If you’re thinking about a change, these styles would suit just about anyone

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  From pixie cuts to shoulder length bobs, these ladies show off a variety of hair types, styles and face shapes that could suit just about anyone. If you find your self stuck in an old style with no shape, take a look at these modern styles worn in a ton of different ways. Maybe it's time to chop the ponytail off and opt for a shorter, more flattering style? Just saying...  

The cost of Kate Middleton’s hair; how-to for the rest of us

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$18,760 hairdo Being one of the most scrutinized women on earth, Kate Middleton has to be impeccably groomed at all times or face the wrath of Hello! magazine (and every other publication making money off her covers).  What does it cost to keep up appearances when you're a princess? Over $18,000 on hair alone according to Yahoo!Canada: -Blowouts at Richard Ward's salon are $75. Three times a week would cost $11,732 a year. -ELLE UK says Middleton gets $11 Keratin Infusion treatments with each blow dry. Three times a week would cost $1,720 a year. -Haircuts are $242 a pop. Every six weeks would cost $2,000 a year. -Richard Ward told the Daily Mail he dyes Middleton's hair with L'Oreal Symbio and Fuente Organic colour. A full head of lowlights at his salon costs $376. Every six weeks would cost $3,008 -BellaSugar, who provided extensive coverage of Middleton's grooming routine, says the Duchess likes the Kerastase conditioning treatments, which cost $20 to $30. Spending $25 once a month would cost $300 [...]

Wearable short hair from the runways with bonus how-to!

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  Burberry Prorsum; photo: Go Runway British Vogue has a slideshow (link removed, no longer available) that is all about bobs and short hair on the runway for summer 2012.  Waved, tousled, bouffant, slicked back...all great seasonal options for short haired gals.  To get the look pictured above seen at the Burberry Prorsum show: Prep hair with a heat protecting spray. Apply a beach spray or light hold styling product like Aveda Phomollient. Rough dry hair to get most of the moisture out; continue blow drying in sections, working from bottom to top, with a med - large round brush. Using a large (1 - 1.5") curling rod and starting at least an inch away from the scalp, wrap 2 in. sections away from the face, working toward the back. Rub a few drops of shine serum (like Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid) onto fingers; rake through hair to loosen curls while still warm, or after they've cooled for a slightly tighter curl. Questions?  Hit us up for a free consultation [...]