Post by Chantelle

Do you want healthy hair? Maybe some of us would even be happy with just healthy looking hair. Sometimes, the secret to having smooth, shiny locks is knowing what can make hair damaged, and how to avoid it.


Hair strand


This is a close-up of what your hair looks like. See those scales on the outer layer? In healthy hair, the scales are closed and tight, creating an almost mirror like shine, a-la Kate Middleton and her deliciously glazed espresso ‘do.

Factors that can cause those scales to loosen, open, or stand up are over-washing, over-processing, and over-heating. Everything in moderation ladies!

There’s no need to be shampooing your hair every day.  Over-washing puts your sebaceous glands into overdrive, causing more oil to be produced. It also fades your color faster and dehydrates your hair.  If hair looks like it needs a shampoo after only a day or two, use a good sebum-regulating shampoo every third or fourth shampoo to reregulate oil glands (Aveda’s Scalp Benefits is a great one for that).

Let’s face it, some of us are a little addicted to coloring our hair, and why not? It’s a great way to change up your look for a season or two. The downside to that can be damage….But luckily we can use a whole variety of products to help keep the damage minimal. Aveda’s Damage Remedy daily leave-in conditioner is one of my favorites, and it works on all hair types. In fact, I use it on everyone I put a color on, to help restore some proteins back into the hair. Some hair types need a product that’s a little heavier, and for that I would say that Aveda’s Damage Remedy Intensive Deep Conditioning Treatment once every 10 days. Add that into your hair care routine when you’re seeing split ends, frizz, excessive dryness, and breakage. The results will impress you.

And of course, putting ANY kind of heat on your delicate hair (especially when it’s over-processed) is going to dry out your hair even more, causing more frizz and more damage. The remedy? You guessed it. Heat protection products.  Again, leave-in conditioner is great for this, and you get a product that does double duty, more freed up shelf space and happy, healthy, shiny locks.  Also, try Aveda’s Damage Control spray also for extra heat protection when using hot irons of any kind.

So there you have it – 3 easy ways to add some health back in to your hair. Next month I’m going to talk about a different kind of health you can add to your hair, just by tweaking something in your nutrition.