What’s in YOUR shampoo? Nasty ingredients to avoid…

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Post by Chantelle Anyone whose been in my chair knows I have a fondness for my side satchel, and upon closer inspection will find this adorable little guy on the front: Well, not exactly like that, but close enough. And I think he's a fitting symbol for this months topic, as we're diving deep today. That's right. What your cosmetic's labels actually mean. I'm going to clear the air first here, and talk about Aveda. The things I'm going to bring up about what's in your products, are nasty, harmful things. Aveda is not putting any of these things into their products, in fact, they're doing the opposite and taking these ingredients out, completely. And if it can't be done, then they'll discontinue making it. That's how important it is to Aveda to have completely safe, non-toxic, sustainable products. There are a few other companies following suit. But for the most part, it's very important that you know what's in your bottles. So I've decided to point out and highlight a [...]

Fall Hair and Makeup Trends Report

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School has started and there's that crispness to the air that says "Fall is here".  At Sin 7 Salon that makes us practically jump up and down with excitement!    If you have a look on our website's left sidebar you'll see the Aveda trend looks for Fall/Winter 2012, which include yummy, gorgeous super-rich plums, violets, and reds in hair and makeup.  It's going to be a Bordeaux season, that's for sure!  So, what else is in store?  Let's have a look at the trends - some pretty and wearable, some utterly ridiculous. Ruffian Fall 2012, photo: Imaxtree Moschino 2012, photo: Imaxtree Think "Retro" this fall with voluminous curls, waves and bouffant styling.  Era blending ideas include deep side-parted faux bobs (longer hair pinned up in back to create a fake bob), sky-high updos, and lots of backcombing in general. Oscar de la Renta 2012, photo: Imaxtree Summer's beachy waves go softer and shinier this season, a la Kate Middleton and Ashley Greene: Ashley Greene, photo: Getty Images Heavy, blunt bangs have [...]

Back To School? Yep – Sin 7 Styling School!

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!!Wednesday Sept. 19, 2012 7 - 9 p.m.!! Are you one of the many people who find the wide variety of hair products a confusing, sorta scary different world?  Do you struggle with styling your hair each morning?  Do you wonder if you're using the correct brushes and tools to get the finished look you desire?  At Sin 7 Salon, we have your back!  Let us demystify the world of hairstyling for you.   $20 reserves your seat, redeemable toward any styling product or tool after class. Class includes: Lecture/demo explaining products, tools and techniques. Hands-on time with your own hair expert. A glass of wine (if you imbibe)! A light snack. A super fun time with a lot of laughs! Best of all, you will leave with new hairstyling skills to get professional results at home!  Don't miss out, reserve your chair at one of our Sin 7 Styling School sessions!  Head to the salon to slap a $20 on us to reserve your own chair/mirror/electric outlet for the night. :) [...]