Brazilian Blowout update

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Remember the kerfuffle last year about Brazilian Blowout, the hair smoothing treatment that was reported to emit formaldehyde gas?  Brazilian Blowout (the brand) insisted ad nauseam that their product was safe, there was no formaldehyde, etc.  Well lookee here! ("Brazilian Blowout Maker Agrees To Labeling Changes" link is now removed, no longer available) The maker of a popular line of hair-straightening products has agreed to alert consumers that two of its formulations emit formaldehyde gas, a possible carcinogen, California's attorney general announced. ... "California laws protect consumers and workers and give them fair notice about the health risks associated with the products they use," Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a statement. "This settlement requires the company to disclose any hazard so that Californians can make informed choices." The company also agreed to pay $600,000 in penalties and fines for failing to notify consumers and hair stylists that its products contain chemicals that may cause cancer, and to have the products tested for all toxic substances at a state-approved lab. My [...]

Golden Globes hair report

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In our humble opinion, the ONLY thing award shows are useful for (other than a sleep aid) is showing us the latest hair, fashion and makeup trends.  Although, in actuality, there was no clear-cut trend on the Golden Globes red carpet this year. Headbands, ponytails, buns, long and straight, long and wavy...take your pick!   Here are a few gorgeous images to inspire you.  More images here. Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images   Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photos: Chris Pezzello/AP; Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Join us for Sin 7 Styling School – February 1, 2012!

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Do shelves of styling products scare you just a little? Have you ever gone to buy a new hair brush and just had absolutely no idea where to begin? Are you sure you're using the right combination of tools and technique to get the looks you want? We can help you! Get great results at home by joining us for our first ever Sin 7 Styling School on Wednesday, February 1 from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. Here's the scoop: $20 reserves your chair for the evening, redeemable later toward a styling product or tool. Space is very limited - you all know how cozy the salon is - so stop in soon and save your seat! (Unfortunately, we are unable to take your deposit over the phone or internet at this time.) What you'll get: A crash course in products, tools, and tips that will let you create the looks you want at home, with salon results. We will demystify the often overwhelming world of hair styling for you. You will [...]

The most influential haircuts of 2011 were…

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  (Photos: Pacific Coast, Getty) According to the Wall St. Journal and Google, the top haircuts of 2011 belong to Justin Bieber (gasp!) and Emma Watson.   Watson has done a wonderful job of helping to repopularize the pixie cut for the first time in a long time, and hairdressers everywhere owe her and her stylist a debt of gratitude.  But when you mention Bieber's haircut to male guests?  They generally run shrieking for the door.  I have yet to meet a man who will cop to wanting Bieber's cut/s.  Call it anything else you like, but do not mention The Beeb. It's a shame, really, because it's a great cut. WSJ says: The enthusiasm plays out online, where the fastest-rising searches for celebrity haircuts on Google are for Ms. Watson and Mr. Bieber. This is more of a change for women -- for whom short hair hasn't been trendy since the '90s -- than for men, who may justifiably feel sheepish about asking for the cut. Watson is currently reported to [...]