3 Food Groups You Need For Healthy Hair & Skin

Post by Chantelle "Let thy food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be thy food"- Socrates Sometimes, on our quest to get healthy hair, scalp and skin, we try everything. I mean everything! Lotions, potions, elixirs, black magic, "miracle" products, call them what you will, but chances are, our bathrooms are full of products that we thought would help us in our journey to a healthier image. Maybe some of them work, maybe some of them don't. But we overlook one important aspect far too often on this journey, and that's our diet. Beauty comes from within and it really is true, no amount of topical creams will make us shine the way our happy, radiant, bursting-with-life cells will. With that in mind, I'd like to point out a few key diet changes that we can all (easily!) make to improve our youthful glows, or just prolong them. Disclaimer! I am by no means a nutritionist, doctor, dietician, or personal trainer. I present these facts based on science, research and having an open mind to the possibility that I don't know everything. Feel free to test these recommendations on yourself, but do not go against your own doctors advice. Be aware of your body and pay attention to personal reactions from food. That is honestly the very best advice you could ask for when it comes to nutrition. That's out of the way, now onto the learning! FAT. There. I said it. Don't squirm away. It's an absolute essential in our never ending quest for eternal youth (or just healthier body image). Not just any fat will do. We need the right kind. We need OMEGA 3! Meat lovers rejoice, for omega 3 is delicious and plentiful from the right sources. Vegetarians, you might have a harder time finding [...]

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WHOA!! Miley Cyrus’ new short haircut rocks!

Now THAT is a radical change!  Miley goes from just another pretty face to fierce with her new disconnected crop, bleached within an inch of its life.  We applaud this super-daring hairdo! The side-by-side shot here is a good example of how dramatically diffferent hairstyles can look equally fantastic on the same face.  The moral of this story?  Don't lock yourself into one look forever because it looks good on you, as there are likely many different styles you can wear beautifully.  All it takes is a sense of adventure and a little confidence.  :)

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Summer hair and skin repair – home spa pro tips from personal experience!

It's finally summer - REALLY summer - here on BC's mainland west coast, and we are all flocking outside to take advantage of the hot sun that we've been longing for.  YES!  The fresh air feels great and we are getting much-needed vitamin D as we hang out at the park or the beach.  The donwnside is parched hair and skin.  As Lupe Voss says, "Ask me how I know?!" Well let me tell ya.  I went sea kayaking for the first time yesteday, the hottest, sunniest day we've seen yet.  4 hours of introductory class in the blazing sun, on the water of Semiahmoo Bay.  My husband had the time of his life.  I had a panic attack, and the sheer terror of the experience may leave me scarred for life.  Who knew I was claustrophobic? I guess you learn something every day... Besides the newly diagnosed phobia, my hair got a scorching dose of sun and salt water, and my face got sunburned.  The really pretty kind where you have a line on your nose from your sunglasses.  So today I am doing rescue at my home spa, aka my bathroom.  Here are my tips for bringing summer damaged hair and skin back to life (all products mentioned are Aveda and available at Sin 7 Salon, natch): I washed my hair yesterday so today just a rinse and quick deep treatment: comb through Damage Remedy(tm) Intensive Restructuring Treatment.  While it's working: Exfoliate the bod with a scrub like Smoothing Body Polish; After shower use Stress Fix(tm) Body Lotion - the lavender is soothing and anti-inflammatory.  Plus I think it's helping me recover from the emotional trauma of the kayak ;) Double up on conditioning with Damage Remedy(tm) Daily Hair Repair; air dry. On sunburned face, neck, and decolletage, [...]

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Sin 7 Salon…as seen in Modern Salon.com, Salon Today.com and StyleSync!

Holy cow, people, check this out!  I feel like I just won an Olympic medal! Using her social media outlets and her cunning internet strategy, Kat has managed to start her own salon and watch it blossom in a short span of 2 years!  Located in White Rock, BC,this two-year-old salon is not just young and spunky but also on top of their social media growth. I sat down with co-owner,Kat, and was blown away. Her salon is a great example of a salon professional using their knowledge and skills to market their salon without a large investment. Thanks to Kelly Ehlers from Evoke Brand Strategies for the amazing interview opportunity!  WOW!  

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