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“Let thy food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be thy food”- Socrates

Sometimes, on our quest to get healthy hair, scalp and skin, we try everything. I mean everything! Lotions, potions, elixirs, black magic, “miracle” products, call them what you will, but chances are, our bathrooms are full of products that we thought would help us in our journey to a healthier image. Maybe some of them work, maybe some of them don’t. But we overlook one important aspect far too often on this journey, and that’s our diet. Beauty comes from within and it really is true, no amount of topical creams will make us shine the way our happy, radiant, bursting-with-life cells will. With that in mind, I’d like to point out a few key diet changes that we can all (easily!) make to improve our youthful glows, or just prolong them.

Disclaimer! I am by no means a nutritionist, doctor, dietician, or personal trainer. I present these facts based on science, research and having an open mind to the possibility that I don’t know everything. Feel free to test these recommendations on yourself, but do not go against your own doctors advice. Be aware of your body and pay attention to personal reactions from food. That is honestly the very best advice you could ask for when it comes to nutrition.

That’s out of the way, now onto the learning!

FAT. There. I said it. Don’t squirm away. It’s an absolute essential in our never ending quest for eternal youth (or just healthier body image). Not just any fat will do. We need the right kind. We need OMEGA 3! Meat lovers rejoice, for omega 3 is delicious and plentiful from the right sources. Vegetarians, you might have a harder time finding large enough sources, but they are out there.

Fat graph fr.


Look at this wonderful chart! It’s the green side we’re aiming for here. I love my omega 3’s, in fact, I eat an avocado everyday, and wild caught salmon at least 3 times a week. Grass-fed butter’s and beef will give you the right kind of fat, while grain-fed or finished will not. Do not be afraid of fat! We need it to glow, to think clearly, to move easily, and trust me, it will not make you fat when you eat the right kinds.

Hair specifically though, is made up of mostly Keratin Protein. That’s the reason you see variations of Keratin on lots of hair products, to make you think you’re getting enough protein from your products. That’s one thing we could definitely eat though! Again, we need to focus on the right kinds of protein, and avoid the wrong kinds. The right kinds work in harmony with our bodies, and promote healthy cell repair and activity, while the wrong kinds can work against our bodies, and promote inflammation and degenerative functions.

Proteins fr. Bulletproofexec.coj

Again, we’re pretty much going to be best off with grass-fed proteins, and fatty wild fish. Soy protein is a complicated food, and there are many arguments for or against it, so please pay attention to your body while eating certain foods. There are vegetarian options, but remember, vegetarian sources of protein are not whole sources, and need to be combined to be more accessible to your cells.

Veggies too! And fruits! So delicious and very light calorie-wise, for the most part.

Fruit Veg

Anything too sugary is going to cause digestive problems, and everything is related when it comes to internal problems. Having trouble with our foods can lead to having trouble with our skin, hair, scalp, nails, but more than that, our cognitive functions, our motor functions, even our sense of well-being. The picture I’m trying to paint here is BALANCE. Eating the foods on the red side won’t kill you. But eating the foods on the green side WILL make you look and feel better.

Supplements can be important too. Our soils just don’t hold the minerals they used to, and unfortunately  due to industrial over-farming, that means our foods aren’t as nutrient-dense as they should be. If you grow your own food, then adding volcanic rock dust to your soil will help re-mineralize it. Most  of us don’t have the time or room to do that though, and that means we should get supplements to compensate. Vitamin E is a great one for our goals today. Vitamin B complex for those lacking in proteins is also beneficial. Vitamin C is a wonderful anti-oxidant. Talking to a health food store employee will show you the difference between a synthetic vitamin supplement and a natural one. Be self aware. Don’t be afraid to get your nutrition checked by an expert, be it natural medicine or otherwise.

However, I eat fairly healthy but that doesn’t solve my desire to have bleached out hair that is as long as I can get it. So hair products can also help for the health-savvy of us as well. Just don’t forget nutrition 🙂

We’ll do some more breaking down of products and labels next time. Enjoy the sun, and enjoy your diet.

**The above graphs are from “BioHacker” Dave Aspray, aka the Bulletproof Executive.