Volume for fine hair IS HERE! Aveda’s Pure Abundance Style Prep now at Sin 7 Salon.

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Do you want more fullness, more bigness, more sexiness in your fine hair? It's as close as Sin 7 Salon! Aveda just launched Pure Abundance Style Prep and we have it on our shelves just waiting for you. Come in and experience this micro-misting prep product that gives weightless volume. A dream come true! Check out these cool styling tricks for 3 different looks using Pure Abundance Style Prep and other Aveda products, then pop in and pick up a bottle for yourself!

Get Healthy Hair!

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Post by Chantelle Do you want healthy hair? Maybe some of us would even be happy with just healthy looking hair. Sometimes, the secret to having smooth, shiny locks is knowing what can make hair damaged, and how to avoid it.     This is a close-up of what your hair looks like. See those scales on the outer layer? In healthy hair, the scales are closed and tight, creating an almost mirror like shine, a-la Kate Middleton and her deliciously glazed espresso 'do. Factors that can cause those scales to loosen, open, or stand up are over-washing, over-processing, and over-heating. Everything in moderation ladies! There's no need to be shampooing your hair every day.  Over-washing puts your sebaceous glands into overdrive, causing more oil to be produced. It also fades your color faster and dehydrates your hair.  If hair looks like it needs a shampoo after only a day or two, use a good sebum-regulating shampoo every third or fourth shampoo to reregulate oil glands (Aveda's Scalp Benefits is a [...]

Summer’s Here! Some great tips for looking good on vacation

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Whether you're sticking around town at the beach or heading to an exotic location, it's time to take our vacation hair to the next level. None of us wants to sit around styling our hair in a hotel room or waste precious sunny moments inside fighting with frizz. Am I right? Dailyglow.com has some great tips for caring for your hair in the summer, and jump to below the picture for our how-to's for maximizing our outdoor time without sacrificing our style.  Accessorize. Pick up a few cute hair clips and headbands before you head off on vacation. If you have major hat hair or humidity frizz, you can tame your locks by throwing on an adorable headband.                                                                         Keep it simple. Rather than trying to curl your hair every day, just let your hair stay natural. A [...]

Runway inspired summer hair instructions

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  Valentino Spring 2012; Photo credit: Imaxtree Whether you're battling extreme heat or endless frizz-inducing rain like we are in BC, you want to look your best for those summer BBQs and weddings, and also get your hair out of your face.  Am I right?   Marie Claire brings us step-by-step instructions for some very pretty looks from stylists Jerome Lordet and Gilda Pastena with Pierre Michel Salon in New York City, inspired by fashion runways. If you don't want to tackle these styles on your own, give us a call and let us dress your tresses instead.  604-560-5360