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April 2012 Are you one of the many people who find the wide variety of hair products a confusing, sorta scary different world?  Do you struggle with styling your hair each morning?  Do you wonder if you're using the correct brushes and tools to get the finished look you desire?  At Sin 7 Salon, we have your back!  Let us demystify the world of hairstyling for you.   $20 reserves your seat, redeemable toward any styling product or tool after class. Class includes: Lecture/demo explaining products, tools and techniques. Hands-on time with your own hair expert. A glass of wine (if you imbibe)! A light snack. A super fun time with a lot of laughs! Best of all, you will leave with new hairstyling skills to get professional results at home!  Don't miss out, reserve your chair at one of our Sin 7 Styling School sessions!   The fine print: Space is extremely limited.  Class may be cancelled if there are 2 or fewer registered participants.  In that case we will gladly move your reservation to the next convenient date for you, or refund your deposit.  You are encouraged to bring your own blowdryer, brushes, and other tools from home so we can help you use them better, or you are welcome to use ours.   

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Lighten up your hair color for Spring!

Photos: Michael Tran/FilmMagic; Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images The lovely Emma Stone shows how you can make huge impact by just altering your hair color by one or two shades.  She keeps the warm tone that suits her so well but pumps up the brightness.  Notice how she looks fantastic with both?  You can do this too!  Talk to a stylist at Sin 7 Salon and we'll create something fresh and wonderful for you this spring. 604-560-5360

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Ombre on shorter hair? SURE!

  Photo: Film Magic Just in case you thought you needed hair down-to-there to take advantage of the very pretty and maintenance-friendly ombre haircolor trend, I'm here to tell you it's just not so!  Miley Cyrus' barely shoulder grazing bob looks fantastic with this technique, and almost any length can benefit from some baliyage highlighting or color melting.  Let us create something special for you this spring! P.S. Don't forget to book a trim and a deep conditioning treatment to keep your locks shiny and healthy. 604-560-5360

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Celebrity Makeovers, Awards Season Edition

  Getty Images Cruising around the internet today I found a cool little slideshow at Elle (link removed, no longer available) showing 15 different celebrities at 3 different 2012 award events.   It's fun to see how different hair and makeup looks on the same person.  Head over to Elle for some spring hair inspiration, then give us a call and let's get to work on it! :)

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