we see?  Among other things: 270,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility (HUGE!) 19,000 litre tanks (That's a LOT of [...]

Sin 7 Salon in White Rock now taking appointments on Mondays!

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We would like to announce that we are now open for appointments from 9:00 until 5:00 on Mondays!  So, when you wake up after the weekend and say to yourself, "Gosh, I really need my hair cut (or colored), yesterday!", give us a call.  We will be adding more staff on the floor as the need (and the staff!) arises.  You know we are all about accommodating your vanity needs in any way we possibly can, and now that includes doing your hair on Monday.

3 Biggest Image Mistakes – are you making them?

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When Sin 7 Salon got together with Patti Morrison, the Image Strategist, we asked her what are the three biggest image mistakes women make.  Check out this video for her expert advice!  Patti can be contacted through her website, and if you sign up for her free monthly fashion advice via email, you'll receive her "Complete Closet Cleaning System" for FREE! P.S. Don't miss any updates or news from Sin 7 Salon, White Rock's top shop for all of your vanity related needs (color, highlights, haircuts and more)!  We take great care of you and your hair.  Sign up for our monthly VIP newsletter here. And now heeeere's Patti!